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Book Blitz and Giveaway: Moving On by Felice Stevens

Title: Moving On
Author: Felice Stevens
Publication Date: January 2nd 2023
Print Length: 286 pages
Genre: LGBTQ+ Contemporary Romance

When his roof caves in, Sean Lovett thinks things can’t get any worse. Until he loses his job, adding yet another bump in the rocky road of his life. None of his so-called friends can—or will—help. And asking a favor from his abusive ex? Hard pass. Luckily, his sister comes to the rescue and offers him a great apartment—in the city, no less—until he can get back on his feet.

Sweet deal.

Until a gorgeous man unlocks the front door and strolls right in with a grumpy attitude and a claim that his boss—who happens to be Sean’s brother-in-law—promised him the same apartment.

Former NYPD detective Tristan McDermott hasn’t stopped running since the death of his best friend. After almost two years of living in his own personal hell, he returns home to New York, hoping he can move on, but guilt still follows his every step. He’s grateful to have the perfect apartment until he can settle into a place of his own. But there’s a cute guy already living there. And only one bedroom. And no way is Tristan leaving. He’s staying put.

Sharing the space is tough, but Tristan can ignore sweet Sean and his sunshiny smiles.

Kind of.

Except Sean’s brother-in-law asks Tristan to keep an eye on Sean so he doesn’t make any bad decisions.

Uh oh.

Keeping an eye on Sean is easy. Keeping his hands off him is much, much harder.

And sleeping together…well, that isn’t a bad decision. Not when it feels so good.


From Lambda Literary award winning author Felice Stevens comes the story of a grumpy, green juice-drinking ex-detective running from the past and a sunshiney singing waiter who can’t catch a break. It features a meet-cute, only one bed, learning to trust, and a surprise lap dance.

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“I know it was stupid to say it was cool, but you must’ve seen some wild things being undercover. What was the strangest thing you ever had to do?”

An almost wistful expression crossed Tristan’s face. “I was once a male exotic dancer.”

In the middle of swallowing his Motrin, Sean choked and wheezed, the pill getting stuck in his throat before he gulped the rest of the water. “What? Are you kidding me?”

The mattress dipped as Tristan sat on the edge of the bed. “Who would joke about that? I worked in a club as part of an undercover operation to scout for human-trafficking victims. I was there for over a year, dancing three to four times a week.” His eyes twinkled. “Made some damn good tips too.”

“I’ll bet you did,” Sean murmured. “Were you…I mean, did you have to, uh, strip or do lap dances? That kind of stuff?”

And if you did, why the hell did I miss out on that?

“No lap dances. That wasn’t something I was willing to do. Even for the force.” Tristan huffed out his laughter, his long hair waving around his face. “I wore a mask and a cape, and I’d strip down to this rhinestone jockstrap. Who knew they made sh*t like that? Uncomfortable as hell.”

Oh, Sean knew about them. And thinking of Tristan wearing one was enough to fulfill his fantasies for the next month.
Felice Stevens has always been a romantic at heart. She believes that while life is tough, there is always a happy ending around the corner. Her characters have to work for it, because just like life in NYC, nothing comes easy and that includes love.

Felice is the 2020 Lambda Literary Award winning author in best Gay Romance. She lives in New York City and has way too much black in her wardrobe. If she's not writing, you'll probably find her watching reality TV or procrastinating on FB in her reader group, Felice's Breakfast Club.

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