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Book Blitz and Giveaway - Mayatte's Catharsis: A Feathered Serpent Reborn by Jack E. Mohr

Title: Mayatte’s Catharsis: A Feathered Serpent Reborn
Author: Jack E. Mohr
Publication Date: December 12th 2022
Print Length: 92 pages
Genre: Young Adult Fantasy Adventure

The mythical Island of Mayatte was never meant to be discovered by anyone, and its natives are about to find out why.

When a ship of foreigners crashes along the coast, everyone but Naña is wary of their inexplicable arrival. While others are suspicious and fearful, Naña is curious and even helpful, especially when one of the outsiders becomes gravely ill. But her goodwill might be a fatal flaw that puts the entire island in jeopardy.

While she grows closer to the foreigners, they discover something that could revolutionize the outside world. A resource so powerful, they’re compelled to harvest it at any cost. Naña is now pit against forces that could wipe her people from existence. How can she stop an enemy that’s more powerful than any of them can handle?

Mayatte’s Catharsis is a bittersweet tale of humanity in all its madness. Follow Naña through mystic battles, political unrest, and acts of kindness with magic leading every step of the way.

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Before he could make it over to Sir Gallahan, he continued coughing until blood came up—followed by a thick dark violet viscous liquid. Sir Gallahan’s knees weakened and he toppled face first into the sand.

Everyone collectively gasped, except Morchato. He hustled over to the liquid that was coughed up. It had pooled unto the top of the sand, without penetrating it.

Morchato shook his head. “This is bad. Very bad.” He placed the back of his hand on Sir Gallahan’s forehead.

Morchato’s lower lip trembled.

Naña sensed his sudden fear. “What has happened?

Morchato shook his head, squeezing the dark liquid between his fingers. “I’ve only known of one thing to cause this.” Morchato lowered his head. “He hasn’t much time.

Zeke ran over, shoving Morchato out of the way. “Sir Gallahan are you okay?” Zeke’s face flushed red when he saw Sir Gallahan’s unresponsiveness. “Oh no, oh no! We need some help!”

Naña felt a sadness. Somehow, this was her fault. And somehow, she needed to resolve the issue. “How much time does he have? How can we save him?

Stricken with panic, Morchato’s face lost color.

Naña closed her eyes and prayed, “Mayatte if it be in your will, please make whole that which has been stricken with infirmity—"

Morchato snapped out of his stupor. “Mayatte cannot help.

Naña backhanded Morchato, knocking him off balance. “Do not speak blasphemy ghoem. Mayatte can undo anything that has been done.

Morchato wiped his mouth. “I mean no slight at the power of Mayatte, but her power is confined to this island. This is a sickness whose cure is beyond this island. And he has less than three sunsets before he is beset by the most agonizing pain imaginable, precluding his demise.

Naña shot him a grave look. “Where?
I'm just a guy who likes to write.

If you love adventures, you will enjoy my stories …

Because they are imaginative, fast paced, page turners.

Also looking for ARC readers for my next release. Please reach out if interested.

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