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Virtual Book Tour and Giveaway: The Sunrisers by Robyn Singer

Welcome to my stop on the virtual book tour for The Sunrisers by Robyn Singer. This book tour was organized by Goddess Fish Promotions. On my stop, I have an excerpt from the book as well as a great guest post from the author regarding sapphic fiction. There's also the tour wide giveaway for a chance to win a $10 Amazon or Barnes & Noble gift card. Be sure to visit the other stops on the tour for more content. Enjoy!
Title: The Sunrisers
Author: Robyn Singer
Publication Date: November 1st 2022
Print Length: 294 pages
Genre: LGBTQ+ Space Opera
After years of adventures, professional thief and amateur noodle critic Yael is invited to join The Order of the Banshee, a collection of the greatest female thieves in the universe, despite being decades younger than any of them.

Yael’s childhood best friend, Molina, has lived the opposite life: a stern and serious member of The Sunrisers, the universe’s premiere peacekeeping organization, she’s just been promoted to Captain, serving under her father. Her first assignment of her new command: Bring down The Order of the Banshee.

Yael and Molina now find themselves on opposite sides of a conflict neither of them will escape unscathed. The love they have for each other is the same as when they were young, but either their personal values or their love will break.

In this game of cat and mouse, both women must use all their wits and tricks to stay ahead of their new enemy. Will order triumph, or will chaos? No matter what, Yael and Molina will both lose.

Outside the cave, ground troops were being deployed, the sound of their combat boots stomping on the moon’s surface echoing. And inside the cave, eleven of the smartest and most dangerous women in the universe were staring daggers straight into my eyes.

“I knew we couldn’t trust a whippersnapper,” Athena York said.

“How very disappointing,” Beatriz Nunez snarled.

“I have a granddaughter in the Sunrisers,” Lilith hummed. “If you tipped her off, I’ll at least respect you for going for the heart.”

I shook my head and swung my arms around, sweating from every pore. “I swear I didn’t call them. This is all just a big misunderstanding. You have my complete loyalty.”

Madame N’gwa cocked her head to the side and grinned. “You wanted to be a Sunriser when you were even more of a baby than you are now. Perhaps you made a deal to make your dream finally come true.”

A shocking pain surrounded my heart. Those Sunriser bastards had stolen all the trust I’d earned from my idols through years of deceit. Whichever captain was in charge of this operation was going to pay.

Lioness stepped forward, crushing her glass in her hand and sending small shards flying all over the place. “Thank you for sharing your story with me. But I don’t think we’ll be hearing anymore of them. Rather, I don’t think you’ll be living any more of them.”
Robyn Singer is a lifelong New Yorker, and since she was a kid playing with her action figures, all she’s wanted to do is tell stories. She went to SUNY Purchase to get a degree in Playwriting & Screenwriting with a minor in Film and has produced several comic books, but she’s always had her eye on becoming a published novelist.

As an Autistic, bisexual trans woman, diversity and inclusion in stories are vitally important to her, and she seeks to represent as many groups as possible in her work. While she wants to show characters of marginalized groups experiencing joy, she also draws inspiration from real-world problems which bother her.

The Sunrisers (Cinnabar Moth Publishing, November 2022) is her debut novel. She writes novels and short stories of all genres and for all ages, and she continues to produce comic books. Her ongoing series, Final Gamble, will begin publication by Band of Bards in 2022.

- What is your favorite thing about sapphic fiction?

I’m a lesbian. I didn’t always know I was a lesbian, I didn’t even always know I was a woman, but these days, I’m proud of who I am and in the most incredible relationship with my girlfriend, who I love with all my heart. Naturally, with this in mind, my debut novel being a sapphic romance (in space!) makes complete sense.

My favorite thing about sapphic fiction as a whole is the representation. An obvious answer, maybe, but authentic representation in media is more important to cultural and societal acceptance for marginalized groups than most people even realize, on top of just how nice it feels as a member of a marginalized group to see yourself represented. Seeing fictional sapphic couples in tv shows like Willow and Tara from Buffy the Vampire Slayer, while growing up in a conservative household, not only helped shape me into who I am, but made me confused why anyone would ever have a problem with the beauty of two women in love.

Getting more specific, there are of course certain tropes I’m partial to in sapphic fiction. At the heart of The Sunrisers is a friends to enemies to lovers romance that’s messy and wrong in all the best ways. I love seeing sapphic couples fight and come to an understanding, I love seeing them be tender and soft with one another, especially when a character doesn’t let themselves be that way with anyone else, and I love sapphic couples who can be the most competent, intelligent, and perhaps even dangerous people around, who become dorks when they’re together.

Perhaps my very favorite trope when it comes to sapphic fiction are evil sapphic couples who are truly monstrous and vile, but simultaneously love each other with all their hearts, and would never do anything to hurt one another. Despite being my favorite, this particular trope can’t be found in The Sunrisers, since, while I wouldn’t describe either of the book’s leads, Yael

Pavnick and Molina Langstone, as good people, they’re both from what I’d call monsters.

That said, the villain of the book wants nothing more than to be trope with Molina, and destroy Yael in the process.
Robyn Singer will be awarding a $10 Amazon or Barnes & Noble gift card to a randomly drawn winner via Rafflecopter. Good luck!

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