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Book Blog Tour and Giveaway - Connected: Discovering Your Inner Guides: A Kid's Guide to Navigating Their Emotions by Seema Desai

Welcome to my stop on the book blog tour for Connected: Discovering Your Inner Guides: A Kid's Guide to Navigating Their Emotions by Seema Desai. This blog tour was organized by Lone Star Book Blog Tours. On my stop, I have my review. There's also the tour wide giveaway for a chance to win a signed copy of the book. Be sure to visit the other stops on the tour for more content. Enjoy!
Title: Connected: Discovering Your Inner Guides: A Kid's Guide to Navigating Their Emotions
Author: Seema Desai
Illustrator: James Ballance
Publisher: The Jai Jais
Publication Date: February 3rd 2022
Print Length: 56 pages
Genre: Children's Self-Help Non-Fiction
Connected is all about teaching kids and their families how to navigate their emotions. It is a practical guide to understanding powerful concepts that alleviate the stress and challenge in tough situations. The book also includes tools and tips to help children become advocates for their mental and emotional well-being in productive ways, as well as thought-provoking questions to encourage young readers to think about how these tools would be uniquely relatable to them. Written to inspire children to become empathetic leaders and creative solution-seekers, Connected is a book that helps them not only understand themselves better, but also those around them.

When I got the chance to read Connected: Discovering Your Inner Guides by Seema Desai, I jumped at the chance. My 7 (almost 8) year old sometimes has some big emotions. I figured this would be a great book for us to read together to help him navigate those emotions.

Connected: Discovering Your Inner Guides starts off with a guide for adults and a guide for kids on how to use the book to their advantage. It talks about inner guides which are any type of thing that can help you. It also talks about guards which are the negative feelings and emotions we all experience. Although the book is short in length, it does a very good job at discussing what guides we can use to help squash our guards and help us. Along the way, the author shares some tips and tools to help overcome the guards. Mine and my son's favorite tool was the tapping method. I really felt that both adults and kids can do this method quite easily to help them overcome any number of guards such as fear, anxiety, or any other horrible feeling. There's also a handy guide for teaching children (and/or adults) how to meditate. Desai also goes into just enough detail about different types of guards and guides that can help both adults and children understand what's going on. She never uses language that is too difficult to understand, nor does she drone on and on. This helps so much to keep the book flowing throughout and to help keep children's minds from wandering which they are prone to do quite often. One thing I do want to mention is I felt like my son was a little too young to understand some of the concepts and apply them. However, I do think that if he were a couple of years older, he would be the perfect age. I also think this might just depend on the emotionally maturity of the child as well.

The illustrations in Connected: Discovering Your Inner Guides are fabulous! James Ballance shows how talented he is with each and every drawing. The illustrations are fun and help to keep kids engaged. The drawings are very helpful in making sure Desai's words are being understood. My son and I liked the way the illustrations were aimed towards kids his own age instead of being drawn for babies. (His words, not mine.) Each illustration helps to show what each section in the book is about. Just the drawings alone are worth reading this book!

Connected: Discovering Your Inner Guides is a very informative guide that is extremely helpful for children and adults! It's written in a language that is easy to understand yet drives the point across. With its excellent illustrations and well written (and researched) passages, this book should be in every therapist's library and every home library. Basically, just put this book in every library. I would definitely recommend Connected: Discovering Your Inner Guides by Seema Desai to everyone aged 10+ who would love to get in touch with their feelings. This is one book you don't want to miss!
(A special thank you to Lone Star Book Blog Tours for sending me a paperback of Connected: Discovering Your Inner Guides in exchange for an honest and unbiased review.)
Dr. Seema Desai is a proud wife and mom of two young children. She is also Certified Professional Coach, speaker, and author of the newly-released children's book, Connected: Discovering Your Inner Guides. She currently serves as Co-President of the Austin chapter of Pratham USA, a non-profit organization aimed at creating learning equality for underserved children in India and globally. Though no longer seeing patients, Seema is also a general dentist who dedicated her years in medicine to serving the geriatric population in Austin and surrounding areas.

Along with yoga and traveling, connected parenting is a passion for Seema. She believes that helping a parent and child connect to their inner wisdom is a powerful way to create the next generation of peace-leaders and solution-seekers. She is firmly committed to being a part of a kindness revolution, where we raise children in a way that heals and inspires resilience and greatness.

Things that bring Seema joy are good cups of coffee, jazz music, tropical beaches, meditating, family time…and large slices of chocolate cake.

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