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Book Blitz and Giveaway: Whispers in the Waters (Blood of the Fae) by Sarah Chislon

Title: Whispers in the Waters
Series: Blood of the Fae
Author: Sarah Chislon
Publisher: Wings of the Wind Press
Publication Date: September 27th 2022
Print Length: 178 pages
Genre: Gaslamp Fantasy

Ladies don’t shame their families.

Ladies don’t confront Otherwordly threats.

Ladies certainly don’t admit some taint of the fae has touched their souls—unless they wish to find themselves confined to an Institution.

Gently-bred herbalist Jessa Caldwell is trying to be a lady. She conceals her true nature amongst her plants and her sketches—where she can almost shut out the whispers she alone hears. But a threat to her beloved aunt forces her from the comfort of home to a town perilously near an Otherworldly Crossing, with its ever-present risk of fae incursions.

To protect her aunt and the townsfolk she comes to care for, she must uncover the individual responsible for a series of increasingly dangerous attacks—but to find this saboteur will require embracing the part of herself she fears most, an act that could cost her dearly. In a world where Vigilists lock up fae-touched mortals, Jessa must decide if she’s willing to risk exposing her true nature to obtain the truth and protect those she loves.

Whispers in the Waters, a gaslamp fantasy novella, serves as the prequel to Tattoo of Crimson, the first book in the Blood of the Fae series. If you like quick-minded heroines who solve cases with logic and intuition, Otherworldly intrigues, and beautiful yet deadly fae, then you’ll love this mystery set in a world of manners and mythical monsters.

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“Miss Jessa?”

“I beg your pardon. What did you say?”

“Young folks.” He huffed. “I said I don’t believe sprites and other low fae respond to the same wards as the high fae. Course, that’s speculation, but people lump all the Otherfolk together when in fact they’re not at all alike. If you were speaking of dealings with a high fae, with power enough to shake our world, then I’d tell you to flee and count yourself fortunate if you escaped the encounter without finding yourself enslaved or killed, though they do favor toying with their prey. But low fae . . . aye, they have powers beyond our ken, but it’s possible that you might come out of an encounter unscathed. Still, though sprites may not have all the abilities of high fae, they’re plenty strong enough to drag you to the depths. And I won’t have you seeking them thinking that pendant will offer protection.”

“I know there are risks.”

“You think you know.” He clenched his pipe, fingers whitening. “Most often, mortal dealings with fae go terribly wrong—and not for the Otherfolk.”

“I understand.” But what choice did I have?

“Maybe you do, maybe you don’t. But I won’t let you go without warning.” Mr. Heard proceeded to spin tales of horrors that rooted me to my chair—of mortals forced to dance until their feet were blistered and bloodied and beyond, until their very hearts at last gave out; of those compelled to slice their own flesh to ribbons at the bidding of the fae, for their entertainment; of individuals who begged and pleaded for death but were granted no such reprieve.

A rap sounded at the door, and I startled, my heart hammering as though the high fae stormed through the Crossing to batter down the door and take me captive.
Sarah Chislon lives in Virginia with her husband and three daughters. When she’s not writing, she’s homeschooling her children and running a web development business with her husband. As an avid reader and a lifelong story-weaver, she delights in creating fantastic worlds and exploring them alongside her characters.

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