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Book Blitz and Giveaway - Realm of Darkness: A Limited Edition Fantasy and Paranormal Collection by Various Authors

Title: Realm of Darkness: A Limited Edition Fantasy and Paranormal Collection
Authors: Various
Publisher: Dragon Realm Press
Publication Date: October 4th 2022
Print Length: 2283 pages
Genre: Paranormal Fantasy Romance

When darkness falls, beware of the creatures that come out to play…

Fall under their spell over and over again in this ultimate paranormal and fantasy romance boxset! Over 40 full-length novels with heart-melting heroes and devastating anti-heroes, full of romance, magic, mystery, and adventure can be yours for an insanely low price.

Ready to be swept away? Your book boyfriends are waiting… Enemies-to-lovers, alphas, fae, werewolves, dragons, shapeshifters, vampires, gods, angels, demons, and more: with novels ranging from sweet to spicy, there’s a flavor to sate your every craving.

You won’t find these exclusive novels anywhere else, so don’t miss your chance. Over ten thousand pages by New York Times, USA Today, and International bestselling authors and at less than three cents per book, this collection is a steal, but only for a limited time. Grab it today before it’s gone forever…

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From Fae Lis Bride
by Jessica M. Butler

Slipping forward with silent steps, Daphne rushed for the door. She cracked it open and peered out.


Lord Kanek was just entering the inner hall that kept this room away from the others.

Oh. No, no. This was a bad idea. She couldn’t do this without something to defend herself. Turning, she bolted toward the nearest door.

She scarcely got inside and slipped it shut before the other opened.

This was never going to work. That tree spirit had set her up! She dragged one hand through her hair as she turned around, then froze. She’d run into his bedroom—not a sitting room or closet or anything better. This was worse!

She darted forward, then spun around. Though large, the bedroom did not offer much in the way of hiding. The massive canopy bed with the cherry wood frame and the blue silk coverlet only had a few inches of clearance beneath the ruffle. The couch near the second door had no space beneath or behind, and that door itself was locked. The armchair set catty-corner near the fireplace wasn’t a good hiding spot at all if he looked down. The third door led to a bathroom with no places to hide whatsoever.

That left—she spun around again—the wardrobe!

The tall wardrobe made of polished cherry wood covered almost a third of the wall. She sprang to it, flung the door open, and crawled inside. A flurry of silk, taffeta, lamé, velvet, damask, linen, and other fine fabrics assailed her face as she pressed inward, awash in his cologne. The back of the wardrobe wasn’t nearly as far back as she’d hoped.

It would work though.

Her nose tickled as she closed the door as best she could.

The sitting room door clicked open.

She held her breath. It was going to be all right. Everything was going to be fine. All she had to do was wait until he fell asleep or went into the bathroom, then she’d slip out and find some other way to explain.

Although...she edged a little closer, turning her ear toward the door. She’d heard the door click open, but no footsteps. He wasn’t a particularly small fae. Shouldn’t he make some sound? Why—

Both wardrobe doors flung back. She stared up into the face of the angry silver-haired fae. She’d known Kanek, Lord of Wind and Spring, would not like being hit in the head, but he seemed even less pleased to find her here in his wardrobe. So much for starting this conversation from a position of some authority. Some silver and purple garment half covered her face. “Hello.” She forced a smile as he just stared at her, his silver eyes ice cold. “I’m really gonna need you to reconsider not helping me get my sister back.”

He closed the doors on her.

This really wasn’t going well.

She held her breath, bracing for either a blast of wind or some bellowing order for the guards to come and take her away. But nothing followed.

Nothing at all.

Had he locked the wardrobe?

She pressed her hand flat against the surface. The door yielded almost at once, the latch clearly not in place. A crack of light broke through. She peeked out. Through the crack, she could see the edge of the bed and the other door.

No sign of him or any other fae.

Had he left?

Surely he wouldn’t have just left.

She pressed it open a bit farther. The mass of clothes had tangled around her, snagging on her arms and shoulders and sliding off the hangars. They clanged and thudded as they struck the wardrobe’s sides and ceiling. Grimacing, she pushed out a little farther.

Still no sign.

She pushed the doors open the rest of the way and peeked out toward the other door. Then she turned toward the window—oh. There he was.

He stood near the sharply arched window, muscular arms folded over his broad chest, staring at her very, very hard.
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