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Book Blitz and Giveaway: Shadow of Fire (The Fires of Aileryan #1) by Kate Schumacher

Title: Shadow of Fire
Series: The Fires of Aileryan #1
Author: Kate Schumacher
Publisher: Black-Kat Press
Publication Date: May 5th 2022
Print Length: 370 pages
Genre: Fantasy Romance

A potent power is about to be unleashed. Forbidden and forged in flame.

Control over the elements is a gift from the Gods, but since the creation of the Rift, fire magic has been outlawed in Merawuld. The Rift is a source of mystery, fear, and, for some, a tempting source of power.

Ash is a fire caster who has spent years hiding her magic, but when her explosive powers reveal themselves she is imprisoned by the Mage Council. Ash’s powers are coveted by the High Mage, who seeks to use her as a pawn against not only his enemies, but his allies as well.

With the Bone Mother’s winter fast approaching, the fae Princess vows to fight against the corrupting influence of power, forming an alliance whose success rests on a human man’s desire for peace; a man who must decide if he will play the game he’s inherited or begin one of his own.

But in Aileryan, the Gods have their own plans. As the Mother of All turns the wheel of the year, the land is brought to the edge of war. Loyalty and courage will be sorely tested as paths intertwine and Fate plays her hand.

If Ash can’t learn to control her magic, the scheming of gods and mortals could spell doom for them all.

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Ash was waiting for him, a nervous eagerness scrawled across her face. Her hair was tied back and she was wearing the deep green of the fae guard – tight fitting pants and shirt. The clothes served to accentuate her slimness, the boyish body that was fit for breaking. She saw him and waved, smiling broadly. He sighed at her determined look, joining her under the trees. Her smile fell as she took in his expression.


‘Nothing,’ he muttered.

Ash indicated the swords slung over his shoulder.

‘Which one’s mine?’

Jarlath set both weapons down. They were identical in size and weight. He selected one for himself and held the other one out for her. She almost dropped it.

‘Not too heavy?’

Ash scowled, lifting the sword again, adjusting to its weight.

‘Come on.’ Jarlath led the way deeper into the trees, looking over his shoulder every now and then to make sure she was keeping up. He didn’t understand why she wanted to do this. He hated the idea of her putting herself in danger. He hated that he was going to be the one to show her exactly how to do that.

He had almost wanted to tell Ash to ask one of the guards to teach her how to fight, or even Laeli, but then she’d ask why – why not him? What was wrong? It was easier to give her what she wanted, even if he didn’t agree with it one bit.

They walked through the thick trees, light filtering through the branches to throw patterns on the leaves that crunched under their feet. Birds chittered above their heads and small things scurried away from their heavy human footsteps. By the time they reached their destination – a bright, clear glade he had discovered during his exploring – Ash was puffing and perspiring. He hadn’t broken a sweat; one glance at her face stopped him from commenting on it. She pushed a loose piece of hair off her face, still as resolute as ever.

‘Right, since you’re determined to get yourself killed … you ready?’ Jarlath gripped the sword; Ash looked at him, her expression nervous. He moved so fast she barely had time to think. One moment he was standing several feet from her, the next he had closed the gap, his sword swinging up and over his head. Ash shrieked, instinctively lifting the sword up on a cross-angle, closing her eyes as the weapons connected. Jarlath imagined her whole body vibrating from the force of his blow; she staggered back, and he swallowed the pang of guilt that shot through him.

‘You could have given me some warning,’ she snapped.

‘The enemy won’t give you any warning,’ he replied firmly.
KATE SCHUMACHER is a writer, mother and teacher. When she isn’t writing, she is reading her way through an ever-growing TBR pile. Kate has wanted to be an author since she was a child, when she used to write stories about her friends and ‘publish’ them with the help of a stapler. Kate completed a Bachelor of Arts in Creative Writing and Journalism, and an Honours degree in Screenwriting, followed by a Graduate Diploma in Education. She currently works as a High School English and History teacher.

She lives in Northern NSW, Australia, with her partner, two children and three very spoiled cats. Shadow of Fire is her first published novel.

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