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Book Blitz and Giveaway: Hell Bent by Mandy Lee

Title: Hell Bent
Author: Mandy Lee
Publication Date: September 27th 2022
Print Length: 212 pages
Genre: Paranormal Romantic Comedy

It’s the Devil’s little girl versus Daniel Webster…

Devlin’s keen legal mind had always kept her two steps ahead of opposing counsel. It didn’t hurt that she’d learned from the best dealmaker in the history of…well…existence. When your dad’s the Devil, expectations are high! She’d worked her tail off to become the best lawyer in town, and she wasn’t about to blow it all now.

When a business deal threw Daniel Webster in her path, Devlin had to wonder who she’d pissed off in another life! He was the most insufferable opposing counsel she’d ever had the misfortune of bargaining with. There was no way she was going to let Daniel the Douchenozzle derail her deal…no matter how annoyingly sharp or distractingly attractive he may be!

Can they find a way to see eye-to-eye in negotiations, or will they wind up eviscerating each other in the boardroom?

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WHAT ON EARTH made me think a road trip to North Bay in February is a good plan! Grrr. Devlin growled and cursed as she drove hunched over the steering wheel of her rental car, peering through the driving snow like a grandma. She’d been driving for hours, but the blizzard had only started about thirty minutes ago, and it looked like it had no intention of letting up any time soon. Why did I not ask for snow tires? City girls should not attempt winter driving outside of the Greater Toronto Area! She felt the car slide a tiny bit to the left and her heart leapt into her mouth. Gripping the wheel tighter, she tried to put out good vibes that she’d manage to get to her hotel in one piece. Just as she had that thought, a clunking noise started under the hood.

“No no no no no, please!” Devlin begged as she felt her rental slow to a crawl. She had just enough forward momentum to pull off to the side of the highway as the vehicle gave up the ghost.

“Damn it!” she shouted and smacked the steering wheel. Devlin reluctantly threw the car into Park and started digging around her purse to find her phone. It was at moments like this that she wished she’d allowed her dad to teach her the demonic summoning rituals that would have brought her help in mere seconds, but noooo, she’d wanted to live like a normal human and learn to solve her own problems. Idiot! What she wouldn’t give to have a minion or two here to get her back on the road! She pulled her phone out of her bag and groaned as she realized she had no signal. Come on! Devlin threw her head back against the headrest and stared straight ahead. She had two choices. Stay in the car and slowly freeze to death, hoping that someone would stop to help her, or get out and try walking down the road until she got a signal on her phone. She looked at her coat in despair. It was definitely made more for fashion than function, and her boots with the little kitten heels were just as bad. The car would be as cold as the outdoors in no time, and she hadn’t seen any other vehicles driving this stretch of highway in a while, so her best shot was to get out and walk.

Grumbling and promising to learn those damned rituals as soon as her dad got home, Devlin shrugged her arms into her woefully inadequate coat. This was gonna suck. She took a deep breath, threw open the car door, and squealed as the freezing cold wind whipped in and slapped her in the face. Her dad was the king of the fiery pits of Hell, and though she was human, she wasn’t programmed for the cold either! She slammed the door closed again and sat there in the driver’s seat catching her breath and steeling herself for another exit attempt. Now or never, she thought as she opened the door and slid herself out into the blistering cold. She threw the door closed and shoved her thinly gloved hands under her armpits to try and keep them as warm as possible. She lasted about five steps before her little heels hit a patch of ice and she went sprawling across the soft shoulder of the highway, landing face-first in the snow.

Devlin dragged herself onto her butt as she shivered and sputtered, spitting snow out of her mouth and wiping it out of her eyes. As her vision cleared, she saw the most amazing sight she’d ever seen in her entire life—the red glow of taillights as a passing motorist stopped and began backing up to come to her rescue. Praise the Dark Lord, she thought as she dragged herself to her feet and began waving at her savior. She pasted on her brightest, most grateful smile as the car drew up next to her and the passenger window rolled down.

“You have no idea how thankful I am that someone was driving along this stretch of road! I haven’t seen any other cars for ages…” She trailed off as she got her first view of the Good Samaritan who’d stopped to help her. The smile fell from her face, and he didn’t look all that thrilled either. The Fates really were screwing with her today. Devlin was staring at a very annoyed-looking Daniel Webster.
Mandy Lee is a romance author based in Toronto. She has always enjoyed mythology/the supernatural, and her stories typically straddle paranormal and contemporary worlds. Snarky humour is guaranteed! Mandy is a caffeine addict, sci-fi lover, cat mama, travel enthusiast, and unapologetic weirdo!

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  1. you are a new author for me- after reading the excerpt I would like to read this book-thanks

  2. I would absolutely love to read this. Sounds extremely entertaining.