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Book Blitz and Giveaway - Green House Haunting: An Andy Watts Ghost Column by Olivia York

Title: Green House Haunting: An Andy Watts Ghost Column
Author: Olivia York
Publisher: Lilac Ink Books LLC
Publication Date: September 29th 2022
Print Length: 208 pages
Genre: New Adult Supernatural Suspense

A terrible tragedy dead and buried. Can a young woman dig up the haunted truth without falling into madness?

Andy Watts needs a break. So when the struggling journalist is asked to revisit a fifty-year-old mystery, she jumps at the chance to move into an abandoned house and honor her long-gone mom by becoming a respected reporter. But she’s shocked when she discovers not only did a polio-stricken boy disappear from within its rooms, but his mother took a fatal tumble down the stairs.

Stonewalled by the locals and unnerved by unexplained events in the eerie home, Andy fears the town would rather bury evidence than admit one of their own could commit murder. And with the ghostly image of a youngster in leg braces persisting, she’s terrified by hints that the awful answer is calling from beyond the grave.

Can Andy deliver justice for the voiceless before she becomes the next victim?

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Pushing the paper away, Andy sat back in the old, creaking dining room chair, half expecting it to crumble beneath her. She wasn’t sure what she had been looking for, but it was exactly as Lillian had said. Nothing more or less. Somehow, a chunk of her hair found its way between her teeth, and she chewed silently. She couldn’t help but feel like there should be more. However, a small piece of her psyche was screaming to be heard. Of course it feels that way. You know what it’s like to lose someone to an accident. It never feels right.

From where she was sitting, the family in the portrait she now knew to be Lillian, Anna, and little Linus caught her eye. She stared at it, imagining one of the fixed figures springing to life and starting up a conversation with her. Even from a distance, she recognized Anna hunching ever so slightly to prop her son up from under his arms. The boy’s quiet grin hid the terrible struggle he must have faced every day. No other word could describe this family’s life other than tragedy. Andy had an overwhelming desire to get as close to this family’s pain as possible. She tried to shake it off, but it clung to her like a cloak she couldn’t take off.

The moisture in her mouth evaporated, half from her nerves and half from the saltines she had downed. She knew where she needed to go before moving on with her research. Hanging prisms on the chandelier swayed, startling Andy. It must be a draft in the house, she thought.

She picked up the worn jean jacket she kept hanging on the hook in the foyer, rubbing her arms to keep the chills at bay. The door under the stairs stood tall and proud as if waiting patiently to be opened at last. She wiped off the sweat accumulating in her palm to get a good enough grip to turn the aging knob. Andy gritted her teeth as the door hinges shrieked before the silence strangled them upon stillness.

Darkness enshrouded the floor, but thankfully, the daylight, though obscured by thin clouds, still illuminated most of the stairs on the way down. Andy couldn’t help feeling strange as she hovered at the top of the stairs. The dark cavern below stared up at her. Something was moving. She watched, hypnotized by the ink black waves crashing against the sandy steps.
Olivia York writes supernatural suspense novels with family drama woven throughout (and hints of mystery). After a stint working for a local news station as reporter/anchor in the Midwest, she decided to make the switch to her imaginative side and write.

She is a lover of cats, road trips, and visiting old fashioned candy shops along the coast. Olivia lives with her husband and two cats, who are kind enough to humor her love of paranormal TV shows and never-ending collection of horror films.

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