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Book Blitz and Giveaway: To Steal a Heart (Honeysuckle Island #5) by Jennifer Youngblood

Title: To Steal a Heart
Series: Honeysuckle Island #5
Author: Jennifer Youngblood
Publisher: Arbor House Books
Publication Date: August 10th 2022
Print Length: 261 pages
Genre: Women’s Fiction / Romantic Suspense

Coming home has never been so thrilling … or deadly.

When New York Times Bestselling author, Arden Chasing, returns home to Honeysuckle Island to attend a diamond exhibition held at The Oliver Hotel, she soon finds herself embroiled in a perplexing mystery that involves the charming and charismatic Garrett Singleton, a known jewel thief.

As the mystery deeps and danger closes in, Arden fears she might lose something even more valuable than the celebrated pink Finkle diamond—her heart.

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The condescension in his tone was the last straw. Because Hector was analytical, he considered himself superior to most people, including her. She threw her clutch down on the couch, tromped over, and got up in his face. She pointed her finger. “You said you didn’t know how much more of me you could take.”

He drew back. “I didn’t mean that. Like I said, I was upset.” Resentment burned in his eyes. “You’re a lot, Arden. Always wanting me to be more than I am. It’s too much,” he muttered.

“So now this is my fault?”

He rushed on, “And then you picked that nonsensical fight with Josette. If you’d just kept your mouth shut, she wouldn’t hate me now.”

“What?” she screamed. “I defended you to my family. Everything Grandmother said about you was spot on.” Her voice went hoarse. “I thought you were different.” Hurt needled her insides. “Get out.”

His face fell. “Huh?”

“You heard me. Get out!” She shoved him hard in the chest. He stumbled back but caught himself on the chair before falling. His eyes tightened. “Cut it out, Arden. You need to get control of yourself. This is my suite,” he stated firmly.

Her anger shot through the roof. “Oh, no it’s not. I paid for it!” She wanted to claw his treacherous eyes out. “You’re a spineless twit. You should’ve stood up to Grandmother instead of groveling. All of those snarky comments she threw at you were a test. It’s your own stupid fault that she despises you.” White lights popped like firecrackers in front of Arden’s vision as something wild took control. Letting out a guttural growl, she marched to the nearby table and grabbed the large vase of fresh flowers, which she’d instructed the hotel staff to deliver for Hector’s arrival.

Fear colored his features. “What’re you doing? Have you lost your mind?”

Briefly, she considered throwing them at Hector but turned and hurled them at the fireplace instead. The vase shattered into bits as the flowers toppled to the hearth, and water splattered over the marble.

“You’re a lunatic,” Hector squeaked. “I’ll gladly leave. Just let me get my things, and I’m out of here.”

The sight of him made her sick. How could she have ever thought he was The One? She was a naïve fool. “You’ve got five minutes,” she snapped as she marched to the couch and grabbed her purse. “If you stay so much as a minute longer, I’ll call security and have your butt thrown out.” She looked him in the eye, hoping he would realize the depth of her fury. “Five minutes. Don’t press me, you miserable worm, or you’ll see just how forceful the mighty Chasing arm can be.”

With that, she marched out, not looking back.
Jennifer Youngblood is a USA Today Bestselling Author of clean romance, sweet romance, romantic comedy, and romantic suspense novels. For as long as she could remember, Jennifer has wanted to be an author. In those rare moments when she's not dreaming up another story, Jennifer loves cooking, spending time with family, and occasionally breaking away from her hectic life to take spontaneous trips to exotic and sometimes not so exotic locations. She couldn't survive in a world without chocolate, good books, family, and friends.

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