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Book Blitz and Giveaway: Of Fae & Hate (Of Fae & Hate #1) by Quirah Casey

Title: Of Fae & Hate
Series: Of Fae & Hate #1
Author: Quirah Casey
Publication Date: July 23rd 2022
Print Length: 154 pages
Genre: Reverse Harem Urban Fantasy

Hate is a strong word, but at the Nadouraz Academy it’s deadly.

I never wanted to attend Nadouraz Academy.

The school for fae is full of spoiled, bratty, powerful royals. I’m none of those things.

Most importantly, no one even knows if I’m even fae.

The first week of school I find myself in a rivalry with more fae than I can keep track of, but it becomes the least of my worries when I end up cursed. What’s worse is that the curse binds me to three fae I hate and one who just may be a demon from the darkest pits of hell: Soskia, Alik, Fox, and Brynsyn.

Now a promise to give the pretentious academy a try, an unbreakable contract, and a wicked curse may seal my death.

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I scramble to my feet, and with how clumsy I feel as I scuffle over to her, I don’t know how I make it in time, but somehow I do.

My body collides with hers and we both hit the ground. The black blob just barely misses us and when I look up, it's already dashing back in our direction. Soskia is deadweight as I try to pull her away from the thing. She’s laid out on her back now, her bright eyes completely vacant.

She’s no longer here in this moment.

“Help!” I shout.

Alik’s head tilts to the side and when his gaze lands on Soskia, he lets out a curse before abandoning Brynsyn. He’s to us in a flash, hauling Soskia up and over his shoulder.

Brynsyn is climbing to his feet and he grabs my wrist, throwing me to the ground as the blob comes back. “The book!” he shouts a moment before the blob slams into him.

Alik jerks away and he and Soskia go tumbling to the ground.

Brynsyn’s body is coiled tightly, chest forward where the black blob seems to be stuck, trying to go through him. There’s a visible strain to Brynsyn’s body and I watch in shock as black streaks of veins take over his skin where the blob is still trying to pierce through him. “Don’t!” he shouts when Fox goes rushing toward him.

It looks like it hurts, but Fox stops in his tracks. “The book,” Brynsyn grits out again in my direction.

I crawl quickly across the ground, grabbing the book. My fingers dig into the deep leather, sparks shooting through my fingers. I grit my teeth against the pain, turning to ask Brynsyn what the hell I’m supposed to do with the book.

“No!” Brynsyn’s shout meets my ears before I can turn fully to look at him and I have no idea what’s going on.

I glance up in time to find the black blob flying full speed toward me. There’s nothing I or anyone else can do as it slams right into me.

A scream rips from my lips as white hot agony spreads through my body. It feels like every fiber of my being is being torn to shreds. I’m not convinced that my body isn’t alight with flames.

I can hear words and screams in the background but my vision has gone completely black and I can’t see a thing.

It’s hard to push air through my lungs, each one harder than the last.

“It’s killing her!” Alik shouts.

A hand grabs my wrist and I think it's Brynsyn because I hear him let out a grunt.

It's the last thing I hear before I die.
Quirah Casey is still a new author, but not new to writing. She has been writing since the first grade, and has been winning awards since kindergarten, when she told her teacher about her trip to Chicago. Her teacher wrote down the story for her and she won the young authors contest at 5 years old! Quirah plans on working hard in the next couple of years to publish as many books as possible from her chöąts world.

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    Thanks for the chance to win :)

  5. David HolingsworthJuly 24, 2022 at 6:07 PM

    Need to add this to my reading list.

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