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Virtual Book Tour and Giveaway - The Breaking Point: When Life Requires a Shift compiled by Paulette Harper

Welcome to my stop on The Breaking Point: When Life Requires a Shift compiled by Paulette Harper. This book tour was organized by Write Now Literary Book Tours. On my stop, I have an excerpt from the book as well as a great guest post about the inspiration behind the book from the author. There's also the tour wide giveaway for a chance to win a $25 Amazon gift card. Enjoy!
Title: The Breaking Point: When Life Requires a Shift
Compiled By: Paulette Harper
Publisher: Thy Word Publishing
Publication Date: April 14th 2022
Print Length: 159 pages
Genre: Inspirational Non-Fiction
The Breaking Point is Endorsed by Les Brown

Have you ever arrived at a place in life where you knew you were created for more, and you were hungry for more?

You knew you possessed greatness, but the life you’d been living didn’t mirror the life you desired or even deserved?

These authors, who share their stories in The Breaking Point, wanted more in life. Yes, they were broken, afraid and flawed, but decided to believe in themselves.

They wanted to live in their full purpose and potential, and did what was required to obtain it.

With strong conviction and passion, they made the necessary turns and adjustments because they wanted more from life.

This book will inspire you to bet on yourself and push forward, despite what you face, knowing that you have what it takes to steer the course of your life in the direction you deserve.

Les Brown
Speaker, Author, Trainer

The Breaking Point is stories by men and women on how they came to that turning point and were able to over- come adversity and reach their own personal break- through in life.

Each story will encompass their unique struggle of how they overcame the challenges to find that you had the courage, the power, and the resolve to build your life again.

This book will serve as a potent reminder that everyone has the power to choose which direction they want for their own lives.

These twenty women and men, some first-time authors, said yes to the transformation; yes to the stretching; yes to going back to those dark places that brought them pain. Because they knew what they experienced wasn’t just for them, but it was for others who will come behind them needing those words to pull them up and help them move to a place of wholeness. These authors are writing from a place of victory, a place where they are no longer the victim.

Excerpt from the chapter
Discovering my Strength
by Carolyn Coleman

I was done with the party life that didn’t satisfy me anymore. I had enough of being second to his friends and done with feeling unappreciated. I had put everyone before my wants and desires, and dreams. Now, I was done with feeling like I was wasting my life and not accomplishing something I could be proud of. Enough of going through life unfulfilled and empty, catering to others. But what do I do? How will I survive? I have a child, no job and my husband wants a divorce. Help me, Jesus. I don’t know what to do?

Have you been there? Have you gone through something so devastating it forced you to dig deep within and pull on strength you didn't even know you had? I did. It forced me to learn to focus, to place blinders on and move at my pace. Being stubborn can be an attribute; it can create resilience.
Carolyn Pickens Coleman is a daughter, wife, mother, sister, cousin, friend, and co-worker from Bessemer, Alabama. She has a B.S. in Nursing from Samford University and an M.A. in Health Service Administration from Strayer University. Carolyn is a member of the Birmingham Black Nurses Association, Inc., serving as the Chairperson of the Outreach committee, and is the current President of the Bessemer Public Library Trustee Board. She has a big heart and volunteers in her community.

Carolyn has more than 36 years of experience as a critical care nurse and spent five years as a nurse case manager. She worked with hospital administrators to establish plans regarding complex patient cases, concentrating on outcome management, utilizing best practices, advocating for patients. She is also an adjunct instructor.

Carolyn is the author of four books a series about Gentry who faces her life choices, as we all do, Happiness Hurt Healing, The Re-Entry of Gentry, Gentry’s Journey, and Gentry’s Circle of Friends. For Carolyn, writing is cathartic. She enjoys reading and staying active by line dancing, walking, and spending time with her family and friends.

Carolyn joins a group of esteemed authors in The Breaking Point and hopes that her chapter will give you the insight to find your passion and purpose for a meaningful life.

What inspired me to write this book
by Carolyn Coleman

The inspiration for my book came from a co-worker. Cassie is her name. She arrived to work one day saying she was now a published author. I congratulated her and told her I have always wanted to write, and she said do it, write Ms. Carolyn write. I have always enjoyed reading and since I was a young adult, I desired to write a book; often telling co-worker and friends “I am going to write a book about this, or no one will believe this happens in our line of work. As they say, ‘truth is stranger than fiction.’ We all know life gets in the way.

I accepted the call to run for a local political position. I needed and outlet to let off some stream, to redirect some energy from days of campaigning. For anyone who has ever campaigned knows it is not for the faint of heart, it is work, going door to door, shaking hand, asking for votes, presenting at events, just doing everything it takes to get your name noticed by the citizens.

Writing became cathartic, after a day of being in the community or strategizing I needed a health release. I begin writing my long-awaited book. I began with a thought then went into a paragraph, it flowed for me. No, my work of fiction was not about campaigning. It was about healing from a broken heart. I held back some; left the ending open just in case I decided to take the main character in a different direction.

We know everyone is not going to clap with you or for you. I was not deterred or offended by their avoidance, in an odd way I was amused. Working as a nurse gives one an odd sense of humor. One can say a protective shield. I did receive some very positive responses from that book. I was approached by several women (it is a girl flick on paper) informing me that they could relate to the story, and they wanted to read more about the main character.
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