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Blog Tour and Giveaway: Rationality Zero (The Archon Conundrum #1) by J.M. Guillen

Welcome to my stop on the blog tour for Rationality Zero by J.M. Guillen. This blog tour was organized by Lola's Blog Tours. On my stop, I have an excerpt from the book as well as a fun guest post from the author. There's also the tour wide giveaway for a chance to win a $50 Amazon gift card. Be sure to visit the other stops on the tour for more content. Enjoy!
Rationality Zero book cover
Title: Rationality Zero
Series: The Archon Conundrum #1
Author: J.M. Guillen
Publisher: Imperishable Press
Publication Date: April 28th 2022
Print Length: 559 pages
Genre: Science Fiction Techno-Thriller
A living weapon. An attack on the laws of reality. One chance to save the world.

Michael Bishop is a man who never dreams, who never gets ill. He lives his entire life oblivious to the truths hidden from him.

He is a tool in the hand of the most powerful organization on Earth.

Michael’s world transforms when They bring him online- when They activate the mysterious technology buried within his skull.

Then, the lies fall away. He becomes Asset 108. Using intricate technology, he defends humanity from the gibbering, tentacled horrors that haunt our world.

When mysterious renegades fracture the very laws of nature, Asset 108 is put into position. As the world begins to unravel, a cabal of madmen with physics shattering powers hunt 108 and his cadre, driving them into an alternate reality— a realm filled with inhuman horror.

Between otherworldly arachnids, muscled brutes infected with psionic parasites, and depraved cultists, grisly deaths lurk behind Michael’s every choice.

Yet all too soon, things become far, far, worse.

Just get them away from the car, Hoss.

Copy that, Alabama Slim.

I slunk to the side of one of the creatures, determined to be slow and cautious. The emitter might not mask sound in this bizarre place.

I count six remaining, Michael, Anya informed me.

Five. I slipped up behind one, the kinetic disruptor centimeters from its skull. I fired, sending a sharp siiiiuu sound keening through the cavern.

Less than a second later, bits of brain and skull sprayed over one of its fellows, who roared in uncomprehending terror.

As the corpse fell, I saw the tendrils writhe within the body, madly squirming beneath the flesh.

That aside, there’s something else here… something inside them. The link conveyed my revulsion.

Copy that, Bishop. Awe and disgust filled Wyatt’s link. I can see it in one over here. It’s like thick cables running through them, just below their skin. It’s— He broke off, and I felt him retch. It’s… it’s moving! Wriggling.

Assets. Anya’s crisp link came across almost curt. These aberrations may be host bodies for some type of phage. I felt her deliberately maintain calm as she linked. Many Irrational species seek host bodies and—

And they can go straight to hell. Wyatt recoiled at the thought. You mean like a parasite?

Exactly like that. My heart hammered against my ribs as I watched coils of tendril writhe within one of the corpses. Of all the fates that could befall an Asset, forced to be a host body for such unearthly horrors seemed like one of the more horrifying.

I felt quite vulnerable.

As quietly as possible, I stepped behind one of the other behemoths and aimed both pistols at the back of its head. I didn’t know if it would stop the parasite…

I shrugged. Couldn’t hurt.

The weapons sang, siiiiuu siiiiuu.

The monstrosity’s skull cracked. It jerked twice from the force, then collapsed against the dark stone ground.

Bishop… I felt the warning in Wyatt’s link. We got four left, but they’re all over there with you.

Copy that. Now might be the time to grab your gear.

Yup. He flung the door open and ducked behind the far side of the Legacy. The movement caught the attention of one of the behemoths, which started to turn in his direction.

Nope. I took two quick steps to my right, aiming for that particular brute. Several more stood between us, and I couldn’t get a square shot.

The beast cocked his head to see if something lurked on the far side of the car.

“Hey!” I cried, knowing none of them could see where I stood. “Let’s look over here instead!”

I shot another of the creatures with my left-hand Stiletto and hit it squarely in the chest.

The blow hurled the troll-thing back over six meters where it crashed into one of the stone columns.

The remaining four roared their outrage. One of them, the smallest of the lot, stared around wildly before running off into the shadows.

They’ll hear me the moment I shoot ol’ Rosie. Wyatt opened the trunk and pulled out his gear. I can crouch over here and get suited up. But the moment I fire ’er, I’m caught.

I get it. I started to jog away from the remaining three creatures. This should be easy. Our friends here aren’t very bright. I can handle them all here in just a moment anyway.

Seems like it, Wyatt linked. As easily as you put these guys down, I might as well wait before drawing attention to myself. I’ll set the spikes when you’re finished.

I’ll get them all over here, for a start. I powered the Wraith down where I stood, a good six meters from the nearest aberration.

Um, that’s stupid, Wyatt opined.

The moment I faded into sight, the closest one snarled at me.

“Hey there, tubby.” I fired once at the ground between us, leaving a hole nearly a meter across. “Look, I’m right here. All soft and pink and small.” I grinned at it.

It roared and charged me.

I hadn’t taken into account how fast the muscled creatures might be, due to their lumbering stride and immense size. But a charging gorilla can move scarily fast, as can a stampeding bison.

This thing put those two to shame.

It cleared the six meters in what felt like a step. Like the hammer of an angry god, it swung its maul-like fist down on me.
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JM Guillen
JM Guillen was just an average Joe who worked at the ol' Necromancy factory in 2018. He worked there on the bone line, just like his father and his grandfather before him.

After his job was outsourced to Mexico, he went irrevocably mad, gifted with strange, terrible power. Today he spends his time creating sentient fiction in his secret lair and summoning fell powers best left alone. Soon, the goal of absolute domination of his tri-state area will be almost within his grasp.

Once Missouri falls, nothing will stop him.

Occasionally, he writes bangin' fiction.

- Besides your own, which science fiction universe would you like to visit?

I would absolutely choose Star Trek.

I've been an author my entire life and that's incredibly difficult in the society we live in. I know I would choose to write regardless of money or circumstance, but the idea of living in a society where we are able to exist post-scarcity means I could write without the concerns of family and monetary problems.

Perhaps it's an interesting statement that I would prefer to choose not based upon having Force powers or cool spaceships, but, instead, just so I could freely live the life I choose without significant struggle. That's more attractive to me than wormholes or aliens or psychic powers.
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