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Blog Tour: Boondocks (Survive the Doom #1) by Jaydeep Shah

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Welcome to my stop on the blog tour for Boondocks by Jaydeep Shah. This blog tour was organized by Lola's Blog Tours. On my stop, I have an excerpt from the book as well as a great guest post from the author. Be sure to visit the rest of the stops on the tour for more content. Enjoy!
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Title: Boondocks
Series: Survive the Doom #1
Author: Jaydeep Shah
Publisher: Rage Publishing
Publication Date: June 9th 2022
Print Length: 299 pages
Genre: Apocalyptic Thriller

They believe it is only about defeat and escape.

Little do they know; it is something more than that. It is about the rise of the dead and the world’s destruction.

Lost in the desert of Rajasthan, India, Rahul and Elisa learn the truth about a wicked wizard named Dansh and some enchanters performing resurrection rituals.

Though they try to stop him, Dansh knows black magic and they find him a challenging adversary. Even worse than him, Rahul and Elisa soon discover that the churel named Dali has returned. Soon, the King of the Underworld, an immortal rakshasa named Sekiada, will make his way to the earth with the force of his thousands of fallen angels to conquer the world.

Rahul and Elisa must find a way to stop them and save humanity.

Terror inflames the nation. The country’s best commando, Aarav Singh, and the best local police officer, Arjun Rawat, reach the city’s border near the desert with the force of gifted soldiers to commence battle against evil. They turn the border into a battlefield to prevent the demons from entering the city.

The apocalypse is struggling to reach its highest peak as the Asian evils slowly spread across the nation: churels, rakshasas, pishachas, daayans, shaitans, and many more hair-raising bloodshed lovers.

Rahul must find a way to murder the immortals: the wicked wizard, the king of the Underworld, and the strongest churel of all time, and Elisa must gather her own courage to battle the demons, especially one of the immortals, to prove women are not weak.

Welcome to the world of horror, where the characters play games of deceit and betrayal to achieve their goals, and the demons enjoy slaughtering the humans.

The end is near. Or it’s just the beginning!? Dare to witness the apocalypse, but only if you are comfortable with bloodbath and barbarity.

When she reached Kendraa, Dali halted in the air over the huts in the center. She looked around with a grin on her face, happy to find everyone had locked themselves in their huts due to the terror she wrought.

She let out a booming laugh in her croaky voice.

“She’s here,” screamed a girl, hiding under a blanket in horror.

“Everything will be alright, sweetie,” whispered the girl’s mom, stroking her back.

The girl stayed quiet, not reacting to her mother’s warmth.

“On this moonless night, I will gain more powers. I will become immortal,” Dali’s voice rang out, loud enough to enter every ear inside the huts. “After having the flesh and blood of more than two hundred.”

Camels grunted from where they were tied to skinny wooden posts, yearning to run away to protect themselves.

Everyone stayed absolutely quiet, trying not to breathe to avoid producing even the slightest sound, sweating profusely in trepidation of their death. Dali’s cackle wafted through the air, scaring the hell out of the villagers who were praying to God for help.

Suddenly, the camels rose into the air. Dali then began to squeeze their bodies by only staring at them and clenching her right fist. She sucked out their blood, which floated out of the animals’ crushed bodies and into her mouth.

The night grew darker, and the wind whooshed faster and faster, rapidly swirling the sand in the air, as if Mother Nature herself was upset for the innocents.

The empty bodies of the camels fell to the ground; it seemed as if they were not corpses but bags full of shattered skeletons. No trace of blood or flesh remained.

Dali licked the blood from her lips.

Her eyes rolled over the huts as another grin came over her face.

The villagers’ hearts beat even faster; they knew their death was nearing. All of them wished for a miracle that could save them from Dali. They continued praying; many of them asked for God himself to come to earth and end Dali’s after-life.

Each day before now, Dali had come to Kendraa to kill only one of them, but tonight seemed special for her. She seemed to want to have a party. She wanted to kill almost the entire village in a bid to become immortal, and now only God could save them. Or, more precisely, their courage and hidden skill to fight the churel. Their ability to sing a devotional hymn, find the courage to face the churel and the courage to fight her. That could save them.

Dali soared in the air, glaring at the huts and generating a violent fire bolt. The huts suddenly ignited in fire and everyone rushed out. Seeing the villagers trying to run away from her, screaming in angst, Dali laughed aloud. She was enjoying this more than she had on any other night.
Jaydeep Shah author picture
Jaydeep Shah is an avid traveler and the author of gripping horror, thriller, and romance stories. As a bachelor’s degree holder in Creative Writing, he aims to entertain as many as people he can with his stories. He is best known for Tribulation, the first book in the “Cops Planet” series.

In addition to those books, The Shape-Shifting Serpents’ Choice, Jaydeep’s first young adult flash fiction written under his pen name, JD Shah, is published online by Scarlet Leaf Review in their July 2019 issue. Currently, he’s endeavoring to write a debut young adult fantasy novel while working on a sequel to his first apocalyptic thriller, Havoc.

When Shah is not writing, he reads books, tries new restaurants, and goes on adventures.

- Do you need sound to write or complete silence? Why?

Every author likes to work differently. I have heard some authors listening to their favorite songs and watching movies while writing a story. However, it all depends on my mood.

I’m actually kinda moody. When I’m in mood to have peace and calm, I need silence. A complete silence because it helps me shift my focus on creating strong fictional world and characters. Moreover, it helps me understand the needs of my characters and how I want the story to start and end. No matter how upset or angry I’m on something for a reason or how tensed and depressed I am, with complete silence while writing brings me back to my jolly mood.

When it comes to sound, I can write while listening to a relaxing jazz music. Yet, I cannot write at all watching a movie and a TV show. They are disastrous distractions for me. Whether I can watch or write; I can’t do both at the same time. However, once I’m into the story; once I figure it out how my characters will play their roles in a fictional world, I really don’t care how much sound people make around me. They scream. They watch TV at high volume. It just doesn’t bother me once I’m into the world. Even more specifically, once I sit to write, I need somewhat silence to sink into the world, but once I’m in it, I really don’t care about any type of sound. My complete focus remains on the story as I start enjoying creating conflicts and beautiful moments to help the characters achieve their goals.

Overall, it all depends on my mood as well as at what stage of the story I am. Sometimes, I need sound to write. And sometimes, I need complete silence or at least less noise.

This was all I had to say. Thank you so much for having me All the Ups and Downs. It was really a fun question. I found something new about me I didn’t know before. Haha!

Thank you so much everyone for reading the post.

Before you leave, just a reminder: Boondocks: An Asian Evil Apocalyptic Thriller is available to purchase at major online retailers. Thank you! :)

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