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Book Blitz and Giveaway: Love's Last Kiss (A Deadly Force Standalone Novel) by Sharon Wray

Title: Love’s Last Kiss
Series: Deadly Force
Author: Sharon Wray
Publisher: Toban Books
Publication Date: May 17th 2022
Print Length: 430 pages
Genre: Romantic Suspense

Is love worth risking everything for?

Rose Guthrie, a reluctant erotic dancer, hasn’t trusted anyone since her parents’ death. Yet, to make money for her brother’s heart transplant, she agrees to deliver a sealed box to a mysterious buyer. Until the box—and the seller—disappear. Not surprised by the betrayal, her situation becomes more dangerous when she learns that a brutal arms dealer, known as the Prince, also wants the box and will kill everyone she loves for it. With one clue left, she breaks into Doom—Savannah’s violent, illegal fight club. Unfortunately, Doom’s referee—the sexy, ex-Army Ranger, Kade Dolan—stands in her way. Although she harbors a secret attraction to Kade, she can’t let him stop her. If she doesn’t deliver the box on time, she’ll lose everything. Including her own life.

Rose doesn’t trust disgraced Army Ranger, ex-con Kade Dolan, but that’s okay—he doesn’t trust himself either. Why? Because he lies to everyone about everything, including his time in Leavenworth and his job as an illegal fight club referee. Then there are his two side gigs. The first as an informant for the Prince, the leader of a secret, two-thousand-year-old private army. The second, loving from afar the beautiful, secretive Rose Guthrie. After the Prince discovers Rose is the courier of a lost 18th century artifact, he orders Kade to help her find the box before their greatest enemy does. If they succeed, Kade must return it to the Prince. If they fail, Kade must kill her.

Betrayal or death. When faced with an impossible choice, Kade can’t lie anymore, at least not when it comes to what he’s about to do the woman he loves. But when Rose uncovers Kade’s lies, they learn a terrible truth—the 18th century box holds a secret far deadlier than they imagined. A secret that could destroy them all.

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Rose sat on the edge of the bed, closed her eyes, and clenched her fist until the silver compass watch warmed in her hand.

How could she trust Kade when she hardly knew him?

How could she be falling in love with him when she wasn’t sure she could trust him?

He moved, and she opened her eyes, surprised to see he’d picked up the silver bra. It’d been part of her most popular costume at Rage of Angels.

When its sequins sparkled in the sunlight, he said, “This was the costume you wore the night we met.”

She looked away but couldn’t stop the warm flush that traveled up her neck to her cheeks. She remembered that night. She’d been stripping in a cage that hung from the ceiling and had felt his stare from near the stage, where he’d broken up a fight.

The first time she’d met his blue gaze, something inside her had shifted. He hadn’t looked at her with disdain or disgust or desire. He’d just regarded her as if he understood—she was simply a woman in a cage. A woman in a desperate situation. A woman with no other options.

In that moment, the iron straps around her heart loosened the smallest bit.

“I know the truth, Rose.” He laid the bra across her knees and sat next to her. “That night, I saw it in your eyes. The woman who wore this was a character in a story. A wandering ship in a storm.” He paused when the church’s bells rang eleven a.m. “You pretended to be empty—like a bell tower without a bell. Until we spoke.”

How did he have the words to describe how she’d felt in that cage? Seen as an object, unseen as a woman. A woman with her own desires and fears and dreams. “After my set, I was walking back to the locker room, and you offered me a glass of water.”

His smile brightened his face. “Do you remember what you said to me?”

She shook her head.

“You told me you didn’t date bouncers or bartenders.” He laughed beneath his breath. “Then you walked away.”

“That was rude.” She placed the compass watch on the bed. The stream of sunshine highlighted the etching of an eight-pointed star on the silver cover. “No.” He took her hands and squeezed. “I recognized it for what it was—self-protection. I understood then, and I understand now. You have no reason to trust me. I’m an ex-con, Army Ranger, Doom referee and fighter, gym employee, and my life is owned by the Fianna.”

“Surely you’ve paid the Fianna back for releasing you from prison.”

“Rose”—He kissed the back of one hand and then the other—“it doesn’t work that way. I belong to them until they decide I don’t.”

She pulled her hands out of his grasp and stood quickly. “What does that mean?”

He stood as well but didn’t approach her. “I can’t tell you.”

Her cheeks burned, and she moved toward the window. Outsie, the oak tree separating her from the dead appeared so strong and steady. Especially compared to the fact that her world felt like it was falling off its axis. “You ask me to trust you, yet you admit you’re keeping secrets.”

He came up behind her and touched her shoulders. “I’m sorry.”

She turned halfway to see his profile. He didn’t meet her gaze. His sight was fixed on the tree where Magnus had stood.

“Kade,” she asked softly, “are you going to give the Fianna my box?”

No.” He turned her until they faced each other. His lips lowered until they hovered over hers. “Like I said last night, I’m in love with you.”

“That’s not possible.” She backed away, and he dropped his hands. “We hardly know each other. I’ve caused you nothing but problems. And you’re keeping secrets.”

He moved forward with determination, and she retreated until her back hit the wall. His gaze darkened, making his eyes appear more black than blue. He took her shoulders and drew her against him. “I promise you, Tempest Rose Guthrie, I will return.”
Sharon Wray is a librarian who once studied dress design in the couture houses of Paris and now writes of novels of suspense, adventure, and love. A caretaker of Donut the one-eyed rescue dog, she's addicted to snapping photos and eating Oreos.

She writes the bestselling Deadly Force romantic suspense series where smart, sexy women teach their alpha males that Grace always defeats Reckoning.

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