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Book Blitz and Giveaway: Love Reunited (A Divine Love #3) by Tara Taffera

Title: Love Reunited
Series: A Divine Love #3
Author: Tara Taffera
Publisher: Forget Me Not Romances
Publication Date: April 29th 2022
Print Length: 233 pages
Genre: Christian Contemporary Romance

Elizabeth Carlson turns heads wherever she goes but has never moved on from Tyler Williams, with whom she shared a whirlwind relationship her senior year of high school. After only a month together, Elizabeth ran away from her past and her broken family. Ten years later, Tyler comes crashing back in her life, eager for a second chance. But she can’t forgive him for the order he issued all those years ago. Slowly, a high school romance turns into so much more, but her secrets, and his anger, threaten to ruin their happily ever after. Will God’s grace and love lead them back to each other?

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When she comes into view, I wonder if there will ever be a time she doesn’t steal my breath. Her face stays makeup-free, and she’s stunning. Her hair is pulled in a ponytail, and I laugh silently when I see the bright pink socks on her feet. I lean against the door frame and stare, waiting for that moment when she sees me. When she will give me that killer grin, that makes me melt into a puddle. It’s girly, I know, but that’s what she does to me. Makes me all mushy inside.

“It was great talking to you too, Aunt Sue. I promise to visit. Again, I’m sorry I stayed away so long. I hope you can forgive me.”

She must know I’m here but never glances my way. She’s that focused on her conversation, so I wonder why she stayed away from her aunt so long. They must be close. She lived with her during senior year. Her aunt had to be the one to help her pick up the pieces of her life. From the hurt, her dad and I hurled at her by the truckload. But why didn’t she stay in touch or go back to visit? I watch as tears pool in her eyes and must go to her. Her eyes widen when she sees me, and for a split second, I spot the panic there. Was I intruding on a private conversation?

“Tyler’s here. I’ll call you again soon.”

She hangs up, but when she stands still, I stalk toward her with urgency. Taking her hand, I lead her to the kitchen and pick up the flowers.

“For you, my lady.” I’m trying to bring some levity to the tension permeating the room and try not to freak about why it’s there in the first place. “Thank you. They’re beautiful.”

As she searches for a vase, my eyes track her every movement. When I’m with her, I can’t take my eyes off her.

“How’s your aunt?”

“She’s good. We talked about me celebrating Christmas at her house this year with my mom and dad. We used to gather at my parents in Michigan. That ended when I left for college.”


Now that she placed the flowers in the vase, she is out of reasons to ignore my stare.

“I don’t know, Tyler. Because I screwed it all up. Because I ran away and never looked back.”

I wrap my arms around her. This isn’t a soft embrace. It’s a firm signal that I’m staying. She pulls back and gives me one of those smiles I crave.

“I’ll miss you when you’re gone. Can we plan for a friends and family Christmas before you leave? With Greg and Ali, Gina, Anna, and the guys?”

“I would love that. I’ll miss you too.”

She presses her forehead to mine. “Thanks for loving me, Ty.”

“It’s easy, baby. Thanks for letting me.”

I take her hand and lead her back into the living room and bring her down, so she’s sitting on my lap. When she giggles, I wish there was a way to capture the sound. To release it for my ears only when I’m away from her. “I have an important question.”

She looks at me with wariness in her gaze. The guilt hits me again. Am I the one that makes her search for trouble around every corner? Well, me and her dad. We’ve taught her that disappointment is an everyday reality. I fear a lifetime isn’t enough to repay those sins. But I vow to try.

“Is there anything special you want for Christmas?” I say it with a gleam in my eye because I already purchased the perfect gift.

When she lets out her breath in relief at my easy question, it’s impossible to stay silent.

“Forget the present question for a second. I know you love me. But why do you always look worried around me? I’m not going to leave you, Liz. I swear. I see that apprehension in your eyes, and it kills me. I’ll spend eternity trying to prove to you that I’m here forever.”

Tears emerge immediately, and I draw her closer, though we were already entwined in each other’s arms. She pulls back again and looks at me. I swear she planned to say something big, then stopped. It seems like she’s formulating her thoughts. It used to be so easy for us to be around each other. It is for me, but it’s different for her, and I can’t figure it out.

“I don’t fear you, Ty. You make me feel safe. I’m sorry I make you feel anything less than the most amazing man you are. A man that I thank God for every day. And as far as presents, all I need is you.”

She hugs me tighter and lays her head on my shoulder, and I try not to think about what’s keeping her from handing me her whole heart.
Tara Taffera is an avid reader and the author of A Divine Love Series. She writes contemporary Christian romance enveloped in God’s grace and love. Book two in her series, Love Unfailing, won the silver medal in the 2022 Illumination Book Awards in the romance category. The program shines a light on Exemplary Christian Books. Love Unfailing was also a semi-finalist in the Indies Today Awards.

She lives in Virginia with her husband of almost 25 years, a non-reader himself who provides valuable advice on her books—all those baseball scenes! He is one of her biggest cheerleaders, along with her three daughters.

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