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Book Blitz and Giveaway: Ice Floe (Ice Floe #1) by Melissa Birling

Title: Ice Floe
Series: Ice Floe #1
Author: Melissa Birling
Publisher: Purpance Publishing
Publication Date: April 28th 2022
Print Length: 295 pages
Genre: Young Adult Romantic Fantasy


Seventeen-year-old Glacia didn’t plan to track a kidnapper, stick a middle finger to the government, and fall into a forbidden summer fling. This is simply what happens when you’re the resident odd girl out, in a shoal of all-female mermaids whose values are a little cracked. Or a lot cracked, if you consider government-endorsed murder and the seizure of male infants to be an issue.

When society rules, family, and romance collide, Glacia fights back the best way she knows how: by taking the matter into her own combat-trained hands and kicking some tail. The problem is, no amount of training can prepare Glacia for the crime circle she discovers, secrets she unveils, and human guy she can’t get out of her head. Glacia finds herself at a crossroads where she must decide whose rules to follow. Who she can trust. And ultimately…who lives and who dies.

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This seizure law is so stupid. If this law didn’t exist, Zahra and I wouldn’t be here hunting down kidnappers. Finessa would never have left Cerci’s sight. In a better world, if a stranger tried to take your child away, all hell would break loose. Instead, in our world, it’s common practice for a random professional to leave with your infant fifty percent of the time. As a result, we have an opening for criminals to exploit women when they’re in a vulnerable position.

If this law didn’t exist, Sofi wouldn’t be having an anxiety attack because she made a nice comment about her little boy. A boy that her partner carried around for nine months before he was wrenched from her grasp. A child that was so important to Olia that she gave up on life when she couldn’t save him. Sofi lost everything that day because of this stupid seizure protocol. All because our government dictates that half the mercreature population should be punished in perpetuity for crimes committed before any of us were a blip on the radar of the universe.

“Sofi, it’s ok. We’re not turning you in,” I confirm in a low yet firm voice. “They should’ve let Olia keep her child. She obviously loved him. The seizure protocol is an antiquated practice at best. At worst, the government is breaking up families.”

Sofi’s lips quiver and tears spill over her lower lashes. She looks down into her lap and blots at her cheeks with a lacey cloth napkin. Zahra’s scrutiny permeates the water, generating microscopic ripples of energy that burn through my skull. I summon my bravery and steal a glance in her direction. Zahra’s fixated on me with an expression that’s hard to decipher. It’s a combination of shellshock, resentment, and curiosity. Surprise! Your best friend’s a lawless, fetus-lover. There’s never confetti around when you need it.

I pry my attention away from Zahra’s discerning gaze and reach across the table to touch Sofi’s hand. “Sofi, listen. I think Cerci’s daughter was kidnapped,” I whisper. Sofi’s glazed eyes find mine and her breath cuts short mid-sniff.

“Glacia!” Zahra scolds.

What difference does it make? Sofi won’t say anything. We have dirt on her – she almost ran away to protect a male infant. Now she has dirt on us – we’re vigilantes. Or at least I am. I may have lost Zahra as my partner in anti-crime. Glacia the Rebel. Not a bad ring to it. Turns out Feluka is right about a lot of things. I hope they let Feluka out of that House of Rest soon before she loses it for real like Olia.

“This detail is very important,” I say to Sofi. “Did you actually see your little boy? Are you sure it wasn’t a girl?”

“It was a boy. I held him,” Sofi replies. “You think the girls you found at the hospital were kidnapped?”

“I have no way of proving it. It’s a hunch based on a series of loosely connected circumstances.”

“Oh no. Do you think someone was going to ship the girls off to the Arctic with the boys?”

“That’s one possible outcome.”

“Why would someone do that?” Sofi asks and ponders her own question with a creased brow. “You could always go check.”

“Check what?”

“See if the hospital is shipping girls out with boys.”

“How would I do that?”

Sofi picks at her thumbnail while she reanalyzes the proximity of the soufflĂ© critics. As if both of us haven’t already said plenty of things that would get us in trouble. Whatever she’s about to reveal must be a doozy.
Melissa Birling strives to experience life from a “both and” rather than “either or” perspective. She enjoys living in metropolitan cities and on a small farm. She appreciates burn-your-tongue Mexican cuisine and delicious London pub food. Lately, Melissa spends her time engaging with cyber security professionals and mermaids. Not actual mermaids, although if you know any, she’d love to meet them.

The revelation that one can be both a successful corporate consultant and a fantasy author who writes about mermaids, encouraged Melissa to finish her debut novel, Ice Floe. The emotional high of typing “The End” at the completion of her first draft, triggered a writing spree that hasn’t stopped since. On any given Saturday or Sunday, you will find Melissa writing. She won’t respond to any attempts at human engagement, because she’s “at a good part,” but you’ll find her typing away, nevertheless.

Melissa lives with a ceaselessly supportive husband and their dog who enjoys hunting neighborhood skunks.

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