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Book Blitz and Giveaway - Arcadia: The Complete Collection - 10th Anniversary Edition by Al Stone

Title: Arcadia: The Complete Collection – 10th Anniversary Edition
Author: Al Stone
Publisher: Centrinian Publishing
Publication Date: July 7th 2022
Print Length: 1548 pages
Genre: Young Adult Fantasy



Arcadia, 10th Anniversary Edition is a complete collection, featuring three full length novels in a single volume for the first time. A young-adult fantasy series full of magic, mythology and adventure. Perfect for fans of Harry Potter, Percy Jackson and Lord of the Rings.

Talisman Of El
They have always been here … watching in silence. Now both worlds are about to collide.

Charlie Blake has always known he was different. He hears what others don’t. He sees what others can’t. In his quest for the truth, he discovers he is the physical embodiment of a powerful ruler and finds himself locked in an ancient battle between good and evil that threatens the life of every being on Earth.

Hold your breath. It’s contagious.

Saving mankind becomes near impossible when Charlie’s visions start to invade his reality. He can no longer identify what’s real. When he starts exhibiting symptoms of a deadly disease, he faces a race against time to find a cure, but shocking revelations makes him question where his true allegiance lies.

Ground Zero
Mankind’s only hope is not human. Approach with caution.

26,000 years ago, a supernatural apocalypse almost wiped out civilisation. Now that time has come again and no one is destined to survive. Charlie Blake is determined to stop the apocalypse, but fate might not have the same agenda. Is Charlie destined to save the world or destroy it?

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The Talisman of El

The image vanished, and Charlie found himself staring at Derkein, who was standing in front of him, gripping his shoulders. ‘Charlie, can you hear me?’ Derkein asked.

Charlie blinked hard. He looked through the single-arched doorway behind Derkein, but all he saw was the forest.

‘Hey,’ Derkein said, ‘talk to me.’

‘There used to be a palace here,’ Charlie said.

‘Doesn’t look like a palace now,’ Richmond observed.

Derkein let go of Charlie, his expression anxious. ‘All right, I think it’s time we head back to the campsite.’

They started to head off when Charlie suddenly stopped.

‘What is it?’ Alex asked.

Charlie’s eyes swept the forest. ‘I heard something.’ He expected Candra to pop out of her hiding place. Instead, he saw the red-haired boy he had seen earlier that day, watching him from behind a tree. ‘Hey. Where’s my bag?’

The boy’s eyes widened in shock, and he took off.

‘Hey.’ Charlie chased after him.

‘Charlie,’ Derkein called. ‘Charlie, get back here.’

Charlie didn’t stop. With the burning torch still in his hand, he raced through the forest after the boy. ‘Stop!’ he yelled. ‘I just want my bag.’ The boy was a good thirty feet ahead of him. What do they feed this kid?

‘Charlie,’ he heard Derkein call. It wasn’t until a loud cry reached him that he stopped.

It was Alex.

He turned around but saw no sign of the others. Panicked, he looked back at the boy, who had also stopped, and then he turned and ran back the way he had come.

It didn’t take him long to spot Derkein. When he got closer, he saw Richmond, who was now on his feet, Alex’s burning torch slowly fading on the ground beside him. But where was Alex?

Seeing Derkein and Richmond glancing up into a tree, he followed their gazes and spotted Alex trapped in a rope net.

‘It could be worse,’ Richmond said. Charlie and Derkein glanced at him. ‘What? It could be.’

Derkein’s gaze shifted to Charlie, and the lines on his forehead smoothed out, his expression stern. ‘Didn’t we just have a conversation about you running off?’

‘I know,’ Charlie said, ‘but I was trying to get my bag back.’

Derkein looked confused. ‘It’s not just going to fall out of the sky.’

‘What? No, that kid –’

‘Ah, hello,’ Alex said hotly. ‘Girl in a rope here. I don’t know about you guys but I’m thinking whoever set this trap might come back.’

Charlie looked up at her, her body bent in an awkward position with her legs reaching high above her head, and a faint smile crept onto his face. ‘Hang in there, Alex,’ he called up to her.

‘You just wait till I get down, Charlie Theodore Blake,’ she threatened.

Richmond snickered. ‘Your middle name’s Theodore?’

Charlie looked at him, his smile fading. ‘Shut up.’

Derkein cleared his throat to refocus their attention. ‘How are we going to get her down, boys?’ he asked.

Charlie glanced back up at the tree. The distance between Alex and the ground was at least twelve feet, twice Derkein’s height. To get her down, Derkein would have to hoist Charlie onto his shoulders and then some.

As Derkein pondered a strategy, Charlie’s focus shifted to the thudding sound he heard coming towards them. Before he even had time to panic, the sound died almost as soon as it had begun.

He turned around and froze, the sound of his heartbeat in his ears as he stared at the line of people armed with shiny blades and arrows pointed at his head.
Al Stone is the author of the Arcadia Saga (YA Fantasy). After graduating with a BA in Film & Television, Al worked in the television industry for a brief period before a disabling injury led to a pursuit in storytelling. Talisman Of El is Al’s debut novel. The sequels Blackout and Ground Zero are currently available for sale.

At present, Al lives in England, United Kingdom.

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  1. My daughter would love this collection. Sounds very enjoyable.

    1. Thanks for stopping my and checking out my series. If you or your daughter do read the book, I would be happy to hear your thoughts. Reviews are always welcome and appreciated :)

  2. this sounds like an interesting series

    1. Thank you for sharing your thoughts and checking out my series :)

  3. Looks like quite a fantasy. Thank you

    1. Thank you for checking out my series. Oh, it was quite a joy to write. It was an unforgettable experience with a lot of strange happenings, for myself as well as the characters :)

  4. Do you have any advice for new writers?

    1. Hey, thanks for stopping by. Advice? Oh, I have learned a lot these past few years, and one thing I would surely say to anyone starting out is to make sure they write to please themselves. Don't try to please everyone, because you can't, and it could lead to a lot of unfulfilled expectations and disappointments. Once you're happy with the work you have created and you know you've done all the necessary things required to produce a publishable product, then you'll have a permanent smile on your face.

      Make sure your work is professionally edited, you have a professional-looking cover and a solid blurb. Start building your mailing list. It will come in handy with promotions and new releases. Make sure you target the right audience as they'll stick around and won't be in it just for the freebies. They're there for the stories.

      Do your research in your genre and the book market. Find out what works and what doesn't. Research can save you a lot of money. Don't just dive in without having a clue where you're going. And whatever you do, don't measure your success by comparing your achievements with those of others. Be realistic. Set your goal and work towards that. You've already done the hard work by writing a book, so give yourself a pat on the back.

      Have fun. Writing a book isn't an easy feat by any means, but it shouldn't be a stressful process. It should be fun.

      Happy reading!

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