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Book Blast and Giveaway: Violins and Vampires (Vampires of the Daemonverse #1) by Cee Bee

Welcome to my stop on the book blast for Violins and Vampires by Cee Bee. This book blast was organized by Goddess Fish Promotions. On my stop, I have an excerpt from the book as well as the blast wide giveaway for a chance to win a $20 Amazon or Barnes & Noble gift card. Be sure to visit the other stops on the book blast for more content. Enjoy!
Title: Violins and Vampires
Series: Vampires of the Daemonverse #1
Author: Cee Bee
Publication Date: July 26th 2022
Print Length: 65 pages
Genre: Paranormal Romance
Lexa Kozlov must pay off her family's massive debt to the mob... all while raising even more money to save her little sister. The result? A never-ending (and incredibly illegal) stakeout for the Bratva. Lexa barely has time to sleep, let alone find love.

Enter Caelin Vass, the handsome Scotsman who runs Empire Investments. Caelin offers Lexa a new job with dollars galore, as well as a hot bod (his own) to contemplate every workday. Even so, Lexa isn’t sure. Freaky things keep happening whenever Lexa and Caelin are alone. The energy between them is magical, sensual, and way overwhelming.

Is Lexa leaving her old prison just to enter a worse one… or is Caelin Vass all he seems and more?

***12,000 word novella, previously published on Kindle Vella as Blood Slave***
**Available on Kindle Unlimited or $0.99 to buy**

Vampires of the Daemonverse Series:
1. Violins and Vampires
2. Veils and Vampires
3. Valor and Vampires

Another Saturday night, another stakeout.

This time, I'm watching the apartment of James Fisher, a major Wall Street tycoon and even larger dumbass.

Suddenly, my phone blares the Imperial March from Star Wars. I stifle the urge to groan. That's the ring tone of my current boss, Otto. He's a middle aged guy with a beer gut, receding hairline, and iron-fisted grip on my lady balls. Long story.

I pop in my ear buds and click accept. "It's Lexa."

"What the f*ck?" Otto's gravelly voice blares in my ears. "I can hardly hear you."

"I'm in Big Apple Coffee." The place looks like it fell out of the 1950's... and didn't land too nicely. In other words, Big Apple sports dingy walls, a grimy tile floor, and chipped Formica tables.

"Why can't you run a stakeout from some place that's quiet?" asks Otto. "You know, like a normal person?"

"I don't know," I counter. "Why can't you text instead of call? You know, like someone from this century?"

A few seconds later, my phone dings with an alert. No question. That's a text from Otto. I should know better than to look, but I've never been the type who knows better about anything.

I take a peep.

It's a drawing of me as a pin-up girl from the 1940's. Which isn't too far off. I'm on the shorter side with lots of curves. I don't dress in pin-up style--no push-up bras and bright colors for me, thank you very much. With my job, it's best to blend in. Today, that means a pencil skirt and white top. Unlike this image on my phone which shows me naked.

Ugh. What an Otto thing to do.

"The pic is good from the shoulders on up," I say dryly. The artist captured my heart-shaped face, ice-blue eyes, and long black hair.

Otto snickers. "One of the club shlubs left this under my door."

Club shlubs. That's what we call the gents who visit Otto's Lucky Ladies Lounge And Exotic Dancing Club. It's a horrible name, but Otto is known for hiring great strippers, not having excellent writing and grammar. I live in the club's back room and participate in the odd bikini contest for extra cash. Fan art is a sad side effect.

I really shouldn't have looked.
CEE BEE writes stories that blend epic fantasy, steamy romance, and lots of sass. If you want immersive tales that transport you to fresh worlds (and new book boyfriends) then you’ve come to the right author.

CEE BEE also writes young adult fare under the name Christina Bauer. Be sure to check out Christina’s books. There’s a literal sh*t ton of them.

Cee Bee will be awarding a $20 Amazon or Barnes & Noble gift card to one randomly drawn winner via Rafflecopter. Good luck!

(All the Ups and Downs is not responsible for this giveaway, its entries, or the prize. Goddess Fish Promotions and the author assume all responsibility over this giveaway.)

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