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Book Blitz and Giveaway: Love on the Run by Suzanne Rylee Ridolfi

Title: Love on the Run
Author: Suzanne Rylee Ridolfi
Publisher: Paisley Cottage Books
Publication Date: January 11th 2022
Print Length: 93 pages
Genre: Romantic Comedy

Lily Hart is the semi-famous host of Love Lily, a podcast dedicated to love and relationships. Her bubbly enthusiasm for all things romance has caught the eye of a few swanky sponsors who offer her the chance to host a Valentine’s Day mega event. Unfortunately, Lily’s own happily-ever-after has hit a rocky patch. She’s not sure if Henry, her longtime boyfriend, is even the one. When they decide to discuss things over dinner, Lily’s left questioning everything she knows about love. She panics and calls for a getaway car.

Blaze Steel thinks the notion of love is a mythical fable made up to ruin his life. Instead of relationships he pours his energy into the opening of his new bar the Steel Taproom. Until it’s up and running, however, Blaze is forced to continue his duties as an Uber driver. When a frantic Lily jumps into the backseat of his car, Blaze doesn’t know what hit him. All he knows is he hopes he never has to lay eyes on this woman again.

Fate has different plans for them, as their paths continue to cross. When Lily realizes she can’t show up to her own event dateless, Blaze reluctantly agrees. No feelings, just a plus one. How hard could it be? After all, they’re the last couple in the world who would ever fall in love.

*For fans of sweet romance, Debbie Macomber books, and all things Hallmark. There is no steam, sweet short read.

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Pulling my head up from my computer long enough to take a long slurp of hot cocoa, my eyes dart open. I jump to my feet and rush over to the pink and red floral book my best friend Addie printed me for a Christmas gift. A beautiful collection of all my blogs neatly bound together for eternity. My clammy fingers push open the cover. My heart drops like a lead balloon as I read each entry, so beautiful, touching and filled with hope.

I rush to my pup and gather her sweet face in my hands, “Lola, I have misled my loyal fan base. What do I even know about love? Research, yes research, that’s what I must do.”

I run to my desk and slide the Reese’s wrappers off the pile of notes smeared with a greasy spot of peanut butter. I fumble until my greedy fingers find a pen. I punch the word “love” into the search bar of my laptop. Tearing out the peanut butter-stained page, I feverishly begin jotting down the facts which represent the core beats of love. The first definition reads:

When two people realize there’s no one else in this world they want to be with.

My heart thuds wildly against my chest. There are millions of people in this world. You can’t possibly have met all of them. That is preposterous. How can you possibly know you don’t want someone in Antarctica, Michigan, Ireland, if you never met them?

My fingers tap to the next version of love in the search que. An intense feeling of deep affection.

NO, that can’t be right either. I have intense affection for the Amazon Prime driver that shows up to my door three times a week.

I hit the back button and search for the next entry. To feel more than liking toward someone. What does that even mean? Subjective I say. How much more? Geez, I could be in love with fifteen people. I consult the experts. I feverishly type in Merriam-Webster Dictionary.

Strong affection for another arising out of kinship or personal ties. “Wait, kinship means blood relative. Whew, there’s a part two.” Attraction based on sexual desire.

“Oh gosh, I’m in love with Ryan Gosling. Who are the actual people that write the dictionary? What gives them the authority to define a behavior?” My neck feels hot.

“Lola, the short answer is love is a feeling you attach to someone when you’re tired of looking for the mythical version of the word.” My hands slap over my mouth which has just betrayed me eeking out a long-buried notion I’ve successfully silenced for years.
Rylee Ridolfi is a hopeless romantic. She loves a cozy fireplace, a furry blanket and a romantic book. She strives to bring lovable characters to life. This has resulted in the creation of some of the most awkwardly charming heroines that are guaranteed to steal your heart. She's a believer in happily ever after and is mildly addicted to fabulous shoes. She loves writing about her favorite things- Christmas, fashion, family, and the ability to go for your dream, no matter how grand. When not writing you can find her spending time with her husband and three children at their home in New Jersey.

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