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Book Blitz and Giveaway: Yellowstone Wolf by Jaylee Austin

Title: Yellowstone Wolf
Author: Jaylee Austin
Publication Date: December 2nd 2021
Print Length: 168 pages
Genre: Paranormal Romance

Her assignment leads her into the wilderness—right back to the man who stole her heart.

Leslie Starr thought she’d left her past behind when she’d joined the Shifter Federal Bureau of Investigation. Unfortunately, the series of violent crimes she’s investigating in Wyoming appear to target her best friend Grace, head of the SFBI… and the sister of her ex-fiancĂ©, Roger.

Leslie’s never fit in with Roger’s wolf pack. She doesn’t do sweet, subservient, or small-town living. The fact that she still burns for Roger doesn’t help, especially now that he’s the alpha of his group and needs to claim a mate…

Roger Diego’s ranch near Jackson Hole is a safe haven for the Yellowstone Pack, and as their alpha, he’s expected to put their needs before his own—even when it means breaking his engagement to the woman he loves and embracing the life of a shifter over his human side.

When a dangerous criminal targets shifters in his area, Roger will do whatever he can to help catch them, including working with his captivating ex, Leslie. Roger knows Leslie is his mate and longs for her to submit to him, but he doubts she’d ever let any man claim her.

With his sister’s life on the line, they have to close this case—before their forbidden desires put the entire pack in danger.

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“Grace.” My voice rang out across the living room. “Why in the hell are you putting a city girl in the hills of Wyoming right in the middle of a shifter town? She’ll stand out like the plague. No one will accept her. They associate her with the press.”

“That’s why we need her. She’s objective and not afraid to ruffle feathers.”

“I think you’re making a big mistake.” Sticking a human investigator in the midst of predator wolves without protection caused a tremor to race along my spine. I’d intentionally kept her safe from my world. No one knew of my dual blood line except my father’s family, my three best friends, and my assistant Sharon. All the others knew me as Roger Diego, alpha of the Yellowstone wolf pack.

A pang of remorse shot through me. The regret of leaving behind the only woman I’d truly loved. Breaking up with her was the hardest thing I’d ever done, but I’d been right. No one in the pack would accept a human as an alpha’s mate because of the chance of having human children. I was expected to choose a wife before the end of the next lunar cycle. I feared that being so close to Leslie I wouldn’t be able to turn from her again and fulfill my obligations as pack alpha.

“If you’re finished, I’ll explain my reason for bringing the two of you together.” She braced herself in front of me, placing both hands on her hips.

“This better be good.” I poured myself two fingers of whiskey.

“First, we need to identify the two shifters accused of harming Sheila. Second, someone is purposely focusing our attention on the warlock coven and I want to know why.”

“Earlier you swore David was behind the killings.”

“I believe he might be, but too many puzzle pieces aren’t fitting together. Why blatantly make it obvious and draw us to the coven?”

“Why send Leslie?”

“Because she knows how to uncover a story. And believe me after we start peeling away the layers none of us will be the same.”

“Is this connected to you?”

“I believe so.”

“How do you know?”

“A gut feeling.”

No way would we find the rogue shifters if Leslie went in with blazing fire. The packs protect their own. “Grace the rogues could be anywhere.”

“That’s why you’re taking Leslie to the council where she’ll conveniently mention an interest in finding these men. They didn’t vanish off the face of the earth.”

When Norman abducted Grace last year, I investigated and found nothing. My instincts told me Grace was right. The men were probably in plain sight. “Cornered wolves will put Leslie at risk. If the men believe she means them harm, they’ll kill her.”

“Leslie will stir up interest. I leave it to you, Trent, and Seth to send out your betas and bring them to DC. Find the shifters now.”

“After three years these men could be anywhere. The case has gone cold.”

Grace touched my arm. “David wants the shifters. I want to know why. If we follow the trail, I bet this goes deeper than a couple of rogue wolves accused of a crime. I’d bet David is knee deep in the stench of things.”

“What’s your other reason for Leslie’s involvement?” I broke from her gaze and sat in the Victorian chair closest to the window.

“She still loves you.”
On any weekend you can find me surrounded by faeries, dragons, and angel figurines inspiring me with creative ideas. I live in Apple Valley, California and during the day I teach Language Arts. I inspire other young writers to reach for the stars and trust that they have a story to tell. Since childhood creating stories has always been a favorite hobby of mine. As an adult I'm grateful to write and share my thoughts with others. Happy reading and may the magic of life fill you with dreams of hope. Visit my website, Instagram page, and Pinterest to see update images of Tilly, my pug and I go on supernatural adventures.

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