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Book Blitz and Giveaway: The Rescue (A Team Zulu Novella) by Julie Weaver

Title: The Rescue
Series: Team Zulu
Author: Julie Weaver
Genre: Romantic Suspense

One night. One Christmas wish. One killer on the loose.

Unlucky in love, Lilly Hart regrets volunteering to cover the New York CIA intelligence desk on Christmas Eve. That is until field operative Dylan Fox—the swoonworthy spy she’s spent far too many hours daydreaming about—dials in requesting her assistance. But before Lilly can explain his life is in imminent danger, their call is cut short, and it’s up to Lilly to dash through Manhattan and find him before it’s too late.

Dylan Fox can’t believe his luck when a gorgeous brunette crashes into him on the sidewalk and drags him into a crowded, dark bar. But when he realizes it’s none other than Lilly Hart, the intelligence analyst with the sweet voice he’s fantasized about for three long years, he thinks all his Christmases have come at once. Although, with an assassin on their heels, it could be a rendezvous to remember for all the wrong reasons.

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“You saved my life tonight. You put yourself in danger to do so. That was brave and possibly reckless, but…” Dylan’s forest-green gaze held mine. “Thank you.”

“You would’ve done the same for me. You put your life on the line for others all the time.”

“Yeah, but I’ve been doing that for fifteen years. Ever since I first deployed with the Army as a teenager, I’ve been shot at and almost blown up more times than I can count.” He shifted in his seat. “All I’m saying is it makes what you did even more remarkable.”

“You’re deluded if you think I’d hide behind my computer while a deranged killer tried to murder you. Besides…” I lifted one shoulder. “We’re friends, right? And friends look out for one another.”

“Friends? Is that what we are?” His eyes narrowed. “Is that what you want us to be?”

My mouth opened and closed, confused by his words because Dylan didn’t do more than friends. Friends with benefits, perhaps, but I wasn’t interested in that. Not with anyone, and especially not with him. My fragile heart couldn’t take it.

“Isn’t that what you want?” I asked, drawing out the words.

“No, Lilly.” His intense stare shifted to my lips. “I want more than that. So much more.”
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