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Book Blitz and Giveaway: Lingerie Wars (Invertary #1) by Janet Elizabeth Henderson

Title: Lingerie Wars
Series: Invertary #1
Author: Janet Elizabeth Henderson
Publication Date: January 1st 2013
Print Length: 374 pages
Genre: Romantic Comedy

Englishman Lake Benson loaned his life savings to his dippy sister so that she could buy a shop. It was a big mistake. His sister has been steadily flushing his money down the drain – and now he wants it back. Years in the special forces taught Lake that if you want a job done, do it yourself. So he steps in to make the shop profitable, sell it and get his money back. The only problem is, the business is an underwear shop. And all Lake knows about underwear can be summed up in how fast he can unsnap a bra. To make matters worse, the tiny highland town already has a lingerie shop. A successful one, run by an ex-lingerie model. A very gorgeous ex-lingerie model, who’s distracting him from his mission more than he’d like to admit. If Lake wants to get his savings back, and get out of Scotland, he only has one option – wipe out the competition.

Kirsty Campbell has spent years rebuilding her life after she woke up in hospital in Spain to find her body scarred, and her ex-fiance had run off with all her money. The last thing she needs is a cocky, English soldier-boy trying to ruin all she has left. Her home town is only too happy to help her fight the latest English invasion, although Lake is beginning to sway them with his sex appeal and cut price knickers. With the help of her mother, and the retired ladies of Knit or Die, Kirsty sets about making sure that her shop is the last one standing in Invertary.

It’s Scotland versus England as you’ve never seen it before. It’s lingerie war.
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Kirsty hands fell to her side and balled into fists. It had been a long time since she’d felt the urge to thump someone.

“I think you’re in over your head,” she said. “You obviously don’t have a clue about running a shop or selling lingerie, and you’ve just insulted the only expert in town who was willing to help you.”

His lips twitched slightly, giving the impression that he was going to smile, but nothing happened. His face was still impassive.

“Do you know what I think?” he said. “I think you’re scared of a little competition.”

Kirsty barked out a laugh that surprised her more than him.

“You’re not competition. This”—she pointed to Betty’s handmade sign—“is not competition. There’s no way you could be a threat to me, or to my business.”

“We’ll see. Prepare to shut up shop.”

Kirsty pursed her lips as she felt her cheeks burn.

“That is incredibly arrogant of you,” she said.

“Or honest. It’s obvious there’s only room in this town for one lingerie shop. I’d rather it was mine.”

“If you think I’m going to let you run me out of town then you’re deluded. This is my home. You’re the foreigner here.”

He rocked back on his heels as he thrust his hands into the pockets of his jeans. Although there was nothing in his manner to give him away, she got the distinct impression he was enjoying himself.

“Ah, that old chestnut. We hate the English. The English are the root of all our problems. Blah, blah. You guys need to get over yourselves. You lost. We won. We own you now. There’s no point being bitter.”

Kirsty reeled before blustering nonsense.

“That’s right. The English are here to stay.”

“That’s it,” she said at last. “You’ve crossed the line.” She turned to Rainne with a tight smile. “I’m sorry, honey, but I can’t help you now. You’re stuck with him.” She hooked her thumb towards the brother. “You have no idea how much I feel for you.”

“I get that a lot,” Rainne mumbled.

“As for you,” she told the English imbecile, “bring it on. You don’t stand a chance.”

“So, last shop standing?”

“It’ll be mine.”

“I like a healthy imagination in a woman.”

“You’re going to regret annoying me this much.”

At last, he grinned. Kirsty felt her world shift as something unseen pulled her towards him.

“It’s on, then?” he said with delight.

“It’s on.” She stepped back, feeling slightly disorientated.

“Great.” He nodded. “War. This I do know.”

“Ah, but you don’t know lingerie war,” Kirsty said. “Sit back and watch, soldier boy. You’re about to have your backside handed to you.”
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Janet Elizabeth Henderson is a Scot who moved to New Zealand fifteen years ago. Among other things, she’s been an artist, a teacher, a security guard at a castle, a magazine editor, and a cleaner in a drop in center for drug addicts (NOT the best job!). She now writes full-time and is working on her 19th book. Her books have won several awards, including the Daphne du Maurier award for excellence in mystery and suspense. When she isn’t living in her head, she raises two kids, one husband, and several random animals. She survives on chocolate and caffeine.

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