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Book Blitz and Giveaway: A Touch of Brimstone (Magic of the Damned #1) by McKenzie Hunter

Title: A Touch of Brimstone
Series: Magic of the Damned #1
Author: McKenzie Hunter
Publisher: Sky Publishing
Publication Date: August 19th 2021
Print Length: 222 pages
Genre: New Adult Fantasy

They say you should never make a deal with the devil, but what about with the Prince of the Underworld?

Fresh off a breakup and an eviction, I started my day like any other: a book in one hand, a coffee in the other, and faking that can-do attitude inspirational memes are made of. I was ready to take on the world—and I did.

Unfortunately, it was the Underworld.

One freak accident later, I’m standing face to face with the sexy-as-sin and dangerously powerful Prince of the Underworld. He has a few burning questions for me—like how a mere human unlocked the door to the Underworld’s prison and released its prisoners.

I’d sure as hell like to know, too, because I have no freaking clue.

Now, instead of a forgettable bookstore clerk, I’m newly famous for doing the impossible. The wrong people want to thank me, and the rest want me dead. Spoiler alert: The Dark Prince definitely doesn’t want to thank me.

I’ll do anything to get my life back to normal and he’ll do anything to recapture the escapees. We make a deal: He’ll keep my enemies at bay, and I’ll find a way to return the prisoners.

What could possibly go wrong?

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“Luna, you’ve released my prisoners from the Underworld. You may not have been the weapon, but you are the tool.”

Believe me, you’re a tool, too.

Oops. Didn’t mean to say that aloud.

With a wry smile he started pacing around me again, his hands behind his back, my name said over and over but not in the alluring, sultry way. It was a rough, disparaging string of words. Nearly excruciating in its execution.

“Tell me, Luna,” he said behind me. I whipped around to face him. “Should I destroy the tool for a short-term solution, or find the weapon?”
McKenzie, as a child, discovered that her life could be a whirlwind of adventures by simply opening a book. To this day, reading is still her favorite activity. She has a fondness for fantasy and mystery, which is probably why she writes urban fantasy.

When McKenzie isn't working on her next book she is usually binge-watching paranormal and comedy shows, maintaining her title as "favorite auntie", or trying to create a tasty low-calorie pizza. McKenzie loves to hear from her readers. Feel free to contact her via her website, Facebook, or email.

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