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Book Blitz and Giveaway: A Breath of Sunlight (Sunlight and Shadows #1) by Sydney Winward

Title: A Breath of Sunlight
Series: Sunlight and Shadows #1
Author: Sydney Winward
Publisher: Silver Forge Books
Publication Date: August 17th 2021
Print Length: 275 pages
Genre: Fantasy Romance

Don’t show compassion for men. Never save a man’s life. And no matter what, never fall in love with someone you must ultimately kill. But some rules are meant to be broken, even if it means risking your life by betraying your valkyrie sisters.

The plan was simple—attack the Pits, kill the male slaves, save the women. But when Skaja runs into a fae man she can’t kill, she instead breaks all the rules to save him.

Prince Calle was sold into slavery by his jealous brother, and he would do anything to taste freedom again, even put his trust in a dangerous valkyrie. To protect his people and gain the throne, he and Skaja must trust each other. But neither of them expected trust to turn into something more, and the cost of love has a much steeper price than either of them anticipated.

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They both grappled for the pickaxe, and although he only used one hand, he managed to pry it from her fingers.

Skaja rolled out from beneath him as he struck again with the weapon. She scooped her daggers from the ground, and now using his weakness against him, she spread her wings and knocked him off balance. His underweight body stumbled into the wall, and as he turned around, she held the tip of her dagger against his throat.

Both of them breathed heavily in the darkness, neither saying a word. His throat bobbed up and down as he swallowed, but he never took his eyes off her.

Her grip tightened on her dagger, loosened, and tightened again.

Do it! she screamed at herself, but it was as if an invisible hand clamped around her wrist, preventing her from finishing him.

Although his features were too difficult to make out in the dim light, she noticed the almond shape of his eyes and the furrow of concerned eyebrows. They were…familiar. As if she’d seen them before. A long time ago.

She shook herself out of it and once again attempted to stab him, but her hand refused. Instead, her fingers trembled like they’d done during her first kill many years prior. What was different about this man? Why was she reacting this way?

“What are you waiting for?” he growled, and the sound of his voice shocked her out of her daze. It was deep but young, one belonging to a man in his twenties. Despite his ragged appearance, he likely wasn’t much older than her.

Surprising even herself, she dropped her arm, her dagger falling limp at her side. She shook her head and backed up several steps. He held her gaze with an intense stare of his own, but he didn’t raise his pickaxe again.
Sydney Winward is a fantasy and paranormal romance author who dabbles in the occasional historical fiction. She loves building complex worlds filled with magic, strong characters, and emotional stories that can make you laugh and cry.

Sydney is the author of The Bloodborn Series, and when she’s not writing, she’s reading, thinking about stories, or going on adventures with her children. She lives in Utah with her husband, two amazing kids, and one stubborn fish.

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