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Book Blitz and Giveaway: Pretty Savage by T.A. Kunz

Title: Pretty Savage
Author: T.A. Kunz
Publication Date: July 13th 2021
Print Length: 344 pages
Genre: LGBTQ+ Young Adult Thriller

“An intriguing mystery, Pretty Savage is a tension packed, wild journey with engrossing characters. A true page turner.”#1 New York Times bestselling author Jennifer L. Armentrout

Bad things never happen in the picturesque town of Haddon Falls … until now.

It all starts with a killer party.

It will end with a savage crime spree.

Seniors Donovan Walsh and Drea Sullivan attend a high school party for very different reasons. But after discovering the body of one of their classmates, they find themselves thrust into the same waking nightmare. From that moment, their lives become intertwined in a search for answers to questions they never should have asked.

As bodies pile high, the unlikely pair dig into Haddon Falls’ past and uncover secrets someone would kill to keep hidden. In a small town where every face is friendly and every door unlocked, Donovan and Drea must unravel who is an ally … and who is willing to bury them-and the truth-six feet under.

Pretty Savage is a gripping, fast-paced YA thriller featuring a savvy gay male protagonist and his kick-ass female counterpart! Readers who love hints of horror with a blood spatter of romance mixed with page-turning mystery will be left gasping by this wicked masterpiece by T.A. Kunz.” -Bestselling and award winning author Raine Thomas

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I’ve always considered myself a great keeper of secrets. In fact, my small group of friends back home used to refer to me as their therapist. They all came to me with their problems, maybe because I’m also a pretty good listener or because I’m just quiet and unassuming.

No matter how big or small the secret, I’ve kept tight-lipped about them all, sometimes to a fault. There was even one time back in fourth grade when one of my good friends confided in me that he peed his pants during a field trip to the aquarium. I kept watch while he cleaned himself up and then helped get rid of the evidence so the rest of the class, including the teacher, were none the wiser. To this day, I have yet to utter a single word of it to anyone. I haven’t even brought it up to him again.

Flash forward to now, and I’m struggling not to break all of my rules regarding secrets. I was just sworn to secrecy. If I were to divulge this sensitive information, I could get quite a few people in real trouble, including my aunt, though I’ve been assured the truth of this matter will be revealed once all the details have surfaced.

I leave my aunt’s office and close the door absently behind me. My mind races. At first, I thought she was going to ream me for being involved in the altercation this morning, but it quickly turned into a secret meeting that couldn’t be held around anyone else. Heavy is my heart, and heavier is my mind at the prospects of what this information means.

I wish I didn’t know these details.

I wish I’d heard about this along with everyone else.

When I reach the main office, the bank of seats is empty. No Drea, Harrison, or Mason. Relief comes over me. Now I don’t have to try and hide anything from them. I’m most concerned about keeping this from Drea.

If I don’t see her, I don’t have to lie to her.

“They’ve all been sent back to class,” Gloria says, startling me from my thoughts. She rips off a piece of yellow paper with gibberish scribbled all over it and hands it to me. “Here’s your hall pass.”

I take it from her outstretched hand and say, “Thanks,” before heading out.

The hall beyond the office is deserted with everyone in class. The still silence spikes the hair on the back of my neck, and I shudder as my mind reflects back on the conversation I just had with my aunt.

The shrill squeak of my sneakers echoes in the hall as I pick up the pace to my locker. I can’t get there fast enough. The dial on my combo lock spins between my fingertips. I don’t want to be caught in the hall by anyone, regardless of if I have a pass or not. I somehow input the wrong combo and my locker fails to open on my first attempt.

Damn nerves.

I draw a deep breath and focus. My input this time is more methodical and it pops open. As I reach for my books, a folded piece of paper lying on top of them catches my eye. I open it. There’s only one line of text. A simple message.

Hi Donnie.

“What the hell is this?”

I flip it over to inspect the back to see if there’s any indication of who put it in my locker or if there’s more to the message, but there’s nothing. A shiver travels down my spine and stalls at my lower back.
T.A. Kunz is the pen name for Adam Kunz, who lives in Orlando, Florida. And unfortunately a lot of the rumors you've heard about his state are true.

When he's not writing, Adam spends his time reading, playing video games, watching anime and Korean dramas, and spending time with his partner while cuddling with their two dogs, Nicky and Rusty.

Since childhood, he's had a great fondness for reading and writing. His fiction genres of choice are eclectic, but mainly are in the YA, MG, and NA categories. So, it was no surprise when he decided to write his own books that he'd be a grab bag kind of author in terms of story ideas. And he just loves mashing up genres.

As a member of the LGBTQIA+ community, Adam advocates strongly for diverse representation in all media. He may or may not have a coffee addiction, the jury's still out on that one. And his hands-down favorite holiday is Halloween, which holds a very special place in Adam's heart.

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3rd Prize - $25 Visa gift card, (1) paperback copy of PRETTY SAVAGE, (1) 3-pin set of PRETTY SAVAGE lapel pins, and (1) special 6"x9" art print of the main cast from the book.

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