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Book Blog Tour and Giveaway: The Paris Betrayal by James R. Hannibal

By James R. Hannibal

Published by: Revell
Publication Date: May 4th, 2021
Pages: 352 pages
Genre: Christian Thriller

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After a rough mission in Rome involving the discovery of a devastating bioweapon, Company spy Ben Calix returns to Paris to find his perfectly ordered world has collapsed. A sniper attack. An ambush. A call for help that brings French SWAT forces down on his head. Ben is out. This is a severance--reserved for incompetents and traitors.

Searching for answers and anticipating a coming attack, Ben and a woman swept up in his misfortunes must travel across Europe to find the sniper who tried to kill him, the medic who saved his life, the schoolmaster who trained him, and an upstart hacker from his former team. More than that, Ben must come to grips with his own insignificance as the Company's plan to stop Leviathan from unleashing the bioweapon at any cost moves forward without him--and he struggles against the infection that is swiftly claiming territory within his own body.

Award-winning author James R. Hannibal ratchets up the tension on every page of this suspenseful new thriller.

Ben Calix’s Top Five Spy Hacks
Guest starring you and Uncle Bob
by James R. Hannibal

Spies like Ben Calix from The Paris Betrayal use all sorts of life hacks to keep the mission alive when it all goes wrong. You can too. Here are Ben’s top five spy hacks.

5. Water Bottle Flotation Device – So you’re out on the boat, having a good time, when the worst happens. Explosion in the galley? Hole in the engine room? Uncle Bob slips off his boat shoes to show you his corns? Abandon ship!

If you didn’t bring a lifejacket, don’t worry. Dump out the plastic water bottles you brought along for hydration and shove them down your shirt. Tie the shirt off to keep them in. Voila (or viola, as Uncle Bob says), instant impromptu lifejacket.

4. Duct Tape Butterfly Bandage – You and Uncle Bob patched things up and returned to the boat, and now you’re fishing away. Together you haul in a good-sized mango snapper. Lunch. But as Bob cleans the fish, he slips and cuts a big old slice down his forearm. What can you do?

Thankfully, the boat’s toolkit includes duct tape. You’ve got a standard first aid kit, but you’ll need something extra, assuming you don’t want Bob to bleed out before you reach the docks. Cut several Texas-size butterfly bandages from a long strip of duct tape (see the video below). Use the fat ends on either side of the wound to pull the skin together. This will speed up healing and slow the bleeding. You can watch a Field & Stream demonstration here.

3. Superglue Sutures – Clumsy Uncle Bob also cut his finger deep, so you’ll also need some super glue. This one is not recommended unless you’re desperate and far from medical care. Superglue is toxic, so what you really want to keep in that first aid kit is the non-toxic version called Vetbond. Handy stuff (no pun intended), but it expires annually, so watch your calendar.

If you have no other choice to stop Bob’s bleeding, start by cleaning and drying the wound as best you can. Pass a bead of superglue straight down the clean wound, then spread the bead out. Do this twice, then make a final, zig-zag pass back and forth. Dr. Paul Horvath of the Mayo Clinic Health System gives you more pros and cons here.

2. Soda Can Lantern – It’s getting dark out, the engine’s dead, and you don’t want to waste the batteries in the flashlight while you row to shore. Thankfully, you have a few candles. You and Bob can make their light go farther by cutting open a soda can (empty it first).

Cut barn doors into the side of the empty can. Cut two horizontal, parallel lines halfway around the can, and then make a vertical cut down the middle. Carefully spread the doors apart and place your candle inside. The reflective interior spreads the light.
1. Slicks – Spies squirrel money and important documents away in hiding places called slicks. Ben uses a few in The Paris Betrayal. You can read the book to find those, but here are a few of his other favorites.

• Shoes: Remember Uncle Bob’s boat shoes? Underneath the inside sole is a great place to hide a 100-dollar bill. Of course, it won’t smell great when you fish it out. A little plastic baggie like the kind used for a small pack of screws helps

• Soap: Drill a hole in a bar of soap. Roll up a little cash and stuff it inside, then fill the gap with your soap shavings. Rub a little water over it, and the seams disappear. This is a great hiding spot, but don’t forget it’s there. You might get a financial surprise in the shower.

• Glue stick (or lipstick): When the product is gone, clean the remaining gunk out of the cannister. Then wind the dispenser all the way back down to its starting point. Roll up your cash and drop it in. This makes an instant money dispenser that no one will suspect. Little over-the-counter pill cannisters work too, but without the dispenser part.

• Tennis Ball: Is it the dog’s chew toy, or is it a squeezable bank? Slit a tennis ball a third of the way around the middle. Stuff your secret data card, stolen jewels, or cash inside and let it seal itself closed. Just squeeze to open it back up.

• Door Slick: Take a narrow pill bottle or film cannister and draw a circle on the top or edge of a door. Drill out the hole, stuff your secrets into the canister, and slide it inside. For this one, you may want cut a slit in the side of the cannister near the lid and pass a string through it, otherwise, it may be tough to get the cannister out when it’s time to bolt.

• Top Drawer: Pick almost any top drawer in your home, and you’ll likely find one to three inches of dead space in the structure above it. To a spy, these are exactly the right size to duct tape a good knife or other weapon into place. See the pic for reusable solution to keep the stickies off your blade. The top drawer slick is the ultimate envelope hideout as well.
That’s it. I hope you find something useful here among Ben’s spy hacks. Read The Paris Betrayal for more.
James R. Hannibal is no stranger to secrets and adventure. This former stealth pilot from Houston, Texas, has been shot at, locked up with surface-to-air missiles, and chased down a winding German road by an armed terrorist. He is a two-time Silver Falchion Award winner for his children's mysteries, a former Thriller Award nominee, and a 2020 Selah and Carol Award finalist for The Gryphon Heist--the opener for the CIA series that now includes Chasing the White Lion. James is a rare multisense synesthete, meaning all of his senses intersect. He sees and feels sounds and smells, and hears flashes of light. If he tells you the chocolate cake you offered smells blue and sticky, take it as a compliment.

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