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Book Blitz and Giveaway: Twin River High Series by Kelly Anne Blount and Lynn Rush

Title: Gutter Girl
Series: Twin River High #1
Authors: Kelly Anne Blount & Lynn Rush
Publisher: Entangled Crush
Publication Date: May 10th 2021
Print Length: 224 pages
Genre: Young Adult Contemporary Fiction

Star football player Jace Rovers has a secret. And not just any secret—a shocking secret… He writes romance. The kind with swords. And dresses. And kissing.

Nobody knows. Not the other kids at Twin River High. Not his overbearing parents. And certainly not the millions of fans who’ve read his book on the writing platform Scribbles. And that’s the way he plans to keep it.

Except suddenly one of the other football players grabs his notebook in jest and starts reading a kissing scene out loud…and Jace knows he’s busted.

But then McKenna Storm, resident goth girl who avoids the spotlight like a virus, snatches up the notebook and tells everyone she’s the author. And lucky for Jace, she later agrees to continue the ruse…for a price.

Heck, he’d give her anything not to reveal his secret. But when they start to fall for each other, he knows he’ll have to keep the biggest secret of all—his darkest character is based on her…
Ernie waited a few seconds, then slammed his hands on the counter. “Spill it! Quick, before someone else interrupts us!”

I grabbed the disinfectant spray and wiped Ernie’s handprints off my counter. “Okay, so get this. After lunch, I bumped into Jace in the hallway. Our notebooks accidentally got switched. And in the process he actually gave me a compliment. It was really weird!”

Ernie pushed his glasses up, then hitched his hip onto the counter and leaned toward me. He was about four inches taller than me at five-foot-nine, heavier set around his middle section. And right now, his light brown eyes were securely fastened on me as if he were hanging on my every word. “Okay, so you switched notebooks; how did that turn into people thinking you’re the author of KOS?”

“He had my physics lab notebook and I got his, um, writing notebook.”

“Wait, so Jace Rovers is actually WriteEmHard?”

I nodded. “You should have seen my face when I opened it during lab. He had like half of it filled with his Kingdom of Swords story. There was a map in the front and everything.”

Ernie hung on my every word.

“He’s like ridiculously popular on Scribbles. Like, famous.” I shook my head. “His book has millions of reads.”

Ernie squinted. “Why are people saying that you’re WriteEmHard if Jace is?”

I told Ernie the story of how I’d claimed the notebook was mine in order to save Jace’s cute ass.

Wait, cute? I did not just say Jace has a cute ass…

Okay, he totally did, but I did not want to notice that cute ass.

Ernie leaned forward and gave me a sly grin. “You’ve always had a crush on him.”

“No, that’s not why—”

“I call BS!” He pointed at me. “Summer camp. Third grade.”

“Shut up.” I reached over the counter and pushed his shoulder.

Ernie clasped his hands to his chest, the side his heart was on, and batted his eyelashes. “MS plus JR was all over your camp diary.”

He wasn’t wrong. But I’d never said anything. Jace had never known. It was clear, even at that age, I would never run in the same crowd as him. And then summer before sixth grade happened…

“Whatever.” I shook the memories out of my head. That was then. This was now. And I lived in reality.

“Wow, McKenna. Seriously, wow.” Ernie leaned against the counter and smoothed out his Hawaiian shirt. “So now that this is out in the open, what are you going to do? Because your perfectly honed role of Miss Invisibility is vapor. You realize that, right?”

My stomach dropped.

“You’re like a celebrity now.” Ernie eased off the counter and faced me full-on, then made an arc with his hands. “I can see the headlines for the school newspaper now, Famous Author Graces the Halls of Twin River High.”

“No way. People will forget all about it by tomorrow.” Won’t they? I waved him off and started sanitizing the counter where he’d been sitting.

“I wouldn’t be so sure about that.” Ernie dug his phone out of his pocket and held it up.

I gasped when my picture popped up on the screen.

WriteEmHardFanAccount: We have HUGE news! It was revealed a short time ago that McKenna Storm is the author behind Kingdom of Swords! According to several classmates, she’s a senior at Twin River High in Twin River, Wisconsin. Stay tuned for more info on our favorite author! We will update soon!

I gulped. “Son of a hot dog.”
New York Times & USA Today Bestselling Author, Lynn Rush, is a full-time writer, wife, and trail runner living in the Sonoran Desert, despite her fear of rattle snakes. Known as #TheRunningWriter, Lynn can't resist posting epic sunrise pictures while running in the desert with her trail sisters, even if she has to occasionally hop a scorpion.

When she's not running or writing, she's watching movies that fuel her everlasting love of superheroes, vampires, and all things Supernatural. The books she reads usually carry the same theme, but this former college athlete loves reading sweet sports romances as well.

She's madly in love with her Ironman husband of 20+ years who is the inspiration for what true love is.

KELLY ANNE BLOUNT is a USA Today bestselling author of young adult novels. She loves to alternate writing sweet romances, gritty thrillers, and fantasy books. She's a firm believer in balancing light with dark.

When she's not writing, she's probably lost in a book, watching Twilight, or having an adventure with her sweet family, which includes her handsome husband, their darling daughter, and their five furry loving rescues.

After living in a palace in Scotland, across from the Caribbean Sea, and in the snowy land of Wisconsin, Kelly and her family reside in beautiful Asheville, North Carolina. She draws inspiration from the places she's lived while world building in her books.

Kelly loves connecting with readers on social media! Stop by and say, "Hi!" or ask a question.

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