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Book Blitz and Giveaway: Rapid Agenda (High-Risk Agenda #2) by Maureen A. Miller

Title: Rapid Agenda
Series: High-Risk Agenda #2
Author: Maureen A. Miller
Publication Date: April 30th 2021
Print Length: 170 pages
Genre: Romantic Suspense

A spill in the rapids hauls two strangers into a harrowing and romantic adventure.

Chuck Borgas is ready to get back in the jungle. A lost city and a team of archeological students are waiting for him in Guatemala. He is waylaid at the airport by a bizarre woman who latches onto him like she’s his long-lost buddy. Smoking hot women don’t usually throw themselves at him. Ever. Finally ditching the stranger, he realizes she has left a bag behind. One glimpse into that sack and Chuck knows he’s stepped into a heap of trouble.

Faith Sanders is part of a small task force returning smuggled artifacts to the Guatemalan government. Her team is ambushed by members of a drug cartel, but she manages to escape. Alone and determined to get the artifacts to their destination, she is forced to improvise as the cartel closes in on her. That improvisation lands her in the arms of a handsome stranger.

Realizing that she has jeopardized the man at the airport, Faith has to decide which is more important…saving his life, or completing her mission.

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Why were these cartel punks keeping her?

If they were after the bag—thanks to her, they knew where it was heading. There was no need to keep her.

Faith swallowed. What were the alternatives? Leave her on the side of the highway? She didn’t think men like this left loose strings. They left declarations. She had done her research on some of the most unsavory Central American cartels. They didn’t leave loose strings. They left bodies. Statements.

Twenty-six. She was twenty-six years old. A trainee. Was that an excuse for stupidity? For mistakes?

Her knowledge of the language was passable, but she couldn’t decipher the low timbres of the exchange in the front seat. The man in the passenger seat turned his head to leer at her. Perspiration or hair gel plastered his black hair back from a high forehead.

“When we get the skulls back, we chop you head off so it can join them.”


Faith crossed her arms to try and conceal the tremors racing through her limbs. They had not handcuffed her. She searched the back seat and grimy car mats for something she could attack them with. Reading her thoughts, the man hefted the barrel of his gun over the seatback, aiming it at her.

“No, no, seƱorita.” He wagged the gun back and forth. The motion drew her attention to a tattoo poking out from beneath his shirt sleeve. The snout of a pig was exposed.

Faith sucked in a quick breath. The Cerdo Loco cartel.

“I threw the bag in the garbage at the airport,” she vowed futilely.

Gel-head sneered, revealing the tip of a badly yellowed tooth.

“We saw you get on the bus with it,” he claimed. “We saw da man you got on with. We go to Tikal where the bus goes. We find the man. We find the bag. We chop your head off.”

If only that was a figure of speech.
USA TODAY bestselling author, Maureen A. Miller worked in the software industry for fifteen years. She crawled around plant floors in a hard hat and safety glasses hooking up computers to behemoth manufacturing machines. The job required extensive travel. The best form of escapism during those lengthy airport layovers became writing.

Maureen's first novel, WIDOW'S TALE, earned her a Golden Heart nomination in Romantic Suspense. After that she became hooked to the genre. In fact, she was so hooked she is the founder of the JUST ROMANTIC SUSPENSE website.

Recently, Maureen branched out into the Young Adult Science Fiction market with the popular BEYOND Series. To her it was still Romantic Suspense...just on another planet!

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