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Book Blitz and Giveaway: The Day We Die (Branded #1) by Autumn Bluestone

Title: The Day We Die
Series: Branded #1
Author: Autumn Bluestone
Publication Date: August 26th 2021
Genre: Young Adult Dystopian Fiction

It’s the year 2070, and everything in Tessa’s life has gone wrong. She didn’t expect to be Branded—a process created to preserve her country’s precious resources—with the terrifyingly young age of sixteen, or for tragedy to befall all her childhood friends. She didn’t expect to be left this alone.

Four years after everything crumbled apart, Tessa is sixteen, preparing to board the Bus that gathers the expired before mysteriously disposing of them; and searching desperately for anything that could make her life worth living.

Then she meets someone she never expected to see, and Tessa knows within seconds that they will forever be linked by their pasts.

Struggling to cope with her low brand, survive the endless flow of mental and physical attacks pounding her and the other expirees, and find purpose amid the storm of pain that is her life, Tessa would be falling apart if it weren’t for the boy that just keeps piecing her back together.

She’s closer to death than ever before. Will Tessa survive, or will the attacks by the government—and her own mind—ultimately destroy her?

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Soon, the low rumble of the expiry Bus fills the air.

I want to disappear, to become invisible, to hide away. I want to do something, anything, that won’t make me feel like a failure. Something that will make my life seem worthwhile.

Does no one else feel like this? No one?

The Civic is a model civilization, with most diseases eliminated or cured, and a promise of perfect health and complete fairness for all. But, somehow, everyone is satisfied with being told when they will die.

Everyone, it seems, except me.

Vibrations ripple through my feet and up my spine, tearing me from my thoughts with a silent echo of the Bus’s arrival.

It’s here.

My eyes close, blocking out the undoubtedly magnificent Bus. My breath catches in my throat at the sounds echoing around me. Gasps. Gasps of awe and admiration. The Bus must be beautiful. All new and shiny; fresh and modern. The very meaning of the future.

Still, my eyes stay glued shut. Ice freezes me in place. Blood roars in my ears, and my voice screams in my head for me to turn and run. I can’t do this. But I do; because I have to; because I can’t stay here forever with my eyes closed in the middle of a public park.

My eyes do open, and I find myself standing in front of the Civic’s most famous Masterpiece. Everything else is stripped from my mind. Even the fear and the regret; the guilt. For that split-second, the only thing that envelops me is astonishment.
Autumn Bluestone was born in Toronto and raised in the rural community of Erin, Ontario Canada. The daughter of an English teacher, Autumn was an avid reader and lover of stories at a young age. She first took an interest in writing when she was ten years old and has nurtured this passion into her debut novel, The Day We Die. You can find her surrounded by books in her little stone farmhouse, writing with a mug of hot chocolate in hand, or wandering outside with her rambunctious dog and much-loved chickens and ducks.

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    What inspired you to write this book?

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