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Blog Tour: Incognito (Keystone #2) by Katie Delahanty

Welcome to my stop on the blog tour for Incognito by Katie Delahanty. This blog tour was organized by Chapter by Chapter Blog Tours. On my stop, I have an excerpt from the book. Be sure to follow the rest of the tour for more content. Enjoy!
Title: Incognito
Series: Keystone #2
Author: Katie Delahanty
Publisher: Entangled Teen
Publication Date: May 3rd 2021
Print Length: 334 pages
Genre: Young Adult Science Fiction
In the virtual utopia of the Simulation, everyone will live peacefully and without fear or needs—at least that’s how they’re selling it. But the government plans to use this program to take control of the entire human race. Elisha Dewitt has just been given her first mission to help prevent this, and she’s ready to prove she can go incognito just as well as any other master thief.

Breaking and entering? No sweat. She’s done worse. Stealing a cassette tape from the museum vaults will be easy—in, out, done—until he shows up…and everything gets way more complicated. Garrett Alexander just has that effect.

Nothing is as it seems, and a dangerous game of cat-and-mouse begins with Garrett, her rival and match in every way. Not knowing who she can trust, Elisha decides it’s up to her to rescue everyone—even Garrett—before the world as she knows it comes to a brutal end.

Garrett picks up the handset and deposits a few antique coins then presses a strange string of numbers on the keypad.

I have no idea who he’s going to call—Ghostbusters?—but I memorize the phone number in case it’s important.

A cluster of laughing Unrankables—or Rankables who want to keep their night off the Networks—pass by on their way to the next bar. I dig the scrambrella out of the small black backpack I wear. Before we left, Garrett helped me ready the safehouse so I can leave to catch the Hyperloop back to California immediately after listening to the tape. I packed the disguise that corresponds with the cover identity registered to my Hyperloop ticket into the backpack along with the sketch I stole and the tools that don’t fit into the compartments in my catsuit. Everything else that helped me transform into Willa and rob the Warhol ended up going down the recycle shoot where it will mix with the castaways of every other loft in the building.

“Hey, it’s Westley. I need the location of a junk store in downtown Pittsburgh,” Garrett says to whoever picked up the other end of the line. “I’m on 21st and Waterfront.”

I push up the scrambrella to shield us in case the group thinks it’s weird we’re using the phone, but they look past us like we don’t exist, probably mesmerized by whatever their AMPs are displaying. Unrankables may not be allowed on the Networks, but everyone is welcome to spend their stipends on the newest technology.

Garrett listens to whatever the other person is saying before continuing. “Cool. Thanks.”

Another group approaches. Worried we’ll be obvious to Kyran—who else but a Disconnect would use a payphone—I watch them from under the scrambrella, tapping my foot. Their masks hide their faces, but I don’t detect anything familiar about their stature or gait. Unless Kyran decided to go barhopping with a bunch of new friends, we’re still safe.

“Who are you talking to?” I whisper to Garrett.

“The Crypt-desk in the Vault.” He holds his hand over the phone’s mouthpiece. “It’s like calling information, but you can ask anything you want. It’s manned 24-7.”

“Why don’t I know about this?” I frown at how much I still have to learn.

He shrugs. “You haven’t been initiated yet. You get the phone number and your code name after you complete your Initiation heist.”

“And your code name is Westley?”

“If you’re lucky, maybe you can be Buttercup.” He elbows my arm.

I glare at him. “You wish.”

He leans casually against the phone booth. “You forgot the ‘as.’”

I can’t see his eyes underneath his goggles, but I imagine they’re twinkling.

Only a Keystone Disconnect could quote from the long-forgotten The Princess Bride movie, and hating the warmth flooding my brain that there is another human in this world who gets it, I minutely shake my head. “No. I didn’t.”

Why does that human have to be Garrett?

He laughs as a voice squawks on the other end of the phone. Sobering, Garrett turns his attention to whomever he’s talking to.

“416 Smithfield. Got it. Thanks.” He hangs up before linking arms with me. “There’s a place that’s not too far. And it’s Unrankable owned, so it should be easy to break into.”
Katie never knew she was a writer. Her childhood obsessions centered on old movies, costumes, fashion, playing dress up, and books. Lots of books. On her quest to play make believe for a living she decided she wanted to be a fashion designer and after satisfying her practical parents by graduating from UCLA with a BA in Communication Studies she went on to pursue her design dreams with a Professional Designation in Fashion Design from FIDM. She spent five years helping to design romantic dresses that were sold everywhere from Anthropologie to Nordstrom before the economic downturn led to a career shift and that practical degree came in handy. Now in charge of the ecommerce business for In Bloom Lingerie, she was asked to start the company blog. Not knowing what to say about lingerie but needing to use bridal keywords, she decided to start a fictional serial about how a girl named Olivia Bloom, who worked for In Bloom Lingerie, became engaged. And that is when Katie fell in love with storytelling and the path to make believe became clear. She has not looked back since. Katie lives in Los Angeles with her husband.

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