Thursday, April 8, 2021

Book Spotlight: The Tenant's Wrath by Gabriel Nombo

Title: The Tenant's Wrath
Author: Gabriel Nombo
Publication Date: January 31st 2020
Print Length: 490 pages
Genres: Science Fiction, Urban Fantasy
Happy New Year 3309!

The Tenant’s Wrath is a research report on how aliens live on their planet. It is written in this 34 th Century. We remember from our history books that the alien invasion happened in 3205. So, this is only one century after the first contact with aliens.

Among the distinctions between aliens and Earthlings, aliens have their wisdom. It is not the same as the Earthlings' wisdom. Their wisdom makes them naturally angry. But, when Earthlings start to visit aliens' planet, some aliens learn Earthlings' wisdom. They use it to mitigate their wrathful nature.

Tussled Platters, the researcher from Earth, voyages to aliens' planet. He struggles to familiarize himself with the alien policies and techniques of conducting a research. These are compulsory for any research to be conducted on the aliens' planet.

The researcher observes the aliens' culture, food style, theology, science, and technology. He then becomes curious to know how their wrathful nature affect them when they live together in their buildings as landlords and tenants. By adhering to all aliens' principles, he performs a thorough research on it by using data from research respondents like Setifokasi, Kilagano, and other aliens. These are aliens who have lived in several local houses as tenants or landlords/landladies.
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I have been living as a tenant in several local houses in Tanzania. I faced several challenges while dwelling together with my local landlords/landladies in the same building: sharing courtyard, bathroom, veranda, toilet, electricity, water utility, etc. I started tenanting in Ruvuma region after finishing my secondary education(form six or advanced certificate of secondary education) in March 2005. I then acquired a job; teaching in four secondary schools as a part-time teacher of physics, mathematics, and geography.

I had tenanted in two local houses in this region before moving to Dar es salaam, to attend college education where I got some notable challenges, especially during admission. I took an advanced diploma in information technology(IT) in November 2005. I tenanted in four(4) local houses while I was at the college. I completed my course in July 2008.

In July 2008, I went to my sister at Mtoni-Kidatu(Zanzibar). I didn’t tenant there but, my sister lived with a tenant.

I shifted from Zanzibar to Mwanza in October 2008. I tenanted in three(3) local houses in this region, from October 2008 to June 2010. And, I lived in my hut from June 2010 to July 2015.

In July 2015, I went back to Dar es salaam to serve for my employer at the same time taking master in information security. I completed it in 2018. From 2015 to present, I have already tenanted in five(5) local houses. No local house left me without a challenge as there are troublesome landlords and nightmare tenants.

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