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Book Blitz and Giveaway: Goddesses Inc. by Autumn Bardot

Title: Goddesses Inc.
Author: Autumn Bardot
Publisher: Flores Publishing
Publication Date: March 11th 2021
Print Length: 394 pages
Genre: Urban Fantasy

Divinity was their destiny. Now mortality is their fate.

Mnem has everything. A glamorous lifestyle, beauty, family, and immortality. But she doesn’t have a platform. Or followers. Or relevance. Which is why Mnemosyne, goddess of remembrance and mother of the nine muses, is fired.

Mnem isn’t the only one. Three other goddesses are also up a mortal creek without a divine paddle. Now they must build a life—a real one.

Although their divinity is gone, their soul and courage remain. But mortal life is so frustrating! As the four ex-goddesses struggle to find friendship, love, and purpose, mortals get in the way. Sexy mortals. Obnoxious mortals. And dangerous ones. Before they have a chance to get a handle on the whole mortality thing, their lives take an unexpected turn with an epic decision. One with deadly consequences.

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“What’s going to happen to us? This has never been done before. How many of us are going to…”

Die. The unspoken word hung in the air like a toxic fog.

“We will wither away like the Celtic goddess Cailleach until we become old crones.” Mnem’s espresso warmed her throat, took the edge off the Ugly Cry that threatened to erupt.

Inna frowned. “Cailleach regenerates when she finds a new husband.” She touched her forearm. “Will we drop dead in the street and turn to dust? Is this my last coffee? My last day?”

Mnem looked out the window, watched as Scáthach, legendary Scottish warrior, entered FEM. “I don’t think Shee knows. If Shee did, Shee would have told us.”

Inna lifted a skeptical eyebrow. “Shee is All. Shee knows All. It’s part of our punishment.”

“My head tells me Shee really has no idea how we will age.”

“Your head is mortal now.” Inna tapped her own. “Fallible.”

Evidently, it was already imperfect in immortality or I would have seen this coming.

Inna sat back in her chair. “My heart hurts, Mnem. Hurts bad. I’m lost. I’m the goddess of the harvest, protection, and justice. Now I’m nothing.” Her head dropped into her hands.

Mnem reached out, wrapped her coffee-warm fingers around Inna’s elbow. “We’ll figure something out. There has to be somebody who knows what we can do.”
Autumn Bardot is a multi-genre author who writes stories about fearless women and dangerous passions. She has taught literary analysis and writing for almost twenty years. 
This year Autumn is a presenter at the Historical Novel Society conference. Autumn was the featured author on Stoya's Book Club; has an article on; and was a guest speaker on several podcasts, library panels, and writing clubs. Autumn is currently writing her next novel and posting informational videos on her YouTube channel. 
Autumn has a passion for history and a special affinity for the unsung courageous females that history neglects or misunderstands. She lives in Southern California with her husband and ever-growing family. She wishes she was one-tenth as brave as the women she writes about.

Autumn also writes as LZ Marie.

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