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Book Blitz and Giveaway: Stop Me (Rue the Day Series #1) by Michelle Jester

Title: Stop Me
Series: Rue the Day Series #1
Author: Michelle Jester
Publisher: RopeSwing Press
Publication Date: February 1st 2021
Print Length: 336 pages
Genre: Contemporary Women's Fiction

After moving to a new city with her parents, Jeselle Parsons quickly found friends and a life full of money, power, and privilege. Even though her parents weren’t wealthy like the other kids’ parents, Jeselle felt lucky to be welcomed into the circle of friends, until she learned how costly that type of life could be. A life that would cost her everything.

For fifteen years, Jeselle, with the help of her friend Dennis, worked to ensure nothing would stand in the way of her revenge on the people who played a part in ruining her life.

All the years of planning, all the years of working, have all come down to this.

Her enemies will learn that revenge has never been so cold.

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Dennis walked with a bit more swagger that week than he usually did. He was on top of the world, after all. Seeing the admiration on Jeselle’s face the morning after had put the cherry on top of an already big, fat cake. He now controlled the majority vote in Briggs International. His mother tried to tell him that revenge wasn’t the point, it was the betrayal, but even she’d gotten out of bed in a much better mood the previous week than she had in years.

His dad, who had pushed him so hard to be better and better his whole life, that morning, for the first time, hugged him tight and said he was proud. All he ever wanted was for his dad to say that to him. Sure, Theodore Stryker had said it many times through the years, to others. Good PR. Dennis knew it was more a hope than a truth, but that morning, the day after the announcement on the news, it was true. Dennis had done something no one else had been able to do, bring Brantley Briggs to his knees.

He had Jeselle to thank. If she hadn’t found the weak links in Briggs stock owners and gobbled up the shares before anyone was the wiser, he never would’ve made it this far. Of course, it was his plan, so he did take the credit.

Now, his intent to marry her doubled. Dennis knew once he was able to get her walls down, he’d have it all. Everything he’d ever wanted and more. All the Briggs stocks, all Jeselle’s assets, well half at least. And with Todd being his lead attorney, there was no way he’d go wrong. He’d never require a prenup from Jeselle, like he had the other wives. He knew their marriage would last. Women wanted love, something he was unable to give the others. He would definitely give Jeselle all his love, because he did love her. It was only a perk that she was worth ten times more than he was.

And she loved him, of that he was sure. If it weren’t for him, she’d have had a much tougher life. Dennis knew deep down, past her pride, that she knew she never would’ve made it this far without him.

He walked past Isabel in the lobby. It was odd to him, with how old she was, that she’d be bending over tending to a large leafy plant, “Well, well, did you get demoted, maid lady?” he said playfully, “I thought you were head of housekeeping here. Why else would you leave Stryker?”

“Can it, rich boy, you know how much I love working with the plant life,” she looked back over her shoulder at him and smiled. He smiled back.

“Yeah, well, you better be more loyal to Jeselle than you were to my father,” he said, keeping the smile on his face, but she could see it was empty now. “I’m watching you.”

“Watch your mouth and don’t mind me; I’m happy right where I am.”

“I’m sure you are,” he kept his smile steady, “cleaning after the rich doesn’t hurt nearly as bad while you are living in that big house in Wellgrove does it, Ms. Isabel?”

She stopped picking the dead leaves off the plant and stood to look Dennis in the eye, “It doesn’t. I could scrub every toilet with my bare hand all day every day having the satisfaction of knowing that someone as lowly as me is living right down the street to someone as ‘important’ as you.”

He laughed then, “Isabel, I seriously don’t know if you are kidding, but it’s funny nonetheless. I do miss our little talks sometimes.”

She got closer to him and adjusted his tie.

“Be careful, it’s Stefano Ricci,” he said.

At that, Isabel tugged on the tie forcefully, “Sometimes, Dennis, I think you are more upset with me for leaving you, than your father’s company.”

A moment passed in silence, Dennis cleared his throat, “Well, no worries, Isabel, I was old enough by then to stop having maids as friends anyway. We’re good.”

She smoothed the fabric on his collar, “I remember your ninth birthday. You were so happy to see me. I thought that very day that I’d do anything to keep you safe. I even envisioned one day being over your household staff.”

“Yeah, well, I’m not nine anymore.”

“No, you are not. But you still got the good in you, you simply have to let it control all the bad,” she offered.

“And you think I let the bad rule me? Do you feel that way about Jeselle, too?”

“I think you two follow the same paths, but she already knows how I feel.”

“Yet you value yourself so much that you think giving me your opinion matters?” Dennis asked.

“No, I value you enough to think it matters,” she patted his arm.

“Don’t mistake me,” he bent and kissed her forehead, “I’m thankful you were so kind to me, growing up. But I’m not that kid anymore.”

Then Dennis turned and walked through the lobby, his swagger growing with each step.
Michelle Jester lives in Greenwell Springs, Louisiana with her husband, high school sweetheart and retired Master Sergeant. Together they have a son and daughter. She is a hopeless romantic and has been writing poems and stories for as long as she can remember.

One of her prize possessions is a bracelet with only a yellow, Rubber Duckie charm on it; which she wears every day to remind her to enjoy the fun and happy things of life!

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