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Book Blitz and Giveaway: The Silent Speak by Val Collins

Title: The Silent Speak
Author: Val Collins
Publisher: VCB Publishing
Publication Date: February 23rd 2021
Print Length: 214 pages
Genre: Domestic Thriller

“There’s a lunatic out there who butchered five innocent people and nobody is looking for him.”

Aoife Walsh has plenty keeping her busy—finalising her divorce from her manipulative husband, settling into her still-new relationship with Detective Conor Moloney, and trying to win the trust of his teenage son. So for the moment, her fledgeling career as a freelance journalist has been put on hold.

Then comes the horrific news that an entire family has been slaughtered in their own home. Aoife is shocked to discover two of the victims were members of her on-again-off-again book club. Even more disturbing is the revelation that the police believe it was a murder-suicide.

That’s when Aoife receives a tantalising offer. Lisa, the main suspect’s sister, will grant Aoife access to the victims’ extended family for an exclusive news story—if Aoife will help find the real killer. Moved by Lisa’s unwavering belief in her brother’s innocence, Aoife agrees to help.

As she digs into the secrets of her fellow book club members, Aoife discovers potential suspects everywhere: people having affairs, a jealous husband, and a power-hungry business partner who’s clearly hiding something.

Aoife keeps pulling at the threads of the story, untangling more and more deception. Is the killer really dead and buried? Is it someone Aoife already knows? Could the lunatic be closer than Aoife ever imagined?

You won’t be able to put down this twisty thriller from international bestselling author Val Collins.

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Aoife wrapped her arms around Conor’s waist and rested her head against his back. When his body began to relax, she pulled away to look at him. ‘Lisa says her brother wasn’t capable of hurting anyone.’

‘I know. She’s told me that at least once a day for the last four months.’

‘But you believe he’s a murderer?’

Conor sighed. ‘You read about the note in the papers. “Don’t come in. Call the police. I’m sorry.” What other explanation could there be for pinning that note to the front door?’

‘Isn’t that the same note that O’Leary guy left on his front door after he killed his family?’

‘Almost word for word.’

‘Could it be a copycat thing? Somebody wanted to murder the family, so they copied the O’Leary case?’

‘It was Shane Grogan’s handwriting. I had it analysed. Of course, Lisa won’t accept it. I can understand it’s difficult for her. Everyone who knew the family was shocked. Grogan appeared to be a pleasant, kind man. Everyone says he and his wife seemed happy and the kids were well adjusted, but some people just snap without any warning. When Grogan realised what he’d done, he put that note on the door and killed himself. It’s happened before all over the world. It’s happened here twice in the past three years. Shane Grogan was the third.’

‘You’re absolutely sure nobody else was involved?’

‘We’ve gone over all the evidence, Aoife. We’ve taken fingerprints and DNA samples. There’s no reason to suspect any outside involvement.’

‘You could account for all the DNA and every single fingerprint?’

‘No, of course not. They were a sociable house. The kids’ friends were in and out every day. All the neighbours had been invited for drinks on New Year’s Eve, and they’d had a fortieth birthday party less than a month before the murder. There were fingerprints and DNA all over the place. But Shane Grogan’s were the only prints on the knife. His clothes were covered in his family’s blood. Everybody else had defensive wounds, even the little girl. Grogan had none.’ Conor’s phone pinged. He glanced at it, frowned, then shoved it in his pocket. ‘Okay, I’ll give you a very brief summary of the evidence, but then please let it drop. I was hoping I wouldn’t have to think about that dreadful case for a few weeks.’
Val Collins is the author of the award-winning psychological thriller GIRL TARGETED, the international bestseller ONLY LIES REMAIN and her new release THE SILENT SPEAK. All three books feature heroine Aoife Walsh.

A native of Ireland, Val began reading at the age of three and still devours books at the rate of one per week. Her favourite authors range from Philippa Gregory and Sophie Kinsella to Lee Child and Linwood Barclay.

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