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Book Tour and Giveaway: Bride on the Run (Butterfly Harbor Stories #9) by Anna J. Steward

Title: Bride on the Run
Series: Butterfly Harbor Stories #9
Author: Anna J. Stewart
Publisher: Harlequin Heartwarming
Publication Date: January 1st 2021
Print Length: 384 pages
Genre: Clean Contemporary Romance
Finding true love…

In the unlikeliest places!

Sienna Fairchild never imagined she’d be a runaway bride. Or that she’d stow away on a worn-down boat belonging to handsome tour operator Monty Bettencourt. Monty’s used to navigating rough seas, but Sienna might overturn his whole life, and avoiding drama is tough in such close quarters! If Sienna’s sure she doesn’t know what she wants, then why does running away feel so much like coming home?

“You look wiped out,” Monty said. “Why don’t you get some rest? There’s a separate berth right down there.” He pointed at the narrow hall ahead of him. “I’ve already grabbed the one at the back.” 

“You wouldn’t mind?” He was racking up serious Sir Galahad points. She hadn’t had a decent night’s sleep in weeks. The idea of even a few hours sounded like heaven. “Not at all. I’ve got stuff to do on the boat before I can leave the marina, and then I’ll hit that gift shop. Oh, and I’ll see if I can get the gossip about your nonwedding wedding.” 

Tears burned her eyes again, but she blinked them back. “I’ll never be able to thank you for all this.” 

“Nothing to thank me for. That look on your fiancĂ©’s face was enough.” Richard. Her father. The reality of what waited for her beyond the marina rushed over her like a tidal wave. But her anxiety and fear about what to do next disappeared for the moment, thanks to a stranger’s kindness. “You haven’t asked me.”

“Asked you what?” 

“Why I ran away,” she stated. 

Monty’s half smile didn’t reach his eyes. “It’s none of my business. If you want to talk about it, I’m happy to listen. Otherwise, consider this sanctuary until you decide what you want to do.” 

“Just be gone before the morning tide, right?” Sienna forced a laugh as she struggled out of the booth. The pinching and tightening of her dress reminded her of the uncomfortable situation she was currently in. “There is one thing I need your help with. If you don’t mind?”

“Name it.” 

Her face went hot. “I’d really love to get this dress off.” She turned around so she wouldn’t have to look at him. She pulled her hair into one hand, then drew it over her shoulder. “There’s no way to get these buttons myself. Could you just—” 

“Yeah.” His strangled response had her biting back a smile. “Sure. I can do that.”
USA Today and national bestselling author Anna J Stewart writes sweet to sexy romances for Harlequin and ARC Manor’s Caezik Romance. Her sweet Heartwarming books include the Butterfly Harbor series as well as the ongoing Blackwell saga. She also writes the Honor Bound series for Harlequin Romantic Suspense and contributes to the bestselling Coltons. A former Golden Heart, Daphne, and National Reader’s Choice finalist, Anna loves writing big community stories where family found is always the theme. Since her first published novella with Harlequin in 2014, Anna has released more than forty novels and novellas and hopes to branch out even more thanks to Caezik Romance. Anna lives in Northern California where (at the best times) she loves going to the movies, attending fan conventions, and heading to Disneyland, her favorite place on earth. When she’s not writing, she is usually binge-watching her newest TV addiction, re-watching her all-time favorite show, Supernatural, and wrangling two monstrous cats named Rosie and Sherlock.

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    1. Hi Deborah! My books usually take about 2 months to write. Some give me more trouble than others, lol. But yeah. About 2 months. :)

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    1. Meaning characters is always my favorite part of the process. :). I try to choose ones I haven’t seen a lot before. Monty was in a previous story but at the time it was a name that didn’t seem overused. For Sienna, I wanted something that said a lot about her just with her name. You get an image right away, or at least I did. And they nailed it with the cover. That is sienna. :)

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