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Virtual Book Tour and Giveaway: Trusting a Warrior (Loving a Warrior #3) by Melanie Hansen

Welcome to my stop on the virtual book tour for Trusting a Warrior by Melanie Hansen. This book tour was organized by Goddess Fish Promotions. On my stop, I have an excerpt from the book as well as a great guest post from the author. There's also a tour wide giveaway for a chance to win a $50 Amazon or Barnes & Noble gift card. Be sure to visit the other stops on the tour for more content. Enjoy!
Title: Trusting a Warrior
Series: Loving a Warrior #3
Author: Melanie Hansen
Publisher: Carina Press
Publication Date: November 16th 2020
Print Length: 289 pages
Genre: Contemporary Romance
George Monteverdi always had one goal, to become a navy SEAL. Now that he's both a SEAL and a K-9 handler, saving lives is his priority. When tragedy touches his own life, he handles it—with the help of his crew and his dog, Bosch. Having those guys by his side means he’ll never be alone…though any sort of romance feels like a faraway dream.

Heartbroken after her fiancé falls in love with another woman, Lani Abuel seeks comfort in the arms of a stranger, only to find herself pregnant and alone. She’ll do whatever it takes to be a good mother, which means finally facing the trauma in her past. The last thing she expected was a warrior with wounds all too similar to hers finding his way into her heart and loving her child as his own.

As their worlds entwine, Lani and Geo find the joy and redemption they’ve been seeking. But despite the sanctuary they’ve created, a forever love seems impossible. A K-9 handler who spends most of his time deployed with his SEAL team, staring danger in the eye, is far from what Lani—or her baby—needs, and Geo can’t imagine a future doing anything else.

Holding Lani’s eyes with his, Geo tilted the tip of the bottle toward her. “To new friends.”

Smiling, she clinked her glass with his. “And badass dogs.”

Geo couldn’t remember the last time a meal tasted so delicious. He stuffed himself to the gills, finally leaning back in his chair to hide a satisfied belch behind his hand.

Forking up the last bite of her spinach salad, Lani groaned. “I’m so full. I need to get out and move.”

He couldn’t resist. “I thought you didn’t like to exercise. Ow!”

She glared at him as she kicked his shin again. “You’re not supposed to make fun of me.” She surged to her feet in mock outrage and started clearing the table. As she bent over him to pick up his plate, he found himself reaching up to brush the backs of his fingers down her smooth cheek.

“You had some flour there,” he said huskily. “Got it.”

Their eyes met, the spark of desire in hers kicking his heartbeat into a sudden gallop.

“Mmm, well…” As he sat breathless, she picked up his napkin and dabbed it gently along the corners of his mouth. “Had some butter there. Got it.”

They stared at each other, and she leaned in closer. Helplessly, he lifted his face, lips parting…


The fork sliding from his plate to the table broke the spell, and with a self-conscious chuckle, she straightened and turned to carry the dishes to the sink.

Geo raked a hand through his hair, once again willing his body to calm down.

She’s having a baby and you’re leaving.

If he repeated that enough times to himself, maybe he’d eventually be able to remember it.
Melanie Hansen doesn’t get nearly enough sleep. She loves all things coffee-related, including collecting mugs from every place she’s visited. After spending eighteen years as a military spouse, Melanie definitely considers herself a moving expert. She has lived and worked all over the country, and hopes to bring these rich and varied life experiences to the love stories she gets up in the wee hours to write. On her off-time, you can find Melanie watching baseball, reading or spending time with her husband and two teenage sons.

The most romantic thing anyone has ever done for me? I thought this would be a hard question, but once I actually started thinking about it, I realized it’s a super easy one! A little background—my husband recently retired from the Navy after twenty-five years. I’ve been married to him for the majority of that, so much of my adult life has been spent moving to different duty stations every two years like clockwork.

I was always changing jobs and leaving friends. My boys had gone to three different elementary schools by the third grade. My husband would go on deployment and leave me behind with no immediate family support, sometimes mere weeks after we’d arrived in a new city. It was up to me to get us moved in and settled, kids enrolled in school, find new doctors, dentists, etc. 

As his retirement approached, he had the opportunity to take one last post in my hometown: Phoenix, Arizona. My parents live here, my sister and her family, my aunts and uncles. Even though it wasn’t the most exciting of duty stations, he took the job anyway—for me. Not only that, we ended up retiring here and staying for good, even though he’s from Florida and his family lives there!

He knew that after all those years of sacrifice and going it alone, I needed my family around me, especially as my parents are elderly now. Phoenix isn’t his first choice, but it’s a choice he one hundred percent made for me.

I think that’s pretty darn romantic.
Melanie Hansen will be awarding a $50 Amazon or Barnes & Noble gift card to a randomly drawn winner via Rafflecopter. To increase your chance of winning, leave a comment at a different stop on the tour each day. Good luck!
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