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Blog Tour and Giveaway: The Haunting of Gallagher Hotel by K.T. Rose

The Haunting of Gallagher Hotel
Welcome to my stop on the blog tour for The Haunting of Gallagher Hotel by K.T. Rose. This blog tour was organized by Lola's Blog Tours. On my stop, I have a spooky guest post from the author as well as the tour wide giveaway to win a $10 Amazon gift card, a t-shirt, and a bookmark. Be sure to follow the rest of the tour for more content. Enjoy!
The Haunting of Gallagher Hotel
Title: The Haunting of Gallagher Hotel
Author: K.T. Rose
Publication Date: November 4th 2020
Print Length: 344 pages
Genre: Supernatural Horror

Pride and greed infect the soul, anchoring the dead to Gallagher Hotel.

When Chris, a master thief, and Riley, a contract waitress, get mysterious invites to an exclusive party at the haunted Gallagher Hotel, they discover that there is more at play than simple celebrations.

Hidden truths are revealed, and all hell breaks loose. But the "party" has just begun.

Now, Chris and Riley face their demons as they fight to survive a hellish nightmare full of spoiled secrets, carnage, and vengeful spirits lost to the hotel dating back to the turn of the 20th century.

Will they survive the night? Or will their souls be devoured by the most haunted building in Michigan?

KT Rose
K.T. Rose is a horror, thriller, and dark fiction writer from Detroit, Michigan. She posts suspense and horror flash fiction on her blog at and is the author of a suspenseful short story series titled Trinity of Horror, an erotic thriller novel titled When We Swing, and A Dark Web Horror Series. She also writes supernatural and paranormal horror novels and short stories. 

- Have you ever had a spooky encounter with a ghost? What happened?

I haven’t had the luxury of meeting ghosts, but I did have a traumatic experience with a haunted house.

I was about five-years-old when Grandma Diane asked me and Auntie Dee Dee to walk to the store with her. We were hanging out at Auntie Carolyn’s house and thought it was a good time to go get some snacks. I hadn’t been over in a while, so I was eager to walk or even race around the neighborhood. At that age, I discovered I was the fastest kid amongst my friends, so I took every opportunity to show off my newfound talent. 

As we walked, Grandma asked, “Hey, did y’all hear about that house we pass by to get to the store? It burnt up about a week ago.” 

I went wide eyed, thinking about how horrible it must’ve been for the people inside. With that bit of news, I thought we would take the longer route, which would’ve taken us up the street and around the corner. But as we approached the house, my heart raced. 

We stopped in front of the house and stared at its abysmal condition. 

The air around the house smelled like a freshly lit charcoal grill and chunks of wooden and plastic debris littered the sun-bleached yard. 

The once red, two-story traditional style house sat blackened in the summer sun. Every double paned window busted, leaving glass shards in the driveway and on the cement porch steps. Pink insulation seeped through the cracks of the split siding. The awning across the top of the porch sunk, cracked down the center. The sun gave way to the inside, showing the overturned couch and chairs, which rested on what I imagined to be a black floor. 

“Wow,” Dee Dee said. 

“Yeah,” Grandma said. “The firemen were out here for a while that night. But I don’t think they got everyone out in time.” 

I glared up at her, wincing to see through the bright sunrays. “You mean someone died in there!”

She nodded. “Well, yeah. Or maybe…”

“Maybe what?” 

“When I passed by here yesterday, there was a boy standing at the window, staring down at me. He had to be about twelve or thirteen.” She frowned. “I don’t think he likes people walking by this house.”

“You didn’t help him?” I yelled. 

“No, because, based on the way he stared at me, I could tell he didn’t want to be bothered with strangers.” She looked down at me. “And based on his blistered face and burnt white t-shirt, I don’t think he needs my kind of help anyway.” 

I gasped as chills ran through my body. “Is he…a ghost?”

She nodded with all seriousness in her brown eyes.

“Well why are we standing here?” I said. “Let’s get away from here before he…” A loud creak sounded from the house. I shuddered and threw a horrified glance at the subtle disturbance. It came from somewhere on the first floor.

“Ky, we’re still taking this shortcut to the store,” Grandma said. 

I frowned. “W—w—what? Why?” 

“Because no ghost is going to tell me where I can and can’t walk. We’re going this way.” 

I shook my head. “No way! I don’t wanna go!” Worry consumed me, pushing me to tears. It was bad enough that the house was in such poor condition, but the thought of someone burning to death in their own home was too much to imagine. I backed away, keeping my eyes on the windows along the front of the house. Nothing but darkness met my eye. I turned and peered up the street, trying to remember how to get back to Auntie Carolyn’s house. All I could remember were the many turns and the streets we had to cross to get to the burnt down house. I was clueless on how to get back.

“Come on, Ky,” Dee Dee said. “We’re almost there. Just stay close to us and it’ll be fine. 

I shook my head, wiping the tears from my cheeks. 

“You don’t have a choice.” Grandma chuckled and put her hand out. “Now come on. I won’t let anything happen to you.” 

I looked at her hand and then up the driveway. The store was just past the backyard and across the alley, conveniently placed on the other side of the haunted house.

I sucked in a deep breath and took off, speeding passed Grandma and Dee Dee. I ran up the driveway while holding my breath and begging my shoes to stop making so much noise whenever they slapped the pavement. A heavy weight rode my shoulders as heat pierced my body. 

What if the boy is watching me? I thought as I rushed along on quickened feet.

Dee Dee and Grandma laughed raucously at my haste. But I didn’t care because I wasn’t interested in seeing a burnt boy or hearing anymore eerie sounds from that house. What if the boy pushed the side door open and snatched me? What if the house caved in and fell as we walked by it? The thing was already on it’s last leg. 

I darted though the burnt grass that made up the backyard and shoved the steel gate open. I ran across the cement alley and stopped in the store’s parking lot. 

Breathing heavily, I put my hands on my knees and glared at the ground. Dee Dee and Grandma had just approached the opening of the backyard when Dee Dee yelled, “Dang, Ky! I’ve never seen you run so fast!” 

I ignored her laughter and walked up to the store front. How could they walk so carelessly? How could they laugh so loudly in the driveway? Weren’t they afraid of the boy? That house? 

When they finally met me at the double glass doors, I grunted, then asked, “What’s so funny?” 

Grandma wiped the tears from her eyes as she came down from her hysteria. “I was just playing, Boo.” 

I frowned. “W—what?” 

“She was just messing with you,” Dee Dee said with a delighted smile across her face. 

I huffed, rolled my eyes, and gave them the silent treatment for an hour or so.

Even though they assured me that it was all a story, I still ran past that house the next three times we went to the store by Auntie Carolyn’s house. I couldn’t stop myself from seeing the boy who never existed. He was probably standing in the second-floor window, watching us use his destroyed family home as a shortcut to the store.
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