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Book Blitz and Giveaway: The Time Gatherer (Timegathering Series #2) by Rachel Dacus

Title: The Time Gatherer
Series: Timegathering Series #2
Author: Rachel Dacus
Publisher: Time Fold Books
Publication Date: November 10th 2020
Print Length: 257 pages
Genre: Fantasy

Traveling in time he found love. And became a target.

Young George St. James doesn’t know how to unfold the wings of his gift, but a timegathering medieval monk and a 23rd century geneticist can put him on the right track. He learns the genetic nature of his ability. He finds that his destiny is to nudge history in the right direction. Unfortunately, it brings him enemies. The Optimalists are a secret society that wants to change the genome, get rid of the timegathering gene, and control humanity.

Brother Bernardo shows George how to use his ability and counsels him on its purpose. He takes George to Philadelphia in 1776, as the American colonists hesitate to sign a Declaration of Independence from England. He wants to inspire George as a timegatherer move the Colonists to act.

George struggles to thwart the Optimalists and evades their attacks. But love unexpectedly arrives to divert him from his goal. Beautiful, talented 17th century painter Elisabetta Sirani is destined for an untimely end. Passionately determined to save her, George changes history in the service of love—but it may cost him his future.

A fine tale of time travel, romance, and adventure” ~ Reader review.

THE TIME GATHERER is the second book in the spellbinding Timegathering Series that began with THE RENAISSANCE CLUB. Plunge into a suspenseful story of love and adventure tangled up in history!

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The next time he awoke, he figured he’d slept a long time, judging by the dryness of his throat and his raspy breathing. He‘d had nothing to drink for at least a day. 

A sharp pang in his shoulder startled him. What was happening? An attacker straddled him, but George wrestled and freed himself. Getting to his feet, George saw that the man was a few feet away. 

His enemy leaped forward and gouged him in the shoulder. George lurched around the cell, remembering the Optimalists. Had he said his mantra?

Suddenly, the figure evaporated.

George just caught his breath when another man appeared—tall, robed, and coming toward him. At the last moment, he saw it was his mentor. 

Brother Bernardo leaned down. He pushed open George’s shirt. “This is a shallow wound. I’ve brought unguent and herbal pills.” 

The monk handed the pills to George, who swallowed them with spit as Bernardo squatted next to him and dabbed salve on his cut. 

“You won’t be able to timegather until this heals, my son.” 

“Can you partner me away?” 

Bernardo nodded. “I can, but first let the pills work.” “How did they find me?”

“You must have left traces. Did you repeat the mantra?” “I can’t remember.” 

“Never forget! The prayer is your lifeline. Keep it as close as your dagger.” 

“I don’t carry a dagger.”

George could see Bernardo’s disdainful look. “Even monks carry daggers. Can you stand?”

George tried to stand up but sank down, his back against the wall.

“Give it a few more minutes. I wish I’d brought you wine.”

“I’d rather have water,” George croaked.

“Don’t be silly. No one drinks water.”

“You’ve lived too long in the Middle Ages. In 2061, we have pure mountain water from the tap.”

His mentor laughed. “I’ve forgotten civilization. Are you able to stand? We don’t have much time. Medieval justice is swift.” 

“But I have to help Lucia!”

Bernardo grabbed George’s forearm and yanked him to his feet. “It’s too late. I can’t save you both. Breathe deeply and stand still.” 

George surrendered. Bernardo gripped George’s arm hard enough to leave a bruise. The cell wavered and blurred. Then George was in his living room, the medieval monk still with him. 

Bernardo dropped George’s arm. “Your home is a nice little place. And now you must listen to me and rest.” 

As out of breath as if he’d run a mile, George sat in the desk chair. 

“I’m leaving,” Bernardo said. “I urge you not to return to Bologna yet.” 

George was too weak to shout, but he said slowly, with emphasis, “I will, but I have to go back when I can. If I don’t speak up for Lucia, they’ll kill her. I promised Elisabetta.”
Rachel Dacus writes about love, history, art and adventure, with a touch of the supernatural. Her newest book, THE TIME GATHERER, is Book 2 in the Timegathering Series. Her novel THE INVISIBLES is a story of sisterhood and sacrifice, set in a haunted cottage on the Italian coast. In her first novel, THE RENAISSANCE CLUB (Book 1 in the Timegathering Series), a 17th century genius artist meets his superfan from the future. Dacus has published four poetry collections and many anthologies. Her most recent collection is ARABESQUE. She lives in Northern California with her husband and a tiny but mighty Silky Terrier. She's a member of the Women's Fiction Writer's Association, Alliance of Independent Authors, and Authors18. Learn more at

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