Friday, November 27, 2020

Book Blitz and Giveaway: The Prince's Bride Part 2 by J.J. McAvoy

Title: The Prince’s Bride Part 2
Series: The Prince's Bride #2
Author: J.J. McAvoy
Publication Date: November 27th 2020
Genre: New Adult Romance

Book 2 of The Prince’s Bride duet.

In book one, he was just a spoiled playboy prince whose family was in desperate need of money. Now everything has changed. Odette Wyntor has a choice.

Stay or Run.

Royalty is not for the weak of heart.

Can they handle what is to come? 

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Closing the bathroom door behind me, I gave her space because it would be the last time she truly had it. Then I entered the living room where Iskandar was already inside, waiting for me.

“They know,” he said to me. “The press is already outside. We did our best to keep it a secret that you came here last night. However, it seems someone in the hotel leaked it.”

“I knew they would find out if we came here,” I replied, taking a seat at the table, flipping open the morning brief. I could see the grim look on Iskandar’s face out of the corner of my eye.

Last night was the first time he did not want to follow orders. He repeated he could bring her to the palace secretly, and there was no reason in his mind for me to come here. However, he was wrong.

“I know you would have preferred if I had brought her back to the palace last night, Iskandar.”

“It would have been easier to contain the situation.”

“She is a woman, not a situation,” I replied, signing the bottom of the page before glancing back to him. “I came here to grovel. The only way groveling works is if she is in her comfort zone, or at the very least, in a place that she considers hers and can make a choice without pressure. “If you had brought her to the palace and I had begged her there, she would have gotten further upset because she did not know where she could go or how to leave. Here, if she really wanted to, she could have thrown me out.”

“Could she?”

I saw his point—who was going to force the prince to leave?

“There could have been another way.”

“There always is. But this was what felt right,”
J.J. McAvoy was born in Montreal, Canada and graduated from Carleton University in 2016 with an honour's degree in Humanities. She is the oldest of three and has loved writing for years. She is inspired by everything from Shakespearean tragedies to current culture. Her novels hope to push boundaries and allow readers to look at the world from another perspective. Please feel free to stay in touch with her via Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr and youtube, where she video blogs. 

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