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Book Blitz and Giveaway - Pistols in Paradise: A Hawaiian Ladies' Riding Society Novella by Katherine Kayne

Title: Pistols in Paradise: A Hawaiian Ladies' Riding Society Novella
Series: Bound in Flame
Author: Katherine Kayne
Publisher: Passionflower Press
Publication Date: November 18th 2020
Print Length: 90 pages
Genres: Romance, Women’s Fiction

Be swept away by the romance of old Hawaii.

On the run for a crime she did not commit and abandoned by all who should cherish her, Agnes Todd has learned the hard way not to trust anyone. After finding refuge on a remote island ranch five thousand miles from her homeland, Agnes hopes for a new life free from fear and judgment—hard to come by for a single mother in 1905. Armed with only her wits and her grandmama’s pearl-handled pistols, she’s become rather skilled at protecting herself and her young son, Johnny.

But when her pursuers catch up with her, she must flee again—straight up the side of an ancient volcano and right into the arms of George Lang, a gentle giant of a man with a gift for fixing things. That is, everything but his own fractured heart. Will Agnes and her pistols blaze their way into his love?

A prequel to Katherine Kayne’s award-winning Bound in Flame, this sharpshooting novella revisits the early lives and hard-won romance of two beloved characters. 

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“You can stop right there.” It was a woman’s voice, low pitched and pleasant, even if the message was not. George cast around to see the speaker and found himself facing a gun. He froze.

“Good.” Again the voice at odds with the statement. Little slivers of sunlight slipping through the siding glinted off the silver barrel of a small pistol. The woman’s arm was steady and sure. If she was a woman, that is, as she was no taller than a child. Still, he’d wager she knew her business with that gun. It would be stupid to think anything else.

“Pardon me.” Inwardly he groaned. Does one always apologize to one’s potential killer?
Katherine Kayne now writes the romances she only dreamed of reading as a girl. With horses and magic and happily ever after . . . and heroes strong enough to follow their heroine's lead. Counting herself fortunate to live in Hawaii a part of each year, Katherine created the world of the Hawaiian Ladies' Riding Society to tell the stories of the fearless horsewomen of the islands' ranches. Because who doesn't love a suffragist on horseback? With a bullwhip? Wearing flowers? If you come along for the ride, be prepared for almost anything to happen. Katherine can promise you fiery kisses, charming cowboys, women who ride like the rainbow to save the day, and that rarest of beasts--handsome men who like to dance.

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My Writing Manifesto
by Katherine Kayne

Every writer of fiction has their own unique reasons why they write a particular type of story. Often it becomes a theme, an agenda if you will, that goes from book to book. If you think about your favorite authors you’ll find that the ones you choose to read over and over again all have threads that pull you into their next story. Not just characters in a series. Or the settings even. More likely they are values, things cherished in the author’s personal life or a unique way of looking at things. In fact these consistencies are what that make for a multiple best-selling author. You will buy every book from someone you can count on.

Let me give you a few examples, just with Susans! Susan Elizabeth Phillips writes relentlessly happy books. Susanna Kearsley always delivers a mystery with a touch of magic. Sue London pens badass regency heroines who regret nothing. Susan Mallery writes amazing authentic friendships between women. I could go on but I am sure you get my point.

When I began my author career, I spent time thinking about why anyone would want to buy what I wrote. I mean I was writing about Hawaii so that had some appeal but there had to be more. Don’t you think? Why was I writing anyway? What kind of woman would want to ready my stuff? 

So I ended up putting together what I call my “author manifesto.” Here it is.
Hawaii makes every woman beautiful. 
Strength is sexy. 
You never outgrow a love for horses. 
Flowers are for wearing. 
Women don’t need to be saved. 
Men should dance more. Especially hula. 
Food is to be enjoyed. 
There just might be magic still in the world. 
We are never too old to like princesses.
The best dresses are long and flowing. 
Our men are lucky to have us. 
Happily-ever-after is always possible.. 
A little paper umbrella in your drink makes all things better. 
Aloha can change the world.
So if you see yourself in this list, maybe my books are for you. If you (like me) never got over your love for horses…. if you (like me) always prefer the feisty heroine…. if you (like me) crave hunky heroes with senses of humor…. if you (like me) want to believe there may yet be magic in this world, then perhaps Bound in Flame or my latest book Pistols in Paradise is perfect for you. Please join me in old Hawaii! You will always find aloha here!
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