Saturday, October 17, 2020

Book Tour and Giveaway: If the Broom Fits by Sarah Sutton

Title: If the Broom Fits
Author: Sarah Sutton
Publisher: Golden Crown Publishing
Publication Date: October 6th 2020
Print Length: 144 pages
Genre: Young Adult Contemporary Romance
Halloween really is the worst.

Blaire’s got to be the only person on the planet who hates Halloween. At least the only person in her small town, which practically worships the holiday. Ugh. And it doesn’t help that her super-hot ex-boyfriend, Lucas, is determined to convince her otherwise by making her take part in “festive activities.” Apparently carving pumpkins and watching scary movies is going to magically change her mind about the holiday? Yeah, right.

But Blaire has never told anyone the truth of why she hates Halloween or the truth about why she broke up with Lucas. She’s definitely never told anyone about how much she second-guesses that decision. Being around him is so much harder than she thought, especially when it looks like he's starting to move on.

And when she gets a letter in the mail from someone who broke her heart, can Blaire overcome the negativity drowning her? Or will her bitterness and secrets push everyone she loves away?

Something snapped behind me, sounding exactly like the breaking of a bone. When I whirled around, a scream already lodging in my throat, I saw it wasn’t a scarecrow. 

It was Lucas, his black sneaker on top of a turned-over cornstalk. He froze. “Hey.”

“Why are you following me?” I demanded, pulling my arms closer around myself. “Did Donnie send you?”

“More or less. We were both worried about you getting—”

“I’m not going to get eaten by a scarecrow!” I cut him off so loudly that my voice echoed.

Lucas’s eyes widened. “I was going to say getting lost, but all right.”
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Sarah Sutton is a YA Romance author, bringing you stories about teenagers falling in love (sometimes with magic)✨She spends her days dreaming up ideas with her two adorable puppies by her side being cheerleaders (and mega distractions).

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