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Book Blog Tour and Giveaway: North to Alaska (The Memoirs of H.H. Lomax #6) by Preston Lewis

The Memoirs of H. H. Lomax, #6 

Genre: Historical Fiction / Western / Humor 
Publisher: Wolfpack Publishing 
Date of Publication: August 5, 2020
Number of Pages: 414

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Swindled out of a mining fortune in Colorado and blamed for an ensuing murder, H. H. Lomax two decades later must finally face up to his past in Skagway, Alaska. Along the way, he encounters legendary madam Mattie Silks, suffragist Susan B. Anthony, novelist Jack London, and a talking dog. 

To survive his previous missteps and avoid a prison sentence for theft, Lomax must outshoot infamous Western conman Soapy Smith, outwit an unrelenting Wells Fargo investigator, and outrun Shotgun Jake Townsend, the greatest frontier assassin who never was.
The complete Memoirs of H. H. Lomax (so far) 
The Demise of Billy the Kid: In the series opener, H. H. Lomax crosses paths with Billy, from the beginning of the Lincoln County War until The Kid’s final night on earth, when he was chasing Lomax. Though they start out as friends and riding companions, Lomax and Billy wind up at odds over a señorita and the politics of outlawing. In his droll and often irreverent way, Lomax observes the many characters involved in the Lincoln County War and along the way meets the likes of Pat Garrett, John Chisum, Ash Upson, and naïve business partners Alexander McSween and John H. Tunstall. Observes Lomax, “If I was as smart as McSween and Tunstall made out to be, I’d at least have been worried about being shot by a dumber man.” Lomax may not be the smartest man around, but he is a survivor, unlike many of his Lincoln County acquaintances. 

The Redemption of Jesse James: Though the second book of the Lomax series, it is the first chronologically, a coming-of-age story of H. H. Lomax during the turbulent Civil War years in northwest Arkansas. This historical novel explores the difficult choices the neighboring Lomax and Burke families, who are on opposite sides of the secession issue, have to make to survive. With a combination of childhood innocence and precocious insight, Lomax grows up, falls in love, faces Jesse James on multiple occasions, and takes actions that will make him an outcast from his home for most of his life. 

Mix-Up at the O.K. Corral: H. H. Lomax stirs up more trouble than he can sort out in Tombstone, Arizona Territory. Lady Luck and a marked deck of cards win Lomax a saloon, which he parlays into a thriving Tombstone business against all odds, but as soon as things start going well, they start going bad for him. Sure he spat in Doc Holliday’s drink, took an ill-timed ride on the Benson Stage, started rustling cats, and, worst of all, turned to a lawyer for help with a disputed property title, but that was no reason for the folks of Tombstone to start taking bets on where he would get shot! Maybe they were just mad that he was cutting their drinks or that he fired the first shot in the famous gun battle. 

Bluster’s Last Stand: Events on the Little Bighorn might have turned out better for George Armstrong Custer had he listened to H. H. Lomax, rather than trying to kill him. To save his own skin–and scalp–Lomax must outwit Custer and his troopers as well as face the horde of Sioux and Cheyenne warriors swarming Last Stand Hill. At least that is how Lomax tells the story in his inimitable and humorous romp across Old West history. Lomax’s misadventures take him from the Battle of Adobe Walls to Buffalo Bill’s Wild West Show. In between, he’s a bouncer in a Waco whorehouse, a prospector in the Black Hills, a bartender in a Dakota Territory saloon, and a combatant in the worst defeat in the history of the frontier army. Everywhere he goes, he is haunted by his past with Wild Bill Hickok, but along the way he makes friends with a pair of naive telegraphers, a bevy of soiled doves, a half-dozen Seventh Cavalry troopers, and a mule he names in honor of his nemesis, Custer. 

Bluster’s Last Stand (Omnibus Edition): The first four volumes in The Memoirs of H. H. Lomax are combined in this Wolfpack Publishing e-book edition, including Spur Medal finalists and a winner of the Will Rogers Gold Medallion Award. 

First Herd to Abilene: Escaping the violence in northwest Arkansas in the aftermath of the Civil War, H. H. Lomax meets Wild Bill Hickok in Springfield, Missouri, and begins a journey that takes the hard-luck Lomax on an adventure that starts with the first cattle drive to Abilene and ultimately ends with the demise of Hickok and Calamity Jane. By accident, Lomax is responsible for Hickok’s legendary gunfight with Davis Tutt. Fearing Hickok will hold a grudge in the aftermath of the shootout, Lomax escapes Springfield and agrees to promote Joseph G. McCoy’s dream of building Abilene into a cattle town by distributing flyers throughout Texas. Near San Antonio he meets a rancher, falls in love with his young cook, and agrees to lead the first Texas herd to Abilene. Along the way, he encounters Indians, rabid skunks, flash floods, a stampede, and the animosities of three fellow cowboys trying to steal profits from the drive. 

North to Alaska: Twice bitten by the gold bug, first in 1870s Colorado and later in 1890s Alaska Territory, Lomax is swindled out of a mining fortune in Leadville and blamed for an ensuing murder. Two decades later, when he’s living under an alias, Lomax’s past and infamous Western conman Soapy Smith, who he first met in Leadville, catch up with him as co-owner of a Skagway saloon and opera house. Along the way, Lomax encounters legendary Colorado madam Mattie Silks, noted suffragist Susan B. Anthony, aspiring novelist Jack London, and even a talking dog. To survive his previous missteps and avoid a prison sentence for theft, Lomax must outshoot Smith, outwit an unrelenting Wells Fargo investigator, and outrun Shotgun Jake Townsend, the greatest frontier assassin who never was.

Preston Lewis is the Spur Award-winning author of thirty novels. In addition to his two Western Writers of America Spurs, he received the 2018 Will Rogers Gold Medallion for Western Humor for Bluster’s Last Stand, the fourth volume in his comic western series, The Memoirs of H. H. Lomax. Two other books in that series were Spur finalists. His comic western The Fleecing of Fort Griffin received the Elmer Kelton Award from the West Texas Historical Association for best creative work on the region.

Two winners!
First Winner: Signed copies of North to Alaska and First Herd to Abilene by Preston Lewis
Second Winner: Signed copy of North to Alaska by Preston Lewis
October 20-30, 2020
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