Tuesday, October 27, 2020

Book Blitz and Giveaway: A Case for the Toy Maker (Ainsley McGregor #3) by Candace Havens

Title: A Case for the Toy Maker
Series: Ainsley McGregor #3
Author: Candace Havens
Publisher: Tule Publishing
Publication Date: October 26th 2020
Print Length: 188 pages
Genre: Cozy Mystery

Ho. Ho. No…

It’s Christmas in Sweet River, Texas, and the whole town is feeling festive apart from Ainsley McGregor. Ainsley has never enjoyed the holidays and would rather ignore them, but with her shop Bless Your Art busier than ever and filled with happy shoppers, even she’s feeling some Christmas spirit. That is, until her Great Dane, George Clooney, sniffs out a dead body in the Santa House at the Christmas Festival.

When one of her favorite crafters becomes the prime suspect, Ainsley is determined to prove his innocence. The case is full of so many twists and turns that even Ainsley begins to fear the truth. Is she protecting a killer?

With help from her friends and some extremely nosey townsfolk, Ainsley and her dog hurry to find the truth––as long as they can outwit and outrun the killer first. Otherwise, this Christmas might just be her last.

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My breath caught in my throat and it had nothing to do with the fright—and everything to do with Jake in a Henley, dark jeans, and boots. This guy was more handsome than Chris Hemsworth and he had scruff on his jaw. I’m a sucker for some scruff. 

It wasn’t fair for him to look good—especially this early in the morning. Meanwhile, I was dressed in sweats that belonged to my brother. My hair was in a messy ponytail and I had the oldest pair of sneakers I owned on. They were also the most comfortable. I brought clothes to change into for when we opened the shop but those were hanging in the back of my car. 

Unfortunately, he’d seen me look worse when I’d nearly been killed a few months ago, and landed in the hospital. And I’m not even sure if he sees me as attractive. I mean, we went on two of what I’d call real dates. And then he left town for several months for the fire chief training. Like I’d told Shannon, I’d received a couple of texts. And he called me on my birthday and sent some flowers. But everything had been sort of awkward and I wasn’t sure why. Yep. My relationship with Jake was complicated. He knelt down and hugged George’s neck. “What a good boy you are.” 

The dog showered him with kisses, and Jake laughed hard. “Yuck, George, we’ve talked about this. I appreciate the love but I’m not into PDA.”

Funny and gorgeous—have I mentioned how unfair it was?
Bestselling author Candace Havens has written more than 35 novels. She has won the Holt Medallion and her books have received nominations for the RITA's and Write Touch Reader Awards. She is the author of the biography Joss Whedon: The Genius Behind Buffy and a contributor to several anthologies. She is also one of the nation's leading entertainment journalists and has interviewed countless celebrities including Tom Hanks, Nicolas Cage, Tom Cruise, George Clooney and many more. Candace also runs a free online writing workshop for more than 2000 writers and teaches comprehensive writing classes. She does film reviews for Hawkeye in the morning on 96.3 KSCS, and is a former President of the Television Critics Association.

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