Thursday, August 13, 2020

Book Blitz and Giveaway: Cursed (The Immortal Heart Academy #1) by Magen McMinimy

Title: Cursed
Series: The Immortal Heart Academy #1

Author: Magen McMinimy
Publication Date: August 10th 2020

Print Length: 283 pages
Genre: New Adult Paranormal Fantasy Romance

The heirs born of a daughter’s treachery will see their true loves demise.

Kyra has always known where her future was headed… A love that will lead to her death, but one she will gladly embrace and relish, as long as the Fates see fit to allow. As the omniscient daughter of an elite class of warrior, Kyra is ready to welcome all that her lineage has afforded her. Including the love of her best friend.

Makiah has watched every step he’s ever made, with the eyes of the Underworld posing a constant threat, and the weight of a family curse given life nearly a millennium ago breathing down his neck, he can’t afford to make mistakes.

Now that the Immortal Heart Academy has reopened and the next generation of guards and warriors are being recruited, Kyra, Makiah and their friends are busy working through the rigorous training, while struggling to find their place among their peers. As spring finds its way to the Middle World, Makiah’s determination begins to falter, after he pushes the one woman he’s always loved further away, and the reality of a lonely existence begins to weigh on him.

With the help of their friends, Kyra and Makiah will fight against the Underworld, the curse, each other and the outside forces that would threaten to break them all apart.

“Want some company?”

Makiah cracked a single lid to peek at Kyra. “Always… though there’s a chance this pool is spelled.”

Kyra’s brow ticked up as she kicked off her flip-flops and slid out of her jeans. She gingerly dipped her toes in testing the temperature. Pulling her shirt over her head she stepped in the pool and sank into the water across from Makiah. “Raven’s got witches in her pocket. What kind of spell do you think they did?”

Makiah shrugged, “I can’t find the energy to wonder or even care, I’m just content.”

Kyra laughed, “You look it.”

“Give it a couple minutes and you’ll be just as high as I am. Where’s Rune?”

“Couldn’t find him.”

“I’m sure he’ll show up… he always shows up.”

Kyra studied him. “Does that bother you?”

“Doesn’t really matter now. Does it?”

“Of course, it does, how you feel will always matter to me.”

Makiah shook his head. “Give it a minute. Nothing will matter then.”

“Kiah, stop.” She moved to sit beside him. “You’re letting whatever they did to this pool affect you too much.”

Makiah gave her a sidelong glance. “Pretty sure this spell is meant to lower inhibitions. Allow us to be ourselves… maybe this is just me.”

Kyra sighed. “It’s not.”

Scoffing, he retorted, “You really think you know me?”

She leaned back in the water and smiled. “I know I do.”

“Either you really don’t, or you just don’t care.”

His words coursed through her, tiny pinpricks that warned her something wasn’t right. “What? Why would you even say that to me?”

“You saw our future… saw it working out someday. Right?”

She stared at him, something screamed at her to be careful, that the words he spoke next could truly break her heart, and she had a sneaking suspicion there was more to it than the spelled mineral pool.

Gingerly she answered, “Yes.”

Makiah arched a brow at her. “And yet, here we sit, both seeing other Fae… either your vision was always wrong, or you gave up on it… on me.”

Magen was born in Northern California, but now resides in the beautiful city of Coeur D'Alene, Idaho with her husband, and miracle baby, Austin. She started writing as a hobby, and is thankful every day she is able to remain home and raise her son while crafting worlds for her readers to get lost in.

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