Friday, August 21, 2020

Book Blast and Giveaway: Dark Matter by Alyssa Huckleberry

Welcome to my stop on the book blast for Dark Matter by Alyssa Huckleberry. This book blast was organized by Goddess Fish Promotions. On my stop, I have an excerpt for you as well as the tour wide giveaway for a chance to win a $10 Amazon gift card. Be sure to visit the other stops on the book blast for more content. Enjoy!
Title: Dark Matter
Author: Alyssa Huckleberry
Publisher: Doomsday Press
Publication Date: July 9th 2020
Print Length: 415 pages
Genre: Young Adult Science Fiction
“Survival is light years away.”

Earth is dying. The only salvation for humanity is colonizing space, yet so far that has failed. The last hope for survival exists on a planet light years away…and the mission is fraught with danger. Teenager Selina Alois leads a group of six high achievers who pass the exam of a lifetime to earn a position on the precarious expedition. As the mission launch approaches, dark secrets are exposed about the planet. Further digging reveals a sinister plot that not only risks humanity’s fate but also puts Selina and her team to the ultimate test.

“We don’t have much time.”

The first words out of my mother’s mouth were not what I had expected. I had expected to find both of my parents home from work early; I had expected them to want to talk to me; I had expected an endless stream of questions. But not this.

The urgency in my mother’s tone told me this was more than a melancholic response to my impending departure—this was much more. Frowning with concern, I looked from my mother’s knitted brow to my father’s taut jawline. I stood frozen in place, hesitant even to close the door behind me.

“Come in,” my mother rushed on impatiently. “We really don’t have much time.”

Obediently, robot-like, I took a segmented step. My father pulled me forward and deeper into the kitchen until the door clicked shut behind me.

“You need to listen very carefully to what we’re about to tell you,” my mother told me sternly.

“We won’t have a chance to say anything twice. What you hear, you must never repeat.”

“If any of us are caught sharing this information, we’ll be executed,” my father cut in, voice low and grave.
Alyssa Huckleberry grew up in San Diego as the oldest of four children. After earning a business degree from Cal Poly San Luis Obispo, Alyssa spent a short time working in finance before transitioning to work in education. Today Alyssa works as a fifth grade teacher and she LOVES her job!

When she isn't teaching or writing, you can find Alyssa running, reading, practicing yoga, traveling the world, or spending time with those dearest to her. She loves spending time outdoors, growing in her faith, and learning new things (hence, the great amount of time spent reading, traveling, and going on adventures!). A true lover of whimsy, she also believes everything is better with a latte in hand.

Alyssa's first novel, Rescuing Racei, was published in 2004 (while Alyssa was still a high school student) and later won the San Diego Book Award for Best Young Adult Novel. Since then, Alyssa published three other books to complete the series: Stealing Splendiferous, Magicus, and The Maleku Map.

The Struggle is Real was an inspired piece written for an adult audience as a stand-alone work. Her latest novel, Dark Matter, is written for a young adult audience. It is the first book in what will be a science-fiction series imagining a future of space exploration!

Alyssa Huckleberry will be awarding a $10 Amazon gift card to a randomly drawn winner via Rafflecopter after the book blast. Good luck!
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