Sunday, May 24, 2020

Book Tour and Giveaway: House of Redemption by Kathy Finfrock

Title: House of Redemption 
Author: Kathy Finfrock 
Publisher: Red Heart Raven Publishing
Publication Date: December 13th 2013
Print Length: 193 pages
Genres: Thriller, Horror 
Eight unscrupulous guests have been invited to the centuries old Blackstone Resorts. Each patron has his or her own reason for needing an escape from unpleasant circumstances. Tensions mount quickly as, one-by-one, they come to face their worst nightmare. Will they repent their evil ways or remain in Blackstone for the rest of their lives?

Finnegan relaxed as he raised his face to the Reverend, hypnotized by the soothing baritone voice. The Reverend cupped Finnegan’s chin and gazed into his eyes as a father speaking to a wayward child.

“I’m building this house as a home for people like you. Yes, worthy people. They will visit with us, dine on the finest food, drink to their content and through their journey with us they will be freed from the destructive path they have chosen. Yes, this will be a house of redemption for people like you.” His eyes darkened, the red fire returning. He tapped the riding crop on the palm of his hand, bright sparks flying off the end. His voice growing loud as thunder. Finnegan clasped his hands over his ears.

“Liars, thieves, murderers. They will all come and enjoy the fruits of our labor. They will face their sins and they will repent.”

Finnegan’s skin paled. He shook uncontrollably under the heated gaze of the Reverend.

“Or,” Rev continued, his voice returning to his normal soothing baritone. “They, like you my friend, will never leave this house.” He smiled, laying the crop on Finnegan’s shoulder.

Finnegan flinched, the crop singeing his shirt.

Rev sighed deeply. “I see you need time to reflect on the error of your ways.” He turned away.

“No. I swear on my sweet mother's grave. It’s nothin but a misunderstanding,” Finnegan’s voice garbled. He cleared his throat, forcing his tongue to speak. Finnegan grabbed at Rev’s long coattail. “Where are you going?” He tried to stand, but his legs would not move. “Please, don’t leave me here.”
Kathy Finfrock is the author of the horror thriller House of Redemption and host of a podcast series Spooky Tales where you can find her short stories. An avid supporter of other writers, she is the organizer of a local writer's group and has published The Ten-Minute Writing Prompt (Volume 1). She is currently working on a paranormal ghost novel. 

- Do you have any “side stories” about the characters?
Yes, indeed. In my first draft, the first chapter started with Chris in his apartment. He was having a meltdown and an unpleasant altercation with his neighbor. The next chapter was about Tara, also in her apartment, drinking and watching the news coverage of a fire she had set that had gone horribly wrong. I wrote a chapter for each of the characters. Afterward, I realized these chapters were all nothing but backstory and I had to cut it all out.

At the end of the novel, I wasn’t ready to say good-bye to my characters and I added the chapters I deleted back. I think the readers will be interested to know where the characters were before coming to Blackstone. Maybe it will change what they thought about the guests of Blackstone.
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  5. A question for the author: When you were a child and adolescent, what were your favorite authors, book series and genres that you read?

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    1. As a child, my favorite book was the Secret Language by Ursula Nordstrom and The Secret Garden by Frances Hodgson Burnett. As an adolescent, my favorite author was Ray Bradbury. Thanks for asking.

  6. The plot was extremely intriguing. I definitely want to read more. Thank you

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    1. Raymond Carver, Stephen King, and Agatha Christie. Thanks for asking.

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