Wednesday, March 4, 2020

Book Spotlight and Guest Post: Shift & Shine by Deborah Richards

Title: Shift & Shine
Author: Deborah Richards
Publication Date: June 1st 2019
Print Length: 245 pages
Genres: Memoir, Self Help
After surviving an early abusive marriage in her native England, Deb Richards fled with her life and her young daughter for the dream of sunny skies in Los Angeles. It was there that she met the handsome and successful songwriter Jake, who along with Alan Merrill wrote one of the most famous rock and roll anthems of all time, “I Love Rock and Roll.” Together, Jake and Deb put that dime in the jukebox of life and had a dream marriage where they balanced Hollywood, famous exes and blending families.

Deb faced a second nightmare when both her daughter and stepdaughter began to experiment with drugs. Her eldest daughter selected crystal meth as her drug of choice. In her debut book, Richards shows how one mother’s love and courage shines through despite overwhelming odds. Deb would need her own lifelines later after her husband’s tragic suicide. Now a life coach, Deb proves that you can always reinvent. You can always shift your thoughts and shine your light.

Shift & Shine is a must read for anyone who has loved an addict or lost someone to suicide. More than a self-help book, Shift & Shine is a comforting – and at times humorous – companion for those that face or have faced addiction and suicide in their own lives or in the lives of those they love.

Chock full of meditations and prescriptive advice, Shift & Shine is an honest and inspiring story of hope. Recently released, Shift & Shine is currently a 5 star book on Amazon.

Deb Richards is an author, life coach and equine therapist. Richards lives in a cottage on two acres in her beloved Santa Barbara with her Westie, Daisy, and her horse, Patron. In her recently released debut novel, Shift & Shine, Richards recounts her life story for the sole purpose of helping others to forge a path through crippling adversity to emerge stronger and kinder. Shift & Shine is currently a 5 star book on Amazon.

The One Thing I'd Love to Change About the World if I Could
Deb Richards

If I could introduce one thing to the world, it would be to teach children from Kindergarten all the way through to high school how to meditate. I would start by teaching them what I do every day. I like to call my practice the meditation for people with short attention spans - namely myself! Just ten minutes once a day, I listen to the amazing music of Dr. Jeffrey Thompson, the Gamma meditation System.

Listening to this music will help give focus to children by helping them to press pause and solely concentrate on their deep breaths. I personally, set an egg timer for five minutes. It helps one to relax, and really focus on the breath if they know something else is tracking the time. Each child would be given the space to give thanks for all they are personally grateful for. Part of the lesson would be to teach children how to send love to a universal love bank.

Clinical studies at The University of Wisconsin, conducted in cooperation with the Dalai Lama, studied monks and found when in deep meditation they are able to attain a higher frequency brain wave pattern. These studies supported the clinical findings of sound healing pioneer Dr. Jeffrey Thompson.

I think with this shared experience woven into their daily lives, children will come to realize that we are all connected. Whenever a child feels out of control, they can tap into this incredible skill set to re-set themselves. Ultimately, the goal will be to help them to find an awareness of love and understanding for each other and our beautiful planet.


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