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Book Tour and Giveaway: Between Wild & Ruin by Jennifer G. Edelson

Title: Between Wild & Ruin 
Author: Jennifer G. Edelson 
Publisher: BadApple Books
Publication Date: August 26th 2019
Print Length: 416 pages
Genre: Young Adult Paranormal Romance 
Truth, like love, isn't always obvious.

Seventeen-year-old Ruby Brooks has never had a boyfriend. After moving to small-town La Luna, New Mexico following her mother’s untimely death, boys aren’t even on her radar. Ruby just wants to forget the last horrible year and blend in. But when she discovers an ancient pueblo ruin in the forest behind her house, and meets Ezra, a bitter recluse whose once-perfect face was destroyed in an accident he won’t talk about; Angel, La Luna’s handsome sheriff’s deputy, and Leo, a stranger who only appears near the ruin, Ruby finds herself teetering between love, mystery, and other worlds. What happened to Ezra’s face? And why is she so attracted to the one boy in town everyone despises? As Ruby unravels her own connections to both Ezra and the pueblo ruin, she’ll learn surfaces are deceiving. Especially in the heart of New Mexico, where spirits and legends aren’t always just campfire stories.

Set against a Northern New Mexico backdrop, Between Wild & Ruin is a young adult coming of age story that captures the wild and whimsical pulse of New Mexico through the eyes of teens Ruby Brooks, Angel Ruiz, and Ezra Lucero. The first book in the Wild and Ruin series, Between Wild & Ruin explores the time-tested credo ‘never judge a book by its cover’ through a paranormal lens, weaving Puebloan and Hispanic folklore and Southwest cultural narratives into tightly written, high-concept fiction ‘brimming with mystery, intrigue,’ and as Kirkus Reviews puts it, an “intriguing historical drama and an over-the top quadrangle romance.

My head hums as I stand up, brushing pine needles and dirt from my jeans. Scratching at my ears, I toss my stumpy charcoals into my backpack, wishing Mother Nature had it in her to grant me just one more hour to sketch the ruin. Pre-twilight transforms the plateau into a fairyland. I want to draw the ruin in shadows, but I’m afraid of looking more like mountain lion meat than Ruby Brooks once twilight sets in.

Sunset turns the mountainside golden, igniting the dried flora covering the forest floor. As I lean over to collect an escapee drawing, a patch of crimson pine needles catches my attention. The needles spread out in a piecemeal path that leads me toward a maroon mess near the center of the ruin, to the rock Leo claimed was once an altar. Against the drab ground, the patch looks like dried blood. I pick up a pine needle, scratching at it, watching curiously as a crusty substance flakes off its root, like rust crumbling between my fingers.

A faint metallic scent fills the air, popping my imagination into overdrive. Turning in circles on the empty plateau, I suddenly feel exposed, and maybe a little afraid of being something’s dinner.

As I stare at the rock, the humming grows louder, vibrating between the ruin’s crumbling walls. I paw at my ears, then rub my eyes, waiting for my head to explode as my vision turns the forest into blurry chunks of light and outlines. Off to the side, between the trees, something moves. Startled, I whip around, squinting to see better.

In the shadows between two tall pines, I see my mother.

Already unnerved, I close my eyes, trying to forget Daisy’s haunted forest stories. My mother died ten months ago. It’s got to be the altitude. There’s no way she’s standing there like an ephemeral stump near the ruins. Still, my mind takes off running, moving from ghosts, to demons, to being sure I’m about to face down another mountain lion.

Shaky and suddenly mindful of Leo’s story about Ottomundo, not to mention just about every news report about mysterious animal attacks I’ve ever seen, I rush to my backpack. Quickly gathering all my art materials, I turn toward the sloping hillside, refusing to look back before running at breakneck speed down the mountain to the creek.

Jennifer G. Edelson is a writer, trained artist, former attorney, pizza lover, and hard-core Bollywood fan. She has a BFA in Sculpture and a J.D. in law and has taught both creative writing and legal research and writing at several fine institutions, including the University of Minnesota. Originally a California native, she currently resides in Santa Fe, New Mexico with her husband, kids, and dog, Hubble after surviving twenty-plus years in the Minnesota tundra (but still considers Los Angeles, the Twin Cities, and Santa Fe all home). Other than writing, Jennifer loves hiking, traveling, Albert Camus, Dr. Seuss, dark chocolate, drinking copious amounts of coffee, exploring mysterious places, and meeting new people—if you’re human (or otherwise), odds are she’ll probably love you. 

Writing Success?
by Jennifer G. Edelson

Now that Between Wild and Ruin is out in the world, I receive a lot of different questions about my writing and the writing business in general. One of the most common questions I hear in interview type settings is, “What do you think a successful writing career looks like?” As in, what do I think makes a writer successful. And of all the questions I’ve encountered, this one is probably the hardest for me to answer on a personal level.

Every writer has their own ideas of what a successful writing career looks like, so I definitely don’t think there’s a one-size-fits-all model. But to complicate the issue, for me personally, it’s gotten a lot more confusing, not less, as I’ve progressed in my writing career. I’m not sure I even know how to define ‘success’ or what it looks like anymore. Maybe because I never really thought of writing as a job to begin with. In my mind, writing has always been more of a driving need or passion. Something I have to do if I want to breathe. Not that I didn’t want a career in writing, or never thought about publishing — because there’s nothing I’d love more than to write, get paid, and survive on those proceeds alone — just that, that’s not the part of writing that mattered the most to me.

I write because I love everything about the process. I can’t not write. And for the longest time I thought that was enough to sustain me. But after writing just for myself for a long time, I also started to wonder whether I was actually a legit writer if I wasn’t publishing. Once I got the ‘I can actually write’ part down, success started feeling more like it was supposed to equal some kind of recognition. At that point I sort of shifted from writing solely because I love it, to writing because I love it and hoped other people would love it too. But now that I’ve actually published and won awards, and still feel like a poser half the time, I’m back to reevaluating what success means to me.

I’d like to continue to publish, and yes, I’d love to win more awards and garner bigger name recognition. And I’d be lying if I said I wouldn’t love if my writing flooded the coffers. But I’ve also discovered that those aren’t the things that make me feel like a successful writer. The more I write and ‘succeed’ visa vie any traditional barometer, the further away I sometimes feel from my passion for it. Which makes it harder to just write, which then affects the quality and honesty of my writing. It’s like an existential vicious circle.

So it’s complicated question that for me lacks a cut and dry answer. And I think it’s also very individual. I can only speak for myself, but since I haven’t figured it out yet, want I really want to tell people when they ask is, “I have no freaking clue” and also “check back in a few years.” Truthfully, I wish people would just stop asking. I may never figure it out. But I’m not sure I need to; at a fundamental level, my gut says I’m successful as long as I never stop writing.
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Book Blitz and Giveaway: What She Didn't See (A Grace Colby Novella #1) by Heather Wynter

Title: What She Didn’t See
Series: A Grace Colby Novella #1
Author: Heather Wynter

Publisher: Willowlake Media
Publication Date: February 28th 2020

Print Length: 109 pages
Genres: Adult, Suspense, Thriller

An American tourist in Rome. A secret service agent on vacation. An international assassin… What could go wrong?

Gracie Colby and Lena Boyd are wrapping up the tour of Italy Lena has planned her whole life.

Luke Barnes, a Secret Service Agent, is on vacation in Rome.

Before she knows what happened to her, her friend is dead, and Gracie finds herself swept into a whirlwind of danger, intrigue, and international forces conspiring to destroy her. Teaming up with Luke to survive, Gracie is forced to question herself and decide if she is capable of outrunning the assassin before he can get to them.

Grace floundered to her feet and staggered to the gun. She picked it up and fumbled it into position, but once she got her finger around the trigger and the barrel pointed in the right direction, something strange happened.

She couldn’t shoot. She couldn’t kill anybody, not even Asheim. Not even the man who killed her best friend. She wanted to more than anything, but her body wouldn’t obey her brain’s command to pull the trigger. It just wasn’t in her nature. She’d spent her life obeying the law. She considered herself a good person. All her family and friends were good people.

And she never realized how intense it was to take someone’s life, no matter who that life belonged to, until she was in this position. She wasn’t a murderer. She couldn’t go against that now, not even to save her own life. How could she live with blood on her hands?

She stood there like a moron, watching Asheim seize Luke by the hair and swing back his fist. Holding Luke in position with one hand, he punched Luke as hard as he could and let Luke’s form wilt back onto his knees. She screamed with every ounce of strength she could muster.


Heather Wynter grew up in California, where she still lives with her two dogs and three cats which she lovingly refers to as her zoo. She's a sucker for any period drama and a good romance. When she isn't reading or writing out what is in her wild imagination, she's probably at Disneyland or traveling around the globe.

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Virtual Book Tour and Giveaway: You Will Have a Black Labrador by Nino Gugunishvili

Welcome to my stop on the virtual book tour for You Will Have a Black Labrador by Nino Gugunishvili. This book tour was organized by Goddess Fish Promotions. On my stop, I have an excerpt for you as well as a lovely guest posts on Nino Gugunishvili's favorite vacation spot! There's also the giveaway for a chance to win a $10 Amazon or Barnes & Noble gift card. Be sure to follow the rest of the tour for content. Enjoy!
Title: You Will Have a Black Labrador
Author: Nino Gugunishvili
Publication Date: November 28th 2019
Print Length: 49 pages
Genres: Non-Fiction, Essays, Short Stories
Love, memories, family, enduring friendships, cooking, movies, dogs, travels, hairstyles, and saying Yes to many No’s in a witty, yet often sentimental, journey of self-discovery…

You Will Have a Black Labrador is a collection of semiautobiographical essays forming a narrative about a modern Georgian woman. Her stories range from the search for a perfect romantic partner to exploring food as an integral part of the Georgian culture. Many of the vignettes center on childhood memories or weird family traditions, such as the way family members stay connected no matter if they’re deceased or alive. One essay reveals how making a simple omelette can change your life; and that No can be the most powerful word in any language. She shows us, too, that a haircut can be a tribute to the movies you love as well as a path to your freedom; and how owning a dog always brings unexpected experiences. In this poignantly humourous collection, reality mixes and interferes with an imaginative world in so many surprising ways.

‘That’s it,’ Annika, the vet, told me after the second injection. I bent over, burying my face into your fur, inhaling your smell, stroking your fluffy, velvety ears. I didn’t cry. ‘Bye, see you…’ I whispered, stood up, and left the room, still gripping your blue retractable leash. The other vet came in with a huge empty dog food bag and put your body inside, covered in a blanket, then zipped the bag up.

‘I’ll now call the burial service. It’s forty lari, and I won’t take anything for putting him down,’ she said. I paid and gave her your leash. ‘Give it to someone,’ I told her.

‘Yep, Figu was a happy dog, so let’s give it to someone who might need it,’ Annika agreed, and I left, into a sunny January afternoon.

My right hand still senses the grip of the leash, as if we’re going for a walk, and I hold the leash tight to avoid car bumpers and tires on which you regularly peed, as if we’re to avoid other dogs coming our way, because you, let’s be honest, were never properly socialized, and never really liked other dogs. You sure preferred humans, your squishy orange ball, and my slippers.

Before meeting you, I didn’t know what the hell ‘blue roan’ meant. All the cocker spaniels I’ve met or seen were either black or red coloured. But wait, no, that’s not true. Many years ago, there was one particular dog I adored....
"You Will Have a Black Labrador" is Nino Gugunishvili’s recently released collection of short essays. She is also the author of a women’s fiction novel, Friday Evening, Eight O’Clock, published in English and Russian. She resides in Tbilisi, Georgia.

- What was your most favorite vacation moment and why?
I have to confess, I’m an absolute travel junkie. Whether it’s a trip abroad or a relatively short ride outside the city, travel always means that something interesting and exciting is about to happen, possibly ending up as a story.

It’s hard to focus on one particular favorite vacation moment as my mind races back to the different places I’ve been to, but as I’m trying to take a single one out, a trip to Istanbul, Turkey, several years ago sticks with me.

It was for the first time after a long pause that I and my friends managed to plan a trip together and suddenly it came so unexpectedly fast, wonderfully planned and unbelievably easy, it seemed almost untrue.

We had enough time to stroll through the beautiful streets of the city of Istanbul, nonchalantly, tasting delicious food and pastries, drinking local red wine in the evenings and laughing at each other’s silly jokes, simply enjoying being together.

Our lives were different, we all had our own worries and commitments back home, but here, at least for several days, we were just us, free. It felt like we were back into our childhood.

I love the photo from that trip we did to Büyükada Island. We’re seated on a bench, some of us not even looking into the camera; it’s windy and we all have our newly bought sun hats on, It’s not a perfectly staged photo, but the whole vibe of that one tiny moment, the color of the sea behind us, the summer heat and wind and us, captures it all.

I’ve been to Istanbul many more times, both with my friends again, alone, or with my family members, but it’s that very first trip that always comes back to me as an epitome of one treasured memory of the place I always want to return to.
Nino Gugunishvili will be awarding a $10 Amazon or Barnes & Noble gift card to a randomly drawn winner via Rafflecopter after the tour. Good luck!
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Book Blitz and Giveaway: Where We Belong by Shann McPherson

Title: Where We Belong
Author: Shann McPherson
Publisher: HQ Digital
Publication Date: February 21st 2020

Print Length: 384 pages
Genres: Adult, Contemporary, Romance

An emotional, compelling page-turner from your next romance obsession, Shann McPherson, about the power of friendship and finding love where you least expect it.

When Alice ‘Murph’ Murphy’s beloved mother died, she promised to keep the family bakery in Graceville, Georgia afloat—even if it meant letting her high-school sweetheart, Nash Harris, go. For years, Murph has been biding her time, waiting for Nash to come back for her.

So when he strolls into Piece O’ Cake, Murph’s heart skips a beat—until he hands her an invitation to his wedding… There are painful secrets in both their pasts that only the two of them share, and Murph can’t bear the thought of Nash belonging to someone else.

There’s only one thing Murph can think of to do: fake a relationship with local bar owner and old friend Harley Shaw to remind Nash of what he’s losing, and win him back for good.

Nash is Murph’s best friend, a vivid reminder of her childhood and all the things she’s lost—but the more time Murph and Harley spend together, the more the lines between real and pretend begin to blur. Can Murph choose between the one who got away and the one who never left—and heal her aching heart?

And, that’s when I spot him, behind the bar, serving a line of customers waiting at the counter. For a moment, I just stand there, on the spot, watching him. The way he moves so effortlessly, reaching for glasses up above, and bottles behind him, pouring shots like some professional mixologist as he laughs casually with his customers like they’re his very best friends. I clamp my bottom lip between my teeth as I continue staring at him from across the bar.

He looks good tonight. His wayward curls are contained by a backwards End Zone cap, his strong jaw shadowed with a smattering of stubble. His dimples pull into his cheeks as he laughs at something someone says to him, adding a hint of boyish charm to his already charming exterior. His Adam’s apple bobs in his throat with every word he says, and the tattoos inked into the smooth skin over his forearms seem to dance with every movement of his strong hands and long fingers. I’m not normally attracted to tattoos, but the longer I find myself unable to look away from him, the more they taunt me, hypnotizing me. I have to force myself to snap my gaze away, my eyes widening at my own thoughts.

Oh no. Please no. This isn’t right. It can’t be. Despite the dread sitting at the bottom of my belly, I convince myself to continue ahead and, by the time I come to stop at the counter, I find Harley right there, smiling down at me with a grin that only causes his green eyes to sparkle deviously like he knows a secret, and that’s literally the last thing I need to see right now. I shake my head in an attempt to push him and his beautiful eyes to the very back of my priorities.

“You told Emma?” I hiss over the counter, placing the empty pitcher on the bar.

“Yeah.” He nods, looking at me with a crease of confusion pulling between his brows. “Isn’t that the point of this whole thing? To…tell people?” He shrugs a shoulder.

“Yeah, I guess.” I sigh, not realizing until this very moment just how soft and full his lips seem to be up close. Again, I shake my head at my own thoughts. “But Emma? She’s your…your smash buddy. You said so yourself.”
With big dreams of being a published author since she was an eleven-year-old girl writing Beverly Hills 90210 fan fiction before fan fiction was even a thing, Shann McPherson has been writing angsty, contemporary romances for most of her thirty-something years.

Living in sunny Queensland, Australia, when she’s not writing Shann enjoys making memories with her husband and cheeky toddler son, drinking wine, and singing completely off-key to One Direction’s entire discography.

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Excerpt Tour and Giveaway: Gouster Girl by David E. Gumpert

Welcome to my stop on the excerpt tour for Gouster Girl by David E. Gumpert. This tour was organized by Goddess Fish Promotions. On my stop, I have an exclusive excerpt for you as well as the tour wide giveaway to win a gift card and swag. Check out the other stops on the tour for more  exclusive excerpts and reviews. Enjoy!
Title: Gouster Girl
Author: David E. Gumpert
Publisher: Lauson Publishing Co.
Publication Date: December 9th 2019
Print Length: 318 pages
Genre: Young Adult Historical Fiction
Gouster Girl is the coming of age, risky affair between Valerie Davis a cute black girl from the South Side of Chicago and nerdy white Jeffrey Stark.

While the two are somewhat smitten they are late to realize that falling in love on Chicago’s South Side in 1963 is a highly risky business for an interracial couple.

Opportunities arise for both of them to help one another out of tough fixes—he saves her from attack at an all-white amusement park and she saves him from injury in a racial brawl at their high school. But as their romance becomes more serious, so do the racial dangers. White police target Valerie as a prostitute and black gang members see Jeffrey as trying to sexually exploit a black girl. Seemingly inevitably, the blossoming romance collides head on with the realities of Northern-style racism one hot summer afternoon at one of Chicago’s most beautiful Lake Michigan beaches, when a racial protest turns ugly, confronting the couple with terrible choices.

It wasn’t until that week’s Wednesday class, when Mr. White seemed a changed man. Normally dressed in a wrinkled gray suit, with his expanding belly overhanging belted slacks, this day his suit looked pressed and seemed to fit him better. His eyes sparkled and the front of his balding head nearly glistened.

“Someone asked me after the last class about my own history, where I was born and how I wound up in Chicago. So I want to tell you about it, since it relates to the new material we’ll be studying, about the Civil Rights Movement,” he began.

“I was born in Alabama. I knew I wanted to leave Alabama from the time I was about eight months old.” He paused for effect and many snickered at his not-so-subtle humor. “The Chicago Defender newspaper used to send the paper around the South. We’d read about life in Chicago’s Negro community, and we realized it had to be better than the lives we were leading.”

He paused again, taking in the rapt class of Negro and white students. “We arrived in Chicago in August of 1919, about a month after Chicago’s race riot. That riot started when a South Side Negro boy was swimming, and by accident wound up near a white beach. He was beaten so badly he died.”

I gulped to myself, wondering if that might have happened at Rainbow Beach. It probably didn’t, but it certainly could have.

“But even with all of that, my parents felt safer on the South Side of Chicago than they ever felt in Alabama. We had everything in the Bronzeville area, a kind of parallel society. We had our own movie theaters and food stores and banks and tailors and movers. So our money stayed in the community.

“My father worked in the steel mills south of Chicago,” Mr. White continued. “He made good money there, enough to provide for his family.”

“So what was the problem?” one of the Ivy Leaguer students interrupted.

“The problem was we couldn’t live where we wanted,” Mr. White replied.

Another Ivy Leaguer interrupted: “You ever think that things here are as bad as they are in the South? We can’t get jobs here. We can’t live in other neighborhoods. We can’t go to the beaches we want. The police are mostly white, and they treat us like we are all criminals.”

Mr. White wasn’t about to equate Chicago with the South. “People sometimes ask me if I ever go back to the South to visit relatives. I tell them the only way I go back to the South is when a relative dies and I go to the funeral. And then, I get out of there as fast as I can.”

He paused again, and looked past us, as if he was looking out a window. “Except I was down South this past weekend. I had been hearing about this preacher, Dr. Martin Luther King Jr., and I liked what he was saying about equality and nonviolence. So this past weekend, I went down to Montgomery. I had the honor of meeting him and helping in the marches he has been organizing there.”

Wow! So Mr. White must have been down there during the speech I heard Dr. King give over the radio in the Medici. That really brought the whole thing home.

The bell ending the class rang just then, and I realized the time had flown by.
David E. Gumpert grew up on the South Side of Chicago, in South Shore and Hyde Park. In the years since graduating from the University of Chicago, he has attended Columbia Journalism School and worked as a reporter for The Wall Street Journal and an editor for the Harvard Business Review and Inc. magazine. He has also authored ten nonfiction books on a variety of subjects—from entrepreneurship and small business management to food politics. His most prominent titles include How to Really Create a Successful Business Plan (from Inc. Publishing); How to Really Start Your Own Business (Inc. Publishing); Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Food Rights (Chelsea Green Publishing), and The Raw Milk Answer Book (Lauson Publishing).

He spent ten years in the 1990s and early 2000s researching his family's history during the Holocaust. The result was a book co-authored with his deceased aunt Inge Belier: Inge: A Girl’s Journey Through Nazi Europe (Wm. B. Eerdmans Publishing).

He spent much of the last half-dozen years going back to his own roots in Chicago to research and write the historical novel, Gouster Girl. While some of it stems from his own experiences growing up in South Shore and Hyde Park, he also conducted significant additional research to complete the book in late 2019.

David E. Gumpert will be awarding a $25 gift card to Garrett Popcorn, then a Water bottle with Chicago flag for a second winner, and a Mug with Chicago flag for a third winner, all randomly drawn via Rafflecopter after the tour, To increase your chance of winning, leave a comment at a different stop on the tour each day. Good luck!
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Release Blitz: Learn to Love (Bowser Belles #3) by Teddy Cat Hester

Title: Learn to Love
Series: Bowser Belles #3
Author: Teddy Cat Hester
Release Date: February 27th 2020
Genre: Sweet Contemporary Romance
What happens when the worlds of Pollyanna and Charlie Brown collide?

Megan Pennybaker is a preschool teacher whose life is full of sunshine and her two yellow labs—Happy and GoLucky. She’s determined her gifted students have permanent access to the strip of land running behind her property and the neighboring golf course. Unfortunately, the owner of said golf course—a Gloomy Gus with piratical good looks who obviously knows nothing about children or dogs—wants that land, too. She's going to need cash and public support to outwit him.

William Love is an injured golf pro who carts around his own thundercloud and an abandoned pit bull he refuses to name. He needs that strip of land to be part of the golf course he just bought. Who knew that his neighbor--who was practically squatting on the place with her rowdy kids and dogs--was connected to half the town? It’s just his luck that she’s a flighty, entitled child-woman, uncomfortably reminiscent of his ex. Maybe the nameless mutt that's latched on to him can be a way to outwit this beautiful thorn in his side...

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A lifetime of experiences fill the pages of my stories. An elementary teacher and single parent for twenty years, I supplemented income with sidelines like special-occasion garment designer and creator, cake decorator, interior designer, bank teller, computer consultant, admin clerk at a nuclear power plant construction site. Everything is grist for my writing mill.

This girly-girl prefers pearls, Guerlain’s L’Instant Parfum, peonies, and the color pink.

What ties it all together? What has been a universal constant through it all?


And so that’s what I write. Clean romances with charm, chuckles, and chapters of love, with the sweetest of happily ever after you can imagine. If you’re in the mood to read something romantic, you’ve found the right place. After all, kisses are only a dream away…

Wednesday, February 26, 2020

Book Blog Tour and Giveaway: Coded for Murder by Dianne Smithwick-Braden


Genre: Murder Mystery / Amateur Sleuth
Publisher: DSB Mysteries
Publication Date: September 26, 2019
Number of Pages: 358 pages


Jade O’Neal is a senior at West Texas A & M University in Canyon, Texas. She’s on track to graduate with highest honors and a degree in history until she is accused of murder. She juggles her busy school and work schedule around taking care of an overgrown Rottweiler and being questioned by police until she finds a series of clues hidden in puzzle form. Time is against her as she follows the clues to find the true identity of the murderer while avoiding arrest and her own murder.

AmazonKobo iBooks 
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Dianne Smithwick-Braden is a native Texan raised on the family farm near Vernon, Texas. She seasons her mysteries with a little romance, a dash of adventure, and a touch of humor. She currently resides in Amarillo, Texas with her husband, Richard. 
GRAND PRIZE: Signed copy of Coded for Murder by Dianne Smithwick-Braden, hot chocolate mix, mug, crossword puzzle book, mini-notepads, M&Ms, clip-on book light
TWO WINNERS: Signed copies of Coded for Murder by Dianne Smithwick-Braden
February 25-March 6, 2020
(US Addresses Only)


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