Sunday, December 15, 2019

Book Blitz and Giveaway: If You're Reading This... by Alex Tveit

Title: If You’re Reading This…
Author: Alex Tveit
Publication Date: December 8th 2019
Print Length: 366 pages
Genres: Contemporary, Young Adult
The last thing that sixteen-year-old Petter expects while sitting on an airplane is an email from his father. Especially since his dad died of cancer five weeks earlier.

As if that emotional rollercoaster wasn’t enough, Petter’s mother thinks it’s a good idea to move them across the world from Norway to her childhood home outside of Boston.

Using emails sent from beyond the grave, Petter’s father tries to remain a source of guidance and life lessons for his son. Hidden among these teachings are also clues leading Petter out on an adventure. The last one that he would ever have with his father.

Then Petter meets Max. She joins him on his quest and becomes a bright spark of color in a world that moments before seemed very grey.

It’s ALIVE! You awake Norseman?” her text said.

He wrote back, “You do realize that it’s afternoon?

“Details, details. Yesterday I was an early bird. Today, I prefer to be an owl. Who wants that stupid worm anyways. Early birds can have it!”

“Agreed. Unless they are gummy worms, in which case it pays to be the early bird.”

“True! Wise words indeed. How was your day?” 

“Ever have a dream that left you short of breath and drenched in sweat? Well, that’s how my day started out. Short of that, helped Otto move some books, and he actually gave me a book my father gave him. I am still amazed that he did that. Oh yeah, and I got a spam email from my father. Just hope nothing is wrong with his email account.” 

“Wow. All that before noon. Let’s get back to the dream in a minute. Forward the email. Let’s make sure that there wasn’t anything fishy about it.”

Petter sent the email to her and lay down on the bed on his side. Someone should really make a keyboard that makes for comfortable in bed use, he thought.

So, the book,” Max started. “What was it?

It’s a translation to English of Meditations, by Marcus Aurelius, the Roman emperor,” he wrote back.

Petter stretched out on the bed as his screen showed Max typing back. He was stiff from lifting those books up and down the ladder. It had been a while since he worked out. Ever since his dad got sick.

The typing paused and was all of a sudden replaced by a request for a Hangouts video call. Before thinking, Petter had accepted. In front of him, Max with a morning face was scrambling in front of her laptop, furiously typing something.

“Max? You okay?” Petter asked. He had to keep himself from laughing. Her serious face combined with the crazy hair was just too much.

She finally realized that he had accepted and looked up into the camera, seeing from the mirth on his face that she wasn’t really presentable. In a split second, she seemed to go from wondering if she should care to deciding that it wasn’t important.

“Petter. Petter with t’s and lots of r’s. Your dad’s email. It’s not gibberish. Not even spam. It’s a puzzle! A puzzle, my Dear Watson. Your father was a tricky trickster! The email is encoded.”


Alex Tveit grew up just outside of Oslo, Norway. He currently lives in Toronto, Canada and has authored several children's books, as well as other works of fiction and non-fiction.

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